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First Semester, Unit V

Unit 5: The 18th Century:
European States, International wars, and social change
AND the French Revolution.

No Essential Questions for this unit.

Vocabulary to Identify:
Ch 18 War of Austrian Old order
Natural laws Succession Estates-General
Enlightened Absolutism Robert Clive National assembly
Seven Years War Primogeniture Tennis Court Oath
Louis XV Infanticide Constitution 1791
Louis XVI Agricultural revolution Paris Commune
Patronage Cottage industry National Convention
George I, II, & III Tithes “The Republic of Virtue”
William Pitt the Elder Ch 19 dechristianization
Frederick William Constitution Napoleon
Frederick II Marquis de Lafayette Civil Code
Joseph II Society of Thirty The Grand Empire
Catherine the Great Declaration of the Rights Prefects
Balance of Power of Man and the Citizen Germaine de Staeë l
Reason of state Revolutions Continental System
Three estates Nationalism

Reading Guide Questions:

Ch 18: The18th Century: European States, International Wars, and Social Change
1. What were the main developments in France, Great Britain, the Dutch Republic, the
Mediterranean states, and the Scandinavian monarchies in the 18th century?
2. What do historians mean by the term enlightened absolutism, and to what degree did
18th century Prussia, Austria, and Russia exhibit its characteristics?
3. What were the causes and results of the 7 Years’ War?
4. What changes occurred in agriculture, finance, and industry during the 18 th century?
5. Who were the main groups making up the European social order in the 18th century,
and how did the conditions in which they lived differ both between groups and
between different parts of Europe?
6. What was the relationship among political, economic, and social changes in the 18 th
Ch 19: A Revolution in Politics: The Era of the French Revolution and Napoleon
1. What were the causes and results of the American Revolution, and what impact did
it have on Europe?
2. What were the long-range and immediate causes of the French Revolution
3. What were the main events of the French Revolution between 1789 and 1799?
4. What role did each of the following play in the French Revolution: Lawyers,
peasants, women, the clergy, the Jacobins, the sans-culottes, the French
Revolutionary Army, and the Committee of Public Safety?
5. Which aspects of the French Revolution did Napoleon preserve and which did he
6. In what ways were the French Revolution and the 17th century English revolutions
alike? In what ways were they different?
HUB Dates: No HUB Date for this Unit (you will include the information from this unit on
future HUB DATES: 1750, 1776, 1789, 1815)

Date Content/Focus Agenda Homework

11/21- Thanksgiving Break **Nothing is technically due upon our return. Read p. 531-542
However, I STRONGLY recommend reading ahead
11/27 Watch Tom Richey’s
and completing as much of the reading guide over
the break. Then you can focus on studying for test “Enlightened
and preparing for DBQ. Absolutism” and
“Partitions of Poland”
11/28 Enlightened 1.Discuss Enlightened Absolute Read p. 543-547
Absolutism, Rulers
Comparison 2. Comparison
11/29- Balance of power, 7 1. Discuss 7 Years War Read p. 547-553
11/30 years war, Reasons of 2. Watch Crash Course “7 Years
State, Intro DBQ War”
3. Introduce DBQ Rubric
4. Brain map social change
12/1- Agricultural 1. Discuss Ag Revolution. Read p. 554-561
12/2 Revolution, DBQ 2. Watch Tom Richey’s “Agricultural
3. Read Sample DBQ’s
12/5 Social Changes, 1. Brain Map social changes Read p. 563-570
American Rev., 2. Discuss Am. Revolution
Causes of French Rev. 3. Causation: French Revolution
12/6- Causation of French 1. Discuss Chronological Read p. 571-577
12/7 Rev., DBQ Practice breakdown of French Rev.
2. Doc Analysis: “State of French
3. Practice full DBQ
12/8- French Revolution, 1. Finish French Revolution Read. P.577-586.
12/9 Napoleon, peer edit 2. Peer Grade DBQ’s Prepare/read roles
3. Discuss rise, course, and fall of for Mock Trial of
Napoleon Napoleon
12/12 Napoleon Mock Trial of Napoleon Read p. 586-593
12/13- DBQ 1. Brief Review Finish Reading Guide
12/14 2. DBQ Test
12/15- TEST 1. 55 MC Question Test Read Chapter 20 and
12/16 2. 2 x 3-part SAQ’s. start Unit 6 Reading