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Mauricio Uribe

Leslie Drake
Research Tech
Source Evaluation Paper
1. Book- Gunn, John F., and David Lester. Suicide In Professional And Amateur Athletes :
Incidence, Risk Factors, And Prevention. Springfield, Ill., U.S.A.: Charles C Thomas,
2013. eBook Academic Collection (EBSCOhost). Web. 2 Nov. 2016
Currency- This book was published in 2013, this is around the time that concussions started
to receive a lot more attention in the sports world and especially in the football community.
The currency of the information in this book is fairly up to date given that it was published
three years ago, there is more information that has come to light since the publication but the
basic information is correct and useful. Since the publication of this book in 2013, a revised
or updated copy has not come out. This book will be useful in certain subheadings of my
research paper when it comes to talking about short and long term effects. There is a full text
PDF available for the reader.
Relevance- The information found in this text does relate to my topic given that it states the
consequences and effects of a concussion on the human brain. The information is directed
more towards the suicides found in athletics because of concussions but that fits perfectly
into my subheadings effects of concussions and concussions in the NFL. The intended
audience seems to be that of psychologist, mental health workers, crisis workers as well as

general people interested in the topic. The information is at an easy reading level but is able
to state the information in a concise and understandable manner. The information found in
this book is useful enough to use and I would cite this source in my research paper.
Authority- The authors in this book do not to seem to have a complete and total tie to the
subject matter but do cite the sources used in their research on the given topic. Both are
recognized authors in their respected areas and are able to organize the information in a
precise manner. There is contact information in the form of the publisher, Charles C Thomas.
Accuracy- The information stated in this book can be deemed credible because the authors
cite the sources used and give the correct information that has been studied and reviewed by
researchers in this given topic. The tone seems to be that of an informative tone, to provide
the studied information to the general public or people who are interested in the subject
matters found in the book.
Purpose- As stated prior, the information is used to inform, teach and raise awareness of the
issues revolving around the concussion injury. The information for the most part is stated in a
factual manner and is brought forward in an unbiased manner. There doesnt seem to be
much of any type of bias found since the purpose of the book is to be informative. The
overall quality of this source would have to be around a 4, given that it fits perfectly into one
of my subheadings when it comes to the effects of concussions.

2. Academic Journal #1-Abreu, Marcos A.1, mabreu@students.ussa.edu, Wirt2 Edwards,

and Brandon D.2 Spradley. "The War Against Concussions." Sport Journal (2016): 112. Education Abstracts (H.W. Wilson). Web. 2 Nov. 2016.
Currency- This article was published this year in 2016, therefore making it up to date and very
useful. There are articles that follow up with this one since it was a series of articles on a sertain
study. With the topic I have chosen I can use past as well as current information to create a fusion
of examples to better inform the reader about the situations and consequences surrounding a
brain trauma injury such as concussions. This source is useful but it is also difficult to find the
original source right off the bat unless you are able to find the articles in pdf form or physical
Relevance- The information found in this academic journal can be proven to be useful for the
research I have chosen to do. It gives good examples about how concussions are changing the
game in high school, college, as well as professional football. The article gives good examples
on the long term and short term effects of this injury and what one can do to minimize the risk of
this injury that is found while playing a high contact sport like football. The information given is
brief and easy to read, most likely used to inform the general public as well as those that are
interested in the given topic. Given that the source seems to be more of a mild academic sports
journal I am hesitant to say I would use this source in my paper but the information given is
useful for my paper so ultimately I would say that citing this source would not be a bad idea and
could turn out useful.
Authority- This article is composed by three authors that all write for the United States Sports
Academy who is also in fact the publisher of this sports academic article. The authors involved

are either professors or have achieved their doctorates in related sciences of this topic. Since the
authors are writing academic journals for the USSA they must be credible and qualified for such
publications that will be presented to the public as research study works. The contact information
found for this article is given in the publishers section; this includes that address of the United
States Sports Academy where questions about certain topics can be directed.
Accuracy- The information used in this article comes from other authors and studies that have
been included in this publication for research purposes. The information given is peer reviewed
by the authors as well as the publisher that certifies that the information given is true and useful
for the purposes intended by this article. The information is reviewed and can also be verified
using other sources that have previously stated some of the information and facts used in this
article. There were no obvious spelling or grammatical errors found in this publication and this is
most likely because of the peer review process that the paper must go through before being
published to the public.
Purpose- The purpose of this article can be said to be to inform as well as to entertain. This can
be said because the information is easy to read and captivates ones interest but it is also used to
inform the public of concussions and what one can do to minimize the risk for this injury. The
authors clearly state the information but remain unbiased since the information given is more on
the basis of factual than opinion or propaganda. There does not seem to be any personal biases.

3. Academic Journal #2- Piazza, Stephen. "Why Is It So Hard To Stop Sports

Concussions?." American Scientist 102.5 (2014): 346. MasterFILE Premier. Web. 2 Nov.
Currency- This academic journal was published in 2014 making it just a couple years old and the
information has not been updated in this particular journal since but the information given is
found to be very useful because it gives examples of how exactly a concussion is obtained and
how helmets have changed throughout the time to try and prevent concussions or limit the
possibilities of attaining them. Current information is very useful but the information given in
this article, although a couple years old, is able to give examples of the mechanics found in a
brain injury. The link given leads you to a full text pdf file that allows the reader to find all of the
article as well as the sources cited.
Relevance- The information goes hand in hand with the topic that I have chosen to research and
also helps me better understand the mechanics of the injury because the article breaks down what
happens during a concussion in a manner that is easily understandable. The intended audience is
likely to be general as well as scholarly given that the text is easy to read but states true and
slightly advanced information that could be used in another research project as well. This source
will be included in my research paper and I would feel perfectly fine with citing this source
because the information is very useful and the author has cited the sources he used as well.
Authority- The author is a professor from the University of Pennsylvania who writes for Sigma
Xi Science Research Society found in North Carolina. Given that the author is a professor he is
able to compose a well written article that was peer reviewed by other authors found in the
research society that he affiliates with. The author may not be fluent in the subject given but he is

