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s s s s c c o o m m m m u u n n







http://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english-cobuild-learners Merriam-Webster’s (focus on American English):

AAssppeeaakkiinngg && wwrriittiinngg

B B e e l l o o w w y y o o u

BBeellooww yyoouu mmaayy ffiinndd aa sseett ooff qquueessttiioonnss wwhhiicchh yyoouu ccaann pprreeppaarree pprriioorr ttoo ccllaassss mmeeeettiinnggss,, aatt yyoouurr lleeiissuurree WWhheenn aannsswweerriinngg aannyy ooff tthheessee qquueessttiioonnss,, bbee rreeaaddyy ttoo jjuussttiiffyy yyoouurr aannsswweerr wwiitthh yyoouurr oowwnn aarrgguummeennttss;; uussee eexxaammpplleess aanndd yyoouurr oowwnn eexxppeerriieennccee ttoo ssuuppppoorrtt yyoouurr ooppiinniioonn


1. Would you prefer to have a formal or an informal boss? Why?

2. Is informality necessarily a sign of impoliteness? How can formality and informality be interpreted / perceived in different cultures?

3. Is it easier for you to express yourself better in speech or in writing? Explain.

4. What kinds of problems do you usually have when you express yourself orally (in English and / or Romanian)?

5. What problems do you usually encounter when trying to express yourself in writing (in English and / or Romanian)?

6. Enumerate and explain a few advantages and disadvantages (regarding communication) of using the following technological advances / gadgets: the Internet, a laptop, a tablet, a mobile phone, a multimedia projector, a web cam. Which of these do you most frequently use for communication purposes and why?

7. Is it important to have a FACEBOOK / TWITTER / etc. account or not? What are some of the benefits and shortcomings of using such facilities?

8. What qualities should a web designer have? Explain and illustrate.

9. Explain the difference between shop talk and small talk.

10. Describe some benefits and downsides of one-to-one communication versus written communication.

11. In one-to-one communication nonverbal clues may be important. Can you mention and explain a few of them which could have a great impact on you and your interlocutor?

12. People skills are very important in business. Do you think you have them? What are they? Explain.

13. Do you think that if you are the shy type you lack people skills? Explain.

14. If you had a choice between a job requiring permanent contact with other people or one allowing you to just work behind your desk, which would you choose and why?

15. Are you a computer nerd? If so, do you think this helps or hampers your communication with others?

16. Mention a few job types that do not require communication with other people. Justify your choice(s).

17. Are you an outgoing person, ready to socialise with strangers in a variety of situations? Explain.

18. What is a socialite? Are you one? Would you like to be one? Why?

19. What would you expect from your communication with your boss? Explain.

20. What would you expect from your communication with your colleagues / co-workers? Explain.

21. Imagine you might have a co-worker with a disability. How would you be prepared to communicate with him / her?

22. Imagine you might be part of a virtual team (people in various locations working together as a team using the Internet to get through to one another). What do you think this kind of communication requires? Would you be prepared to work in this way? Why (not)?

23. Different communication problems can arise in the workplace. Do you think you might have the skills needed for conflict resolution (= Rom: soluționarea / rezolvarea conflictelor)? Describe these skills.

24. Do you think that communication skills are innate (= we are born with them) or acquired (= we learn them)? Explain.

25. How is business / professional communication different from communication in one’s private life? Explain and illustrate.

26. In what situations would you choose to stop communicating with others? Describe some possible scenarios and also the ensuing consequences in a professional / business context.

