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My report includes two basic points. Which are the definition of each
5ES steps and application 5ES on counting activity Ice-cream cone
activity. This activity for 5-6 years Kg2.
Definition: Engage is a way that teacher use it in the beginning of a
lesson to motivate children and get their attention by figure and
understand a topic of the lesson in interest way. For example: start a
lesson with a song.
How I apply engage stage in counting activity:
I will apply an engage by doing a physical movement by ask children to
clap their according to number that teacher has said. For example, if a
teacher says number 4 children have to clap their hand 4 times so,
here children will get idea about a lesson and will assist them to
involve to the lesson topic.

Definition: Explore is a strategy that teacher provide a chance to let
children discover and build their knowledge by own and assist them to
participatory in the topic.
How I apply explore stage in counting activity:
I will give children a material of counting activity which are glue, starts
and 6 ice-cream cone picture from 1 to 6 and asks them to work in the
individual to let each child discover by own and use their feedback to
do an activity and build new knowledge. While I will observe them, and
listen to their conversation.

Definition: The aim of explaining is give children chance to present
what they have learned from an activity with a teacher or students. For
instance, teacher ask them a question like why you do this? Ask for
evidence, to know what they have learned.

How I apply explain stage in counting activity:

I will observe children during they do an activity and ask them induvial
to know if they understand a counting skill and locate amount of their
learning. For instance, I Ask why you put 2 starts here? He will say:
because I see number 2 in the ice cream. And I ask he to show me
evidence of putting 5 stars by a count in front of me. As a
consequence, I will know if they get a counting skill or no.

Definition: Extend aim is to give children chance to apply what they
have learned from the lesson in situations.
How I apply extend stage in counting activity:
I will ask children a question to let them apply couniting skill. For
example, I will ask them How many sisters you have? How many
brother do you have? So, here children will start apply counting skill
when they say a number of their sisters or brothers.
Definition: Evaluate is a teacher evaluate children by locating a limit
of what they have learned from a lesson. For example, a teacher asks
children open end question to see from their answer what they
How I apply evaluate stage in counting activity:
I will give each child worksheet that includes 6 part each part has a
number of picture and children have to count and write a quantity of
number ender each part as a consequence I will evaluate students by
see their worksheet to know who is understand a counting skill and
who need extra help. (For more detail look at figure 1). Also, I will
observe children during they play in circle area to see if they apply
counting skill. For instance, if she play with cars with her friend she will
count her cars to show her friend.

Figure 1:

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