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Did a football game (soccer!

) occur during the

Christmas Truce of 1914?
IS.4.MdC. Determine credibility of sources based upon their origin, authority, and context.
IS.4.MC. Gather relevant information from credible sources and determine whether they support each other.
RH.1. Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of primary and secondary sources.

Use the 10 sources on the DBQ document to answer the following questions.
Out of the 10 sources, which two do you think are the most credible and reliable? State
the numbers of those two sources and the reason you selected them.
A. Source #1
This letter was sent by British General Congreve in 1914 on Christmas Day. This
shows how the source is reliable, because it shows that he was at the trench
when the Christmas Truce occurred.
B. Source #5
This was a quote from Rifleman Graham Williams in 1914. He was a soldier in the
5th London Rifle. He was actually at the trenches during the Christmas Truce, so
he was there when it occurred.
Look closely at source 1 and source 2.
When, where and by whom were the documents created? Both were created in 1914,
and one was written on Christmas day. They were both written by soldiers.
Do the documents agree? Yes
How do the circumstances in which these two documents were created affect their
Which one do you think is more reliable? Explain.
I think source #1 is more reliable since the letter was written by a soldier on
Christmas Day when the Christmas Truce happened. The other source was also
written by a soldier that was at the trench, but it doesnt state the exact date. The
closer to the actual day the event happened, the more clear people will remember

it, so the source that was written on the day that the Christmas Truce happened is
more reliable.
Which documents support the idea that a football game took place? State the source
Of the documents you listed, which is the most reliable? Why?
Source #8 and #10 support the idea that a football game took place in the no
mans land. #10 is more reliable because it is a picture that was taken on the day
they of the Christmas Truce. In addition, #8 was a quote by a German soldier, so
he could have a bias.

Did a football game occur during the Christmas Truce of 1914?

Based on the documents you have to work with, do you think a football game took
place? Support your conclusion in a clearly written paragraph. You should have at least
three pieces of evidence or reasoning to support your opinion. Cite specific textual
evidence from the documents to support your ideas!
I do not think that a football game took place during the Christmas Truce. Many of
the letters and quotes state how great the Christmas Truce was, but some did not
mention a football game being played, or only heard about it and does not know
exactly whether it actually happened or not. British General Congreve wrote a
letter to his wife on the day the Christmas Truce happened. His letter states
There I found an outstanding state of affairs this a.m. a German shouted out
that they wanted a days truce & would one come out if he did; so very cautiously
one of our men lifted himself above the parapet & saw a German doing the same.
Both got ou,t then more, and finally all day long in that particular place they have
been walking about together all day giving each other cigars & singing songs.
Officers as well as men were out and the German Colonel himself was talking to
one of our Captains. This shows that he was at the trenches and both saw and
heard what happened. He is talking about how friendly the German soldiers were,
and how they socialized with each other and had a good time. He also said next
door the two battalions opposite each other were shooting away all day and so I
hear it was further north, 1st Royal Battalion playing football with the Germans
opposite them - next reports shooting each other. this shows how he did not
participate in a football game, but only heard about it. This does not prove that
there was an actual game going on, since he did not participate and only heard
about it from others. There is another quote by someone who was in the trenches
at that time. Rifleman Graham Williams was a soldier in the 5th London rifle and

stated On Christmas Eve the Germans entrenched opposite us began calling out
to us Cigarettes, Pudding, A Happy Christmas and English means good, so
two of our fellows climbed over the parapet of the trench and went towards the
German trenches. Half-way they were met by four Germans, who said they would
not shoot on Christmas Day if we did not This quote shows how they had a
peaceful night but does not talk about a football game being played. There is also
another quote that does not talk about the game being played and only talks
about the fun experience on Christmas eve. Lance-Corporal Imlah stated ... And I
thought, well, this is a most extraordinary thing two nations singing the same
carol in the middle of a war. Similar to the other quotes, he did not include
information about the game that was played. Nonetheless, there is also a quote
that talks about how there was a football game that went on. A German soldier
named Lieutenant Johannes Niemann said Suddenly a Tommy came with a
football, kicking already and making fun, and then began a football match. We
marked the goals with our caps. Teams were quickly established for a match on
the frozen mud, and the Fritzes beat the Tommies 3-2. this shows evidence for a
football game, since they talked about the scores and other detailed parts.
However, this quote could have a bias and can be lying, since there is a quote
that talked about how the Germans shot two soldiers. As a conclusion, I do not
believe there was a football game on the day the Christmas Truce happened.
There are many quotes that talk about the peaceful time during the Christmas
Truce, but they do not include facts about the football game.