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Doug Guetzloe is attacking Andy.

This is a quote from 810 AM,

WEUS, Station Owner Carol Como:

Dear Andy:

Are you nuts?

As a lifelong Republican; Republican leader; YR leader; CR leader and TAR

leader, that's about all I can say - are you nuts?

To repeat the dribble and lies from the two most liberal news sources in the
Central Florida area (The Slantinel and Local 6) and re-distribute them is
stunning example of either gross stupidity or moronic behavior.

For your information, the Slantinel did not contact either Mr. O'Neal or myself
regarding this story. Typical drive-by journalism from a pair of scumbags.

We are currently suing both entities for libel/slander/theft - neither entity are
hardly "news" sources - they are pro-tax; pro-big government; anti-freedom
reporters and organs.

For the record (probably why no legitimate news source has picked up either
story) everyone in Central Florida knows that I am the most conservative;
most vocal and most Republican person around. Usually news sources come
to me for comment about GOP activities; anti-tax activities; legislative
activities and the like.

My bio is attached for your review, see if it appears to demonstrate a liberal

democratic bone in my body.

Mentioning the 18 year vendetta of liberal Democrat State Attorney the

corrupt Lawson L. Lamar and his bogus indictments, you really should do
your homework - Democrat Lamar has indicted me 3 times - all dismissed -
one was a jury trial - not guilty. Charged me with 14 counts of not having a
disclaimer on a campaign flyer - (urged the judge to send me to prison for 14
years). That law was declared unconstitutional and the 5th DCA overturned 13
of the 14 counts and sent the single remaining count back and struck the 60
days in "work release" sentence. Since the Federal Courts have enjoined
Lamar from taking any action, complete vindication has been obtained. 18
years of prosecutorial misconduct and you quote the moronic Slantinel and
Local 6 - both of whom were suing.

Again, you must be nuts to put out a bogus news release like that.

If anyone had cared to ask:

1) I am not Grayson's "media buyer" - never have been, have never been
asked, would not accept an assignment of that nature from Grayson.

2) I have never supported Grayson. I was Ric Keller's sole consultant when he
won in 2000. I was credited with his victory. I supported Todd Long in 2008
because of Keller's personal and political betrayals.

3) One of my son's did intern in Grayson's office over a year ago as part of his
school activities. It was a non-paid internship and he never even met Grayson
during the brief internship.

4) Grayson did buy radio spots on my radio show and the station that my show
broadcasts as well as other shows: Tea Party Patriot Hour - Tom Tillison and
Jason Hoyt (660 AM); Momentum Radio show - Ray Srour, Jr. (810 AM) and
the People Power Hour (810 AM) - George Crossley and John Hamilton -
there are probably more but those I and others have heard Grayson's spots on
these venues. As you know, FCC requires that any station or show that accepts
political spots MUST run spots for any other candidate at the lowest unit rate.
Rather duplicitous of the Slantinel and the hapless CBS/Washington Post
affiliate - last in the market - there's a reason for that.

5) I do not work for Democrats in partisan races. I do support the

establishment of the official TEA Party and it's made great headway due to the
near collapse of the Republican Party and the rampant corruption
surrounding the state and local party. The TEA Party candidate Peg Dunmire
is clearly a threat to you and the other worthless GOP operatives. Your own
boss told her not to call him back unless she "raised $250,000 since we
(NRCC) don't talk to anyone unless they've got money." Good going since Peg
was a Republican at the time just looking for some advice. Told to get lost and
bring back money is exactly the reason why Dunmire is running circles around
all of the current GOP crowd.
6) I serve on Grayson's small business and economic stimulus board because I
serve on the State of Florida Small Business Regulatory Advisory Board where
I am a Marco Rubio appointment. I was asked to serve and I'm more that
happy to do so. I have been asked to opine on issues like the bailouts; audit
the Fed and extending the debt ceiling - I have advised Grayson to vote NO on
all of these including several other issues. I'm pleased to report that he did
vote no on most of the issues he requested my input on. That's a positive, not
a negative. I'm not certain that my opinion had any impact but it is what it is.
I am a lifelong Republican and have held more GOP party positions than
you've had years on this earth. I've consulted with over 200 GOP campaigns
from the Reagan Campaign to local races: Feeney; Keller; Webster; Hering;
Donegan; Crenshaw, etc.

One more thing, our Ax the Tax forces combined with my radio show (13 years
on the air) have in excess of 20,000 GOP voters in our camp. Would you
really want to piss them off?

I have also attached the radio guests that I had on my show - most of them live
at the request of the NRCC and the RNC. Real democratic ideologues.

Again, are you nuts?

Doug Guetzloe
Host, The Guetzloe Report
Talk Radio AM 810 WEUS
"Celebrating 13 years on the air
as the Voice of the People!"
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