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Desktops and applications delivered
New Innovations
VMware is taking the cost and complexity out of getting started with virtual
desktops and apps by allowing customers to pair Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode with a
number of newly validated hyper-converged and converged appliances from
partners like Dell, EMC, HDS and QCT. Numerous enhancements to Horizon user
experience coupled with several strategic partnerships, further enable end users
to get lightning-fast access to all of their applications (including even the most
demanding 3D apps) across the broadest range of devices. VMware is also
pleased to introduce new solutions and blueprints designed specifically for
financial services branch-based use cases.

A Breakdown of What is New

Expanded Cloud Services
Take advantage of Cloud-Hosted and Hybrid-Mode desktops and apps at scale
with a broader range of validated infrastructure solutions and services.
Pair Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode with a growing eco-system of newly validated
partner VSAN-ready node appliances from Dell, EMC, HDS and QCT to get up
and running with plug-n-play simplicity.

New Multi-Cloud Architecture

Seamlessly access Horizon Air desktop and application services across clouds
with the same fantastic user experience.
Pair Horizon Air service with IBM Cloud or VMware vCloud Air and serve up
desktops from a broader range of sites and datacenters to support users with
great experience regardless of location


Expanded Cloud Services

New Multi-Cloud Architecture
Next-Gen User Experience
for Blast Extreme
Specialized Solutions for
Financial Services

V M WA R E H O R I ZO N | 1


Next-Gen User Experience for Blast Extreme

Enjoy great experience with accelerated performance across the WAN and the
ability to access desktops and applications across more devices inclusive of new
low-cost thin and zero clients.
Choose from the broadest range of devices to best meet the needs of end users,
including new validated thin and zero clients from partners like iGEL, HP, Dell,
10zig Technology, Fujitsu and Atrust
Enjoy support for the SwiftPoint mouse with Horizon to easily access and
manipulate files across any device
Enjoy better management support with Blast Extreme now with support for
smart policies, user environment manager and vRealize Operations for Horizon
Take advantage of Bandwidth optimizations including Opus audio
enhancements, H.264 encoder quality level enhancements and the ability to cap
bandwidth per user (currently in tech preview)
Leverage H.264 encoder options on GRID GPUs to lower CPU consumption and
increase scalability
Test drive Blast Extreme with Windows UWP and the Raspberry Pi (both in tech
preview) and enjoy support for all of the latest editions of Windows
Enjoy new RDSH enhancements including support for real-time audio and video
and USB support in addition to all of the fantastic support for printing, content
redirection etc. already available today
Take advantage of accelerated WAN performance with Blast Extreme and
Riverbed to ensure blazing fast access to desktops and apps
Enjoy day 0 support for Server 2016 to deliver session based desktops and apps
Support rich 3D desktops and apps with Intel, AMD and NVIDIA M10 cards with
support for higher densities of users to help customers enjoy high-end graphics
more cost-effectively

Specialized Solutions for Financial Services

For more information, visit


VMware 24/7 Branch Anywhere is a modern solution that simplifies and

centralizes the management of banking kiosks, teller workspaces, banking
applications, ATM images and mobile devices.

For information or to purchase VMware

products, call 877-4-VMWARE, visit
http://www.vmware.com or search
online for an authorized reseller.
For detailed specifications and
requirements, refer to the product

Management and delivery of services using a secure digital workspace powered

by VMware Workspace ONE eliminates data security risks, streamlines
application lifecycle management and increases operational efficiency, leading to
reduced costs and satisfied customers.

The Horizon Portfolio

Horizon is a single cloud platform that delivers application and desktop
virtualization services across private, public and hybrid options that are centrally
managed from the cloud.
Horizon 7: Desktops and applications delivered on premises with a cloud
connector that bridge on premises with a cloud control management console
VMware Horizon FLEX: Containerized desktops delivered locally to Mac and
PC users with centralized management
Horizon Air
Hybrid-Mode: A new offering that allows you to marry cloud management with
on-premises desktops and infrastructure
Cloud-Hosted: Desktops and applications delivered and managed from the
public cloud

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