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9 years of professional engineering experience in implementation of

Mechanical Integrity Assessment of Assets in wellhead Piping,
Gathering pipelines, feeder pipeline, plant piping, equipments in Oil
& Gas, process plant, Petrochemical Plants, Fertilizers etc.
Asset Integrity Management (AIM) with the help of Mechanical Integrity
Management, Pipeline Integrity Management, Remaining Life
Calculations, Data Gathering and Field Inspections, Risk-Based
Inspection, Fitness For Service Assessment, Regulatory Compliance,
Inspection and Maintenance Planning, Non-Destructive and Material
Testing. Document Management and Control etc.
In-service inspection of Static Equipments, Storage Tanks, Boilers,
Furnaces and Heat Exchangers, Inspection of Buried Pipelines (PCM,
DCVG, Corrosion Control and Cathodic Protection)
Inspection of Painting & Coating, Quality Assurance of welding,
reviewed & Witnessing WPS/PQR,
Fully conversant with Isometric, PFD, P&ID's and as built drawings,
Stage inspection of new and repair static equipments as a third party
inspector, review all NDT results as per codes and standards.
Good understanding with Risk Based inspection and on stream
inspections / Non-intrusive inspections through various conventional
and advance NDT techniques
Current Project:
. Baseline survey Plant Processing Piping, Boiler Area Piping (High
Pressure Steam, Low Pressure Steam, Exhaust Steam, Boiler Feed Water,
Steam Condensate, CBD, BBD, SD drains etc) from 25 Feb to till
. Shut-down (turnaround) of UEPL LPG Plant (United Energy Pakistan
Limited previously known as British Petroleum) from 12 January to 20
Feb 2013
Knowledge and Skills:

Knowledge of ASTM, ASME, API code & standards.

Interpretations skills of UT, PT, MPT, RT
Good knowledge of Conventional and Advanced NDT / NDE Techniques.
Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA).
Risk Based Inspection (RBI).
Knowledge of Integrated Management System (IMS)
API Tool Box
Positive Material Identification Chemical Analysis by XRF.
MS Word, Ms Excel, Ms Power Point.
Auto CAD

Key Skills and Expertise:

. Ability to supervise all on-stream and shutdown inspection activities
for stationary equipment, plant piping, pressure relieving devices,
corrosion monitoring and investigation of failures.
. Ability to identify areas of concern and propose
edicated inspection procedures to follow-up their resolution to
improve Plants Integrity
. Ability prepare data to implement and updates the Risk
Based Inspection (RBI) methodology to enhance Plants Integrity and
Reliability in order to optimize inspection frequencies, maintenance
cost and Plants Availability.
. Ability to prepare long and short-term inspection Business Plans and
. Support on repair techniques, materials selection, welding
procedures, inspection and testing requirements.
. Supervise and participates in non-destructive (Conventional and
Advance) testing of equipment and piping, including review of
preliminary interpretations carried out by subordinates.
. Supporting the relevant asset on all integrity inspection and
compliance issues.
. Develop and maintain programs to assure the condition of the process
and utilities equipment will provide safe and reliable operation.
. Implement effective internal and external corrosion control strategies
for all assets including pipelines.
. Provide inspection input into scope for shutdowns/turnarounds.
. Development, improvement and optimization of existing systems,
standards and procedures.
. Maintain technical integrity by identifying and mitigating risks in a
timely and efficient manner.
. Plan/resource integrity related activities for short term & regulatory
. Establish effective processes/procedures for inspection, risk based
strategy development
. Maintain technical integrity by identifying and mitigating risks in a
timely and efficient manner.
. Progressively improve equipment reliability and reduce equipment
related downtime.
. Ensure safe working procedures are prepared and updated and
regulations are understood.
. Development, implementation and ongoing review of pipeline monitoring
and maintenance systems.
. Ensure that installed wellheads, pipelines and flow lines meet design
performance and operating pressure requirements and comply with
industry standards and meet compliance audit requirements of Company
and regulatory bodies.
. Developing and implementing monitoring and preventative maintenance
system for all major pipelines and gathering systems.
. Review and develop as necessary pipeline designs, specifications and
data sheets as part of overall engineering project scope of works.
. Mentor less experienced engineers.
. Broad knowledge of mechanical engineering principals including
knowledge of fitness for service assessments & inspection management,
knowledge of stress calculations and knowledge of the relevant codes
and standards are essential.
Knowledge about NDT:

|Eddy Current & IRIS (Tubing|UT
|Phase array
|Pipeline Current Mapper
|Thermal Imaging
|Remote Visual Inspection
|Flange Face Scanning,


Health Safety Environment:


Permit To Work (PTW) Training BHP Billiton

Fire Watcher Training BHP Billiton
Gas Detection Training BHP Billiton
Safety Observer Training BHP Billiton,
Working At Height Training BHP Billiton, BP
Falls and Falling Objects Training BHP Billiton,BP
Golden Safety Rules of British Petroleum (B.P)
Crane Operations and Cargo Handling Training BHP Billiton,

Areas of Expertise:

Repair recommendations
Maintenance Inspections
Asset Integrity Management
Mechanical Integrity
Quality Inspections
Vander Shop Inspection
Stage Inspection
Baseline Survey of Processing Plants.