able to use the sources that he chose and gives the correct information from works of others that
are qualified for this given research. The author cites these sources that compose the majority of
information found in this academic journal. The contact information is given in the form of the
publisher which is the research society that the author belongs to and composes academic
journals for.
Accuracy- The information used in this article is primarily taken from other sources that the
author is able to restate in order to provide the reader with the best possible explanation of how it
is difficult to prevent concussion. The information is supported by studies and experiments that
are related to the concussion issue that is difficult to fully minimize. The information is cited by
the author and if the reader wants to find the sources he is able to do so easily. The information
cited has been taken from various sources that date back to 2008 as well as 2011, therefore they
have not been revised in this particular article but it has been reviewed when it was originally
published. The information is able to be compared to like sources and you are able to see that
they coincide and state similar facts. The tone used seems to be more scholarly and more
Purpose- The information is used to inform and teach the reader about why it is difficult to
prevent concussion but also gives examples of how to minimize the risk. The author does not
take a side in this article since the work is not really intended to persuade or discourage the
reader in a certain form. The information is presented as factual

4. Web Article #1- Polnerow, Dan. "NU Writing." NU Writing. NU Writing, n.d. Web. 02
Nov. 2016. Link- http://www.northeastern.edu/nuwriting/solving-footballs-concussionproblem/
Currency- The information in this web article was recently published this year, 2016. It has not
been revised or update given that it was a web article used in a writing program for
undergraduate students from Northeastern University . The information is very useful because it
gives examples about how the NFL and colleges are attempting to limit the occurrence of
concussions in their respected organization. The link above will take you directly to the source of
this information if the reader wishes to obtain the information directly from the source.
Relevance- This source might possibly be one of the most important sources for my research
topic because it gives a good variety of information surrounding the concussion issue. The source
gives information from helmet studies, long term effects as well as short term effects,
organizational responses to the issue, as well as examples of studies that took place to discover
the possibilities of minimizing the risk of obtaining a concussion while playing football. The
information is composed in a manner that the reader can follow along easily and comprehend the
importance of the facts provided. The reading level is fairly basic but the information is very well
on the academic /scholarly level. I would definitely use this in my research project given the vast
amount of information found and the ease of reading it.
Authority- Although the author of this article is an undergraduate student, they are able to
provide the evidence and sources used in the article to state the credibility of the information
they are bringing forward. The author published this for a universities writing program so the
information is peer reviewed and scrutinized by the university as well as the professor in charge

of this reading program. The contact information given is an email to the person in charge of the
writing program and publishing at the university.
Accuracy- The authors reliability and credibility in this articles is very high because they are able
to cite the sources used and their article is also peer reviewed by more than one person. The
information is derived from the sources used which are a variety of academic journals as well as
a couple books. These sources are all related in the fact that they provide information about
concussions. The information is reviewed and can be deemed credible. Given that the subject
matter is primarily factual and used to inform, the article is bias free and the reader will most
likely not find a certain tone towards any side of the information.
Purpose- As stated above the information found in this journal is primarily used to inform the
reader and present the information in a non-bias or non-opinionated form. The author states the
facts in a blunt to the point manner where the reader can realize that it is meant to inform and not
necessarily to entertain or persuade. There are no apparent political, ideological, or cultural
biases found.

5. Web Aticle #2- Roberts, Daniel. "Heres How the NFL Might Combat Concussions."
Fortune Heres How the NFL Might Combat Concussions Comments. N.p., 2015. Web. 02
Nov. 2016. Link - http://fortune.com/2015/12/31/nfl-concussion-technology/
Currency- This article was published in December of 2015, it is one of the more recent
sources that I have found. The information was published on a website and has not seemed to
be revised or update since its original publication date but nonetheless it will be useful. The
link above will take you to the source directly and one can find the information there in full.
Relevance- The information can be useful because it focuses on what the NFL is doing to try
and prevent concussions in their organization and it gives examples of what steps they are
taking towards that goal. The information goes well with one of the subheadings in my
research paper and will be useful in providing current examples of how the NFL is
implementing rules and regulations in order to cut down on brain trauma injuries. The
intended audience is more for the general public, therefore the level of reading is fairly easy
but the information is still useful. Citing this source can be tricky because it is a website used
primarily to entertain and or sell products but this particular article brings into play the latest
helmets and ideas that are being researched in order to reduce the number of concussions
obtained yearly but ultimately I would cite this source.
Authority- The authority can be tricky as well because the author is not necessarily overly
qualified to publish this information but he is just restating information found by others and
providing it to the public for them to read and enjoy. The publisher can be found on the
website and can be contacted for questions in the form of an email address. The URL is .com
and is primarily a website used to entertain and sell as I stated earlier.

Accuracy- The information given on this subject is credible because the author gives the
organizations involved as sources and gives the contact information as well as their part on
the research being done. The information is supported by experiments and recordings of the
projects being done to develop new helmets and equipment to reduce the concussion injury.
Personally I am able to verify the information by following the provided links and sources
given by the author.
Purpose- The purpose of the paper is primarily to inform but one could also make the
argument that it could be used to persuade, sell, and entertain. The article talks about a new
helmet that is being developed that drastically reduces the chances for concussions but that
the helmet is fairly expensive and that the research could use help with funding. That could
be used to say the article wants to persuade the reader to help fund the research. The
information is both factual and propaganda but I believe its leaning more towards the factual
aspect of the research.