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Louis Mountbatten: Gentlemen, we meet today to decide the fate of a nation,

India. What do you have to say about the future of this country?
Nehru Sama : We should solve the conflict peacefully, like Gandhi did when
he wanted to get rid of the British and bring our independence to the Indians.
Gandhi (Hindu): I want a united democratic india, no partition made. I want
the Muslims to feel that theyre at home also. But who should lead this
united India?
Louis Mountbatten: I suggest that Jinnah should lead a united India.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah(Muslim): Thanks. However, there are too many
Hindus within the country and with that, democracy wont work. The
majority always win.
Nehru Sama : Why democracy will not work, democracy is good. I say this
because other systems are worse. Tell me a good reason why you rather
other systems than this.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah(Muslim): As i mentioned before, there is a significant
gap between the Muslims and Hindus population. And with this, if the
country were to vote for a representative of the country from a democracy
system, the Muslims would stand no chance.
Gandhi (Hindu): Communism then everyone is equal due to the religion.
You know?
Muhammad Ali Jinnah(Muslim): No no no. Democracy is in the blood of the
Muslims, who look upon complete equality of mankind, and believe in
fraternity, equality, and liberty. Therefore we declare the Secession of the
Muslim minority from India into the new nation of Pakistan!
Nehru Sama (Hindu) : Why you dont just deserve me as a leader. Everyone
likes me and want me to be the leader who rules India.
Mountbatten : If Nehru becomes leader of a united India, then the leader
would be Hindu and the majority would be Hindu, there would be no balance
of power. That is why I proposed for Jinnah to become leader of India
because then there would be a balance of power between HIndus and

Muslims. In fact, if I could say that any single man held the future of India in
the palm of his hand in 1947, that man was Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
Nehru Sama (Hindu) : Or India should have leader for each religion, and work
together like the time that weve done for getting out British.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah: I am sick and tired of this. Like I said before, we
needed democracy. And whats with that idea of having religions sharing the
power of the country. No one has ever used it before and Im not risking it
with the newly independent country of ours. I dont think thats gonna work.
The Partition of Pakistan is needed.
Mountbatten: Yeah that split religion is just bloody nonsense, I say India
should be democracy, but with a new country in Pakistan, Britain accepts the
Muslim minoritys secession from India.
Gandhi (Hindu) : If Pakistan wants to be an independent country, then so be
it. But, Kashmir shall be independent also. Let them be a country and let
them rule themselves, if they dont want to be ruled. If the citizen of
Kashmir is satisfied where they are, India and Pakistan would likely to stop
the conflict. An eye for an eye will only make you blindA war never ends
Nehru Sama (Hindu) : Yes, they dont want to be ruled. I agree with you
(The Al Jazeera News turns on, all 4 people watch in awe at the report about
Kashmirs dispute)
Mountbatten: So now that we see this, how do you guys want to proceed? It
seems that the Kashmir citizens want to be part of Pakistan but the ruler
wants to remain part of India or an independent country. Also, it seems that
after Pakistan and India went to war, Pakistan ends up with one third and
India two thirds, but they still struggle and Gandhi gets killed.
Gandhi (Hindu) : I dont care about my life, but I want it to be worth a
peaceful independence.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah(Muslim): Then lets make a deal.
Nehru Sama (Hindu) : Whats the deal? Tell me the deal.

Mountbatten: Tell me! Tell me! Tell me! What are thoooooooseee!!!
Nehru Sama (Hindu) : Calm down mann
Muhammad Ali Jinnah(Muslim): Gimme half of Kashmir and I will be done for
Nehru Sama (Hindu) : We need a peaceful way to solve the problem. And no
Mountbatten: Bloody hell! I disagree!
Nehru Sama (Hindu) : about what, nukes?
Mountbatten Yes.
Gandhi : You serious man?... No! And you dont even have one...
Mountbatten: Aww I was kinda hoping for that.
Nehru Sama (Hindu) : Gandhi, you should take this man out of the
Gandhi (Hindu) : \o Now we know the results if the territory wouldnt be
partitioned fairly and there would be a conflict. Then, we shall negotiate and
divide Kashmir in half. One-half India and One-half Pakistan.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah(Muslim): Now that the problem with Kashmir is solved.
There is still one more significant thing. How are you going to escort the
Muslims to Pakistan safely? There are a lot of Hindus unwilling to separate
the country and they must be pretty mad.
Mountbatten: British soldiers will help provide security during the Muslim
emigration to Pakistan and help ensure that the immigrants settle down
peacefully. Law and order will return to the land.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah(Muslim): Sounds great. They have nukes, dont they?

Gandhi : I really appreciate your offer, Thanks. Our plans are settled then, I
hope this wouldnt make anyone upset.
Nehru Sama (Hindu) : Wait, one half? How about China. They control a small
part of Kashmir too.
Mountbatten: We will worry about them later. Take it one problem at a time.
They lost two wars to us, we could take care of them whenever, and theyre
a bloody disgrace, anyways.
Gandhi : We dont need to concentrate on the Chinese. They occupy land
that none of us is in.
Mountbatten: So this issue is resolved then. We split Pakistan in half and
leave China to their own affairs unless they invade any part of our land. Ill
contact the press so we could make this all official tomorrow, good day