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Prelims booklist and strategy

These are the books and sources from which one has to study for prelims

Geography :Read the Ncerts of class 11 and 12.Watch Videos on Mrunal by Rajtanil
solanki mam on geography(This will help you in both prelims and mains). Book
by mahesh kumar barnwal on geography(available in market and online).Memorize world
maps(for this you can type how to memorize european countries using mnemonic on you
tube(just an example,you can do this for various continents),this will make things easier
for you) .After this you can refer NCERTS from class 8 th to 10th if time permits.
Culture:Indian Art and culture(By nitin singhania),Refer to CCRT(But it is
complicated,so atleast see the topics mentioned in CCRT),An introduction to Indian
Art (11th class NCERT),Learn folk dances and music if possible from spectrum book on
Indian culture.Further in Indian Year book there is a chapter on various states>Go through
Polity:Indian polity(Laxmikanth) plus second chapter of India Year Book .
Environment:Shankar Ias notes on environment(Available in the market)
Economy:Videos on Mrunal plus Sriram notes on economy(available in the market)
Science and technology:Shankar Ias notes on science and technology(available in the
market) plus Science Moniter(It is an episode from Rajya sabha TV,the videos can be seen
on you tube)
Science:Instead of doing all the Ncerts, pick any coaching material related to
general science.They generally compile the Ncerts material
Read the old Ncerts of class 11th /12th(There is world history in class 12th iguess.If so
skip it for prelims).After that pick up the new ncerts on ancient and medieval Idnia and go
through it quickly(i.e.give more time to old NCERTS).
Spectrum (for modern India)
For history between 1757-1857 ,old Ncert (12th class) by Bipin Chandra
Other than the above mentioned sources I did current affairs from Vision IAS material
and followed almost all the videos on Mrunal.org.

Further i learnt all the national parks,wildlife sanctuaries (whatever was possible).


If we analyse via probability,our chance of getting positive marks in any question increases
even if we can eliminate one of the option and randomly chose from the other 3.So I was
very sure that I will attempt all the hundredquestions.This may not work for the ones , who
are not good with intelligent guesses.I practiced many mock papers ,so that I develop the
skills which will help me in making calculated guesses.(The strategy might backfire. I am
just telling what I did)
Further join or pick up a test series which has separate tests for each of the section.Example
a separate test on polity .This will ensure that you practice each and every
section nicely.Then you can give combine tests.
I used to google the last year questions to get a hint about the source of questions.I practiced
questions from last year papers.One can buy a book (i bought vishal publications book) to
practice last year papers.