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Who should Americans vote for in this election?

Write an editorial
answering this question. You should have at least two reasons
(evidence, reasoning). You response should be less than a page.
Hillary Clinton is the best fit for president and a better choice
than Donald Trump because he denied womens rights, doesnt respect
people, and gives out unrealistic plans for the future.
Clinton believes that gay rights and womens rights are human
rights. However, Trump have called women names and does not
respect them. For example, he called women cows and pigs. He also
talked how people should not treat them equally as men. According to
Clintons website, Trump Suggested the militarys sexual assault
problem was to be expected when men and women serve together,
tweeting, What did these geniuses expect when they put men &
women together. This shows how he dislikes women working with
men and how he does not believe in gender equality. He thinks that
women are not worth as much as men.
Another reason is because Clinton has plans for dealing with
terrorism, illegal immigrants, and many other universal issues. Trump,
on the other hand, only gave out unrealistic plans such as building a
wall, making Mexico to pay for it, bombing ISIS, and many more.
Clintons website states that Trump Admitted he didnt know who
Hezbollah and ISIS leaders, like Hassan Nasrallah and Abu Bakr
al-Baghdadi, wereone time stating that we dont even really know
who the leader is of ISIS. This shows how he lacks the knowledge of
problems going on, but still has a solution, which makes his plan to
become unrealistic. If he does not have a plan right now, it would be a
problem if he became president and had to deal with this issue.
Hillary Clinton is a better choice to become president. She
respects women and gay rights, and has clear plans for solving the
problems in our country.