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This IMC plan campaign plans for raising the cognitive of apology culture in Vietnam.
Topics to be discussed and planned in 2 months and the actual length of the campaign are
anticipated lasted 5 months (from 02/2016 to 07/2016). As a company specializing agency
organization, planning and implementing the IMC plan, we represent a profit organization
Thanh Nien Newspaper. After completing all the planned IMC report, we gather many
experiences to subjects as follows:
Apply the knowledge learned in the written plan for the program, including the idea
stage to the evaluation stage.
Understanding the implications of integrated communication not only effective for a
social problem and also for a brand or a specific product.

Improve the analytical skills of each particular situation we aim to objects, how to shoot
TVC planning, communication skills in group discussion and cooperation in the paint
and create ideas marketing tool.
Thanh Nien Newspaper (Youth Newspaper) is one of the most circulated newspapers in
Vietnam. It is the flagship publication of the Vietnam National Youth Federation, published
its first issue on January 3, 1986. Since then, Thanh Nien has become one of the most
prestigious and influential newspapers in Vietnam, with a total readership of more than 2
million per week. Thanh Nien News is released daily in Vietnamese and weekly in English.
Sorry is a word that known for showing regret, express sorrow for ones action. Almost
everybody learnt to say it when they were little kids because it represents politeness and
connects relationships.However, Im sorry is not a very common sentence in the
Vietnamese culture. Apologizing somehow seems to make people feel embarrassed and
humiliated. Therefore, when misbehaving something, people tend to ignore it or walk away
instead of solving the problem and apologizing the others. Saying sorry shows that you are
brave enough to admit your mistakes, but it does not simply means you are wrong, it also
demonstrates your self awareness, respect for yourself and other people.

This report will analyze the problem and widen knowledge for people who are not very
familiar to the word sorry. In order to prepare a good IMC campaign, Thanh Nien
Newspaper is suggested to understand the target audience and define the position. The target
customers focus on people who still afraid of saying sorry to the others.
In our IMC plan, the various communications tools will be organized around the core
message: Apologizing is not a shame. The code is being used as advertising, TVC media,
billboards and print ads. The first activity is viral clip. In order to spread the popularity of
the viral clip, some supporting online marketing tools such as pop up ads and video ads
are used. The TVC will be out later to help spread the message. Prints ads will also be
advertised on prestige newspaper such as Thanh Nien, Tuoi Tre, Dan Tri, etc. To easily
reach more customers, Thanh Nien Newspaper launchs the Billboards along the way to raise
awareness as well as oral message of the campaign.

A. The marketplace
1. The industry
Apology culture has now becoming an social issue in the Vietnamese community. Most
foreigners who have come to Vietnam usually complained that people here did not know
how to say sorry. Despite that everyone learn to apology when they were children, as they
grow up, they all forgot and somehow find it kind of bothering. To some Vietnamese people,
sorry seems to be the hardest word.
2. The category
Apart from apology culture, there are many existence problems about the ways people
behaving in Vietnam such as culture of gratitude, traffic culture, queue culture, etc. These
problems can create a bad image of Vietnamese people to other countries in the world. It is
important to change our mind and makes build a better image for Vietnam.