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Flowers for Algernon Part 1 Questions

(Due Tuesday November 8)

Directions: Please answer the following questions in FULL sentences.

Makes sure your answers are in a different color so that it is easy to

differentiate between the questions and answer. If a questions asks for
TEXTUAL EVIDENCE, please make sure you add a page #.

RL.8.1 Cite the textual evidence that most strongly supports an analysis of
what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.
RL.8.6 Analyze how differences in the points of view of the characters and
the audience or reader (e.g., created through the use of dramatic irony)
create such effects as suspense or humor.
Review THIS PRESENTATION before you start reading. The story begins on
page 672, and part 1 ends on page 686. Part 1 is due on Tuesday November 8!


1. Why does Charlie say I never tell lies? What is he talking about?
He said I never tell lies because he thought that he shouldnt be making
things up about people, since he doesnt know them. He is talking about
people in the story.
2. What does this say about his personality and intelligence?
This shows how he is kind, but has a low intelligence level, because he could
not make up a story.
3. Who is Algernon?
A white mouse.


4. What were Dr. Nemur and Dr. Strauss arguing about?
They were arguing about whether they should let Charlie be part of the
experiment or not.
5. Charlie will be the first human being to ever have something happen to
him. What is it?

Charlie is going to be the first human being to have his intelligence tripled by
surgical means.


6. Dr. Strauss tells Charlie not to worry about the operation. What is his
reasoning for this?
This is because Dr. Strauss did the operation on him while he was sleeping.
7. Dr. Strauss wants Charlie to concentrate on what in his journal entries?
He wants Charlie to concentrate on writing about what he feels and what he


8. What is Charlies opinion of Algernon now? Why does it change?
He does not like Algernon anymore, because he always beats him during
races. It changed because he doesnt feel anything changing. He thinks all his
reactions to all the tests have not changed since the beginning, and is
becoming stressed.
Text Evidence #1: I hate that mouse. He always beats me
page # 678
9. Charlie says Joe and Frank are friends and they like him. What are Joe and
Frank really doing to Charlie?
Joe and Frank are actually making fun of him, but he isnt recognizing that.
Instead, he thinks they are saying that because they like him.


10. What is a victory for Charlie?
He beat Algernon in a race.
Text Evidence #1: I must be getting smart to beat a smart mouse like
page # 682
11. Why did Mrs. Kinnian run out of the room? What does this tell you about
how she feels about Charlie?
She ran out of the room because she knows how people who Charlie thinks as
his friends are being mean to him and making fun of him. She felt bad for
Charlie, that he doesnt realize people are being mean to him.
12. List 3 improvements in Charlies intelligence from the beginning until the
end of Part I.

Learned punctuation, spelling, and better comprehension

Text Evidence #1: I didnt even understand what she was talking about
page # 685
Text Evidence #2: Boy did I have crazy spelling and punctuation!
page# 685
Text Evidence #3: Now I know what it means when they say to pull a Charlie
page # 686
13. What does it mean to pull a Charlie Gordon? How does Charlie react
when he realizes this?
It means to be clumsy and making dumb moves. Charlie ran out onto the
street and he got really upset and ashamed.
Text Evidence #1: Its a funny thing I never knew that Joe and Frank and the
others liked to have me around all the time to make fun of me. Now I know
hwat it means when they say to pull a Charlie Gordon Im ashamed.
page # 686

Flowers for Algernon Part 2 Questions

(Due Wednesday November 9)
Directions: Please stop reading after each b
olded section below and answer
the following questions demonstrating your knowledge of
. Part 2 is due on Wednesday November 9!

After page 695:

1. Provide a one sentence summary of these four pages:
Charlie is becoming smarter than many people around him.
2. How does Charlie view himself?
He doesnt think he is smart enough.
Text Evidence: I dont feel intelligent. There are so many things I dont
Page #: 695

3. How do OTHERS view Charlie?

Others like Joe Carp or Frank Reilly are frightened of him, because of
Charlies sudden changes and high IQ.
Text Evidence: Everybody seems to be frightened by me.
Page #: 694

After page 699:

1. Provide a one sentence summary of these four pages:
Because Charlies IQ is increasing and is getting smarter, he realizes that he
has feelings about Ms. Kinnian and suspects Dr. Nemer and Dr. Strauss are
not getting along well lately.
2. How does Charlie view himself?
He thinks he is in love with Ms. Kinnian.
Text Evidence: Im in love with Ms. Kinnian.
Page #: 696
3. How do OTHERS view Charlie?
People like Dr. Nemer and Dr. Strauss think he is successful and is getting
Text Evidence: Algernon and I were presented at to the American
Psychological Association sitting in convention with the World Psychological
Association last Tuesday.
Page #: 697

After page 703:

1. Provide a one sentence summary of these four pages:
Charlie sees someone who was like him, and had a low intelligence level.
2. How does Charlie view himself?
He views himself as different from before, and now he is someone who fits in,
just like he wanted to be.
Text Evidence: And I had been laughing at him too.
Page #: 701
3. How do OTHERS view Charlie?
People think the same thing that happened with Algernon would happen to

Text Evidence: everyone identifies me with Algernon

Page #: 703

After page 707:

1. Provide a one sentence summary of these four pages:
Charlie is losing his intelligence and things are reverting back.
2. How does Charlie view himself?
He views himself as losing the intelligence and going back to the original
Text Evidence: Now my mind is deteriorating rapidly
Page #: 707
3. How do OTHERS view Charlie?
They are worried about him, since he does not come out of his room.
Text Evidence: Dr. Strauss came to see me again. I wouldnt open the door
and I told him to go away.
Page #: 706

After page 711:

1. Provide a one sentence summary of these four pages:
Charlies intelligence level is decreasing, but he has a better life now, since he
has friends and doesnt have to be stressed.
2. How does Charlie view himself?
He thinks that, although his intelligence is decreasing and is going back to the
original stage, he would try hard and keep reading, so he will get a little
smarter. He is not stressed about being smart anymore, and has hope that he
will get smarter again, this time not relying on operations, but on his own.
Text Evidence: I dont know why Im dumb agen or what I did wrong maybe
its becausI dint try hard enuff. But if I try and practis very hardmaybe Ill get a
little smarter and know what all the words are.
Page #: 711
3. How do OTHERS view Charlie?
Other people such as Frank Reilly and Joe Carp treat him with respect.

Text Evidence: Later Frank Reilly came over and said Charlie if anybody
bothers you or trys to take advantage you can call me or Joe and we will set
em straight.
Page #: 710