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The publisher Arktos and the nazification of Anglo-American regime

change efforts against Iran

N. Wahid Azal 2016
In early 2015 I became enemy number one in social media to the followers of
Russian fascist Alexander Dugin after I publicly queried on the Facebook list, The
Center for Syncretic Studies,1 the rather bizarre relationship of one of the chief
editors of Arktos, namely John B. Morgan,2 with the neo-Nazis of the Kievan junta
(specifically Svobodha but there is also some suggestion as to the Right Sector as
well). Since Arktos is the publisher of Dugins The Fourth Political Theory3 and has
been promoting his works, it defied reason why Dugin would be associated with a
publishing company where one of its staff would be connected to the very
Ukrainian Banderists that Dugin has been denouncing for some time - and for
which vitriolic denunciations he had even lost his position at Moscow State
University in late 2014. After this public expose, my wife and I were maliciously
attacked by nazi James Porrazzo4 both privately as well as on the Center for
Syncretic Studies -- Porrazzo being Dugins chief New Resistance5 operative in the
USA -- even though Porrazzo himself had been vitriolically denouncing these same
Banderists for over a year.6
Now, the publisher Arktos7 is the leading anglophone alt-right (i.e.
Fascist/neo-Nazi) publishing outfit operating today in the West. Arktos (and under
one of its other labels, RADIX)8 has published many of the English translations of
Alexander Dugin's works as well as works by Alain de Benoist9 and others. In the
United States, Arktos has recently been taken over by a neo-SUMKA/neo-PanIranist named Jason Reza Jorjani (a half Iranian) who is openly an Islamophobe and
regularly calls for the overthrow of the present system in Iran while peddling the

most extreme caricatures of Iranian dislocative nationalist discourses.10 Clear

evidence can be found at the following links below:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWsvBpxSXts (from 6:52)


The neo-SUMKA/neo-Pan Iranist emblem often displayed by Jorjani on a few of his online
publications. The symbol that looks like the 'not equal' sign on white is supposed to be a rune
representing the mythical Simorgh. According to one statement made on the former Iranian.com
site (now offline) by an anonymous poster in 2011, the green background of the emblem was
specifically adopted in 2009 as a sort of nod to the Langley-Tel Aviv pupeteered "Green movement"
which came about during the election fracas of 2009.

That said, SUMKA11 was the Iranian Nazi party founded in the late
1940s/early 1950s with ties to the Pahlavi royal court which included some eminent
royalists as one time members, such as Daryoush Homayoun and apparently even
General Fazlollah Zahedi (i.e. the post-coup junta installed Iranian prime minister of
1953-4). SUMKA and the Pan-Iranists were among the organizations which the CIA's
Kermit Roosevelt mobilized via the Rashidian brothers against the government of
Mohammad Mossadegh in the coup d'etat of August 1953. Often SUMKA and the PanIranists have been treated as separate organizations when recent studies (such as
Ali Rahnema's Behind the 1953 Coup in Iran)12 have demonstrated their memberships
to have been the same, and that SUMKA and the Pan-Iranists were essentially two
fronts for the same group of Aryanist Pahlavi royalists pursuing the same ends. In
Iran today SUMKA and the Pan-Iranist party are banned organizations, but both
have been resurrected by some pro-monarchist Aryanists among the Iranian
diaspora in the USA and so have become active again. This resurrected neoSUMKA/neo-Pan Iranist organization is also widely rumoured to be funded and
controlled by Mosad and the Israeli intelligence establishment. Since the coup of
1953, its ties to the American Central Intelligence Agency are indubitable since
SUMKA/Pan-Iranist party were among the specific CIA-funded shock-troops on the
streets of Tehran on that fateful day in 19 August 1953. Through its networks and
linkages with the so-called North American alt-right as well as Alexander Dugin's
own Russian and European-based Eurasianist networks, SUMKA/the Pan-Iranists
are now back, active and with the face of Reza Jason Jorjani as spokesman who is the
US editor-in-chief for Arktos publishers.
I have maintained for some time that Iran Press TV and other circles in the
Islamic Republic of Iran are making a great strategic mistake, and with potentially
catastrophic consequences, by associating with various Anglo-European white

supremacists and neo-Nazis because these people are opportunists, have no loyalty
to Iran or its people, and that they would turn on Iran on a dime. One of the reasons
that I decided to forego appearing on Press TV as a pundit anymore (since
September 2016) is precisely because the policy continues by Press TV in inviting
fascists, crypto-fascists and assorted white supremacist Anglo-American rightwingers to be among its commentariat. While RT's tilt to the far-right since 2014 is
understandable, given the nature of the crypto-fascist Putinist regime, Press TV's
does not. The ideals of the Islamic Revolution and its founder are diametrically
opposed to everything these people are about, and they are merely using Press TV
for their own self-serving purposes. Press TV should stop giving these people a
platform because they are not Iran's well-wishers.
Be that as it may, Reza Jason Jorjani is clearly a "regime change" advocate
whose organizational affiliation is with groups (i.e. SUMKA/Pan-Iranist party) who
are widely known to be funded and controlled by the Israeli intelligence
establishment. In his close proximity are also Alexander Dugin -- whose own linkage
to the Kremlin is not even in dispute anymore -- and an assortment of North
American alt-rightists prominent as Trump campaigners, many of whom also
maintain their own ties and connections to the incoming Trump administration.
Authorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran need to be vigilant because the wolf
dressed up as a sheep is always a wolf and never a sheep.


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