Details of Responsibilities:
. Supervision and coordination of all on-stream and shutdown
inspection/NDT activities of plant equipments, piping, pipelines &
. Supervision of a team of inspectors, multi-disciplined NDT and rope
access personnel to complete client inspection program.
. Identifying areas of special concern and deterioration (e.g., dead
legs, injection points, buried piping, corrosion under insulation
(CUI), erosion & corrosion/erosion), preparation of inspection
procedures to follow-up their resolution to improve Plant integrity.
. Review and analysis of previous inspection reports to summarize the
integrity status of the piping systems.
. Selection of an appropriate inspection/NDT techniques as per
codes/standards and specification.
. Carrying out thorough visual inspection complemented with NDT
examination on pressure vessels, heat exchangers, fin fan coolers,
fired heaters, RVs, process piping systems, well head assemblies,



oil/gas gathering clusters, pipelines and above ground storage tanks

as per planned frequency to assure the mechanical integrity.
Reviewing of NDT reports and corrosion analysis (remaining service
life calculation based on corrosion rate).
Drawing of all isometrics for the piping systems.
Preparation of inspection reports/certificates with all findings,
abnormalities and recommendations.
Assist and participate in RBI analysis and developing the inspection
plans/frequencies for static equipments, piping and pipelines.
Witnessing of pressure relief valves calibration and testing.
Entering plant equipments, observing conditions, making preliminary
interpretations and issuing recommendations.
Advise on repair techniques, materials selection, welding procedures,
inspection & testing requirements.
Cooperate and communicate with the Corrosion Engineer to investigate /
resolve issues related to corrosion/erosion.
Assist in preparation of yearly estimates of work required, for
inclusion in the division's budget proposals.
Assist in testing & certifying welders and welding procedures
specifications as per ASME Sec 1X.
Review of WPS, PQR, NDT, PWHT procedures & qualification of NDT
Familiar with in-service inspection and construction codes/RPs such as
API 570, API 510, API 653, API 650, API RP 574, API RP 572, API RP
576, API RP 571, API RP 577, API 598, ASME B31.3, ASME B16.5, ASME
Sec IX, ASME Sec V, ASME Sec VIII Div1 etc.
Ensure full compliance with company safety regulations and HSE
management systems.
Participate in the training and development of assigned UAE national
Preparation of final inspection reports. Maintain and update all
inspection files as needed.

Projects Done :( Plant Piping & Pressure Vessels)

In-service inspection
Plant Assessment Mechanical Integrity & NDT Evaluation of:
. OGDCL (Oil and Gas Development Company)
. PPL (Pakistan Petroleum Limited)
Turnarounds/expansions / shutdowns
. UEPL (United Energy Pakistan
. Qadirpur Gas Field OGDCL
. Kunar Oil Field OGDCL
. Bobi Oil Field OGDCL
. Dakni Gas Field OGDCL
. Chanda Oil Field OGDCL


Mela Oil Field OGDCL

Sadqal Gas Field ODGCL
Sinjhoro Gas/Oil/LPG Field OGDCL
Noor Bangle Oil Field OGDCL
Tando Alam Oil Field
Adhi Gas Field PPL
BHP Billiton
NRL (National Refinery Limited)
PRL (Pakistan Refinery Limited)
BAYCO (Bosicor Refinery)
ROUSCH Power Plant
Lotte Pakistan (pta)


Welding Process Assurance

Verify Conformity of drawings and standard requirements
Maintain Welder Qualification
Look after the Preheat and Inter pass temperatures
Check the Acceptability of welds
Check the Inter-run cleaning
Check the joint preparation
Check the Root and subsequent runs
Check the Fluxes and Shielding gases
Check Post-heat treatment
Check the Filler metal
Check the Fluxes and Shielding gases
Observe Welding current and voltage
Material Inspection
Verification of Welder's Approval
Visual Inspection of Weld joints of miscellaneous diameter pipelines
Reviewing the Documentation

Valve inspection:
Inspection of Gate, Globe & Ball vale as per API Std.




. Backseat test
. High Pressure closure
. Low Pressure closure
Inspection of Pressure Reliving Devices as per API RP
inspection covers Automatic Devices as:





. Spring-Loaded Pressure Relief Valves

. Pilot-Operated Valves
. Rupture Disks
Professional Courses during Job
. One day course on Finance for marketers
. One day training Program on Leading for Results by Octara.
. One day training Program on Impression Management By Navitus Group.
. LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineering Association) (LEVEL 1) Certified
. One day Training Course on SEFETY MANUALS AWARENESS on Personal
Safety, Material safety data Sheets, Emergency actions, Personal
Protective Equipments and office safe working practices & ergonomics.
. One Day Training Program on Confined Space Attendant (CSA) at BPP(

British Petroleum Pakistan)

. Plant Process Piping & Drafting Course (Skill Development Council)
1. Good Knowledge about Process of equipments, Piping Systems,
2. Good understanding and reading all types of Drawings ( PFD, P&ID,
Isometrics, Plot Plan, Piping Plan, BOM/BOQ)