BBrreeaaddiinngg && llaanngguuaaggee

T T h h e e f f o o l l l l o

TThhee ffoolllloowwiinngg pprraaccttiiccee tteessttss ssiimmuullaattee tthhee qquueessttiioonn ffoorrmmaattss iinn yyoouurr ffiinnaall tteesstt aanndd mmaayy bbee uusseedd iinn tthhee ccoonnssttrruuccttiioonn ooff tthhee ffiinnaall tteesstt vveerrssiioonnss DDiirreeccttiioonnss aanndd ffuurrtthheerr eexxppllaannaattiioonnss wwiillll bbee aavvaaiillaabbllee iinn ccllaassss TThhee tteessttss nnoott ccoovveerreedd iinn ccllaassss aarree ppaarrtt ooff yyoouurr sseellff--ssttuuddyy uussee tthhee ddiiccttiioonnaarriieess ssuuggggeesstteedd ((sseeee ppaaggee 11))



do, dodge, field, take, vex

A number of questions 01

After a 02

After the takeover, he broke 03

At this point a key question remains 04

Ellen isn’t here. Can I 05

Finally, there’s the thorny / 06

Freedom of the press has come 07

He didn’t answer, so I 08

He 09

He had skilfully evaded / avoided / 10

rise / raise / arise / arouse from this unhappy situation.

LONG discussion, they decided that she should go back to work.

/ severed all contact with his former boss. ANSWER .

a message?

question of money.

question (= started to be doubted) in recent years.

PHRASE my question.

questions (= answered a lot of questions) from reporters about the announcement.

Margie’s questions.

He is an enthusiastic student who always joins / takes part / participates 11

He used the report as a basis 12

He wrote to him about practical matters to 13

He’s 14

Her loyalty is 15

class discussions.

discussion about the company’s expansion to the West.

with the company branch in Austria.

far the best candidate, there’s no question about it.

question (= there are no doubts about it).


bad, matter, oppose, pursue, put, rest, settle

Are there any matters 01

His aggressive attitude did not help / improve 02

His future had become a matter 03

His honesty is now 04

His role is to 05

I failed the test and, to make matters 07

I hope this will 08

I recently 09

I think we should let the matter drop / 10

I’ll forward her message to you when I log 11

If he refuses to help, I see no point in 12


Negotiations on reducing sulphur dioxide emissions have ended 14

He resigned and we thought that would be the 15

arising / rising / raising / arousing from the report?



question (= doubted).

FACILE discussions between the two 06

, all my friends passed.

/ resolve the matter.

some of these questions to some staff members.

, don’t you?

the matter.

answer to your last question, “Yes”.


end / close / fix / finish of the matter.


bring, broach, burn, key, make, query, talk, text

I was afraid to 01

My phone beeps when I get a 02

Our staff are always available to answer customers’ 03

Please leave your contact 04 to you.

Quitting your job 05

She kept asking 06

Some of the questions in the last section were very 07

The 08

The chairman 09

the matter with my parents.


informations / datas / dates / details and we will write

such a small matter is ridiculous.

RELEVANT questions.


question is this will we be able to keep our company afloat?

threw / blew / sliced / slashed the subject open for discussion, asking

us for comments.

The discussion centred 10


The government promised a full public consultation before a decision was 12 airport.

The job 13

The main / basic / 14 waste we produce.

The next round of trade 15

The exact cause of this crisis affecting the firm is still open 11

the best way to use the money.

to build the

me into contact with a lot of interesting people.

/ core / fundamental message is that we need to reduce the amount of

will be held in the spring.


drive, enquiry, heart, probe, spend

I’ll 01

It’s good to come 02

It’s vitally important that we get the right message 03

She came to see me 04

She failed to get / put his message 05

She usually deals 06

Since this is quite a complex matter, we need professional 07 adverts .

Thank you for your 08

The Chancellor’s speech rammed / drummed / 09

arise / arouse / raise / rise the matter at the next meeting.

contact with employees from different cultures.

to our clients.

/ about a matter of some importance.

to the board.

financial matters.

about our website.

advice / advices / ads /

/ hammered home the message that cutting

public 10

The crux / 11

The main 12


is the government’s top priority.

of the matter is this: how do we prevent these floods from happening again?

COME of the discussions was a trade 13

AGREE between the two

The policeman asked me some searching / 14

The price is, 15


question (= certainly), too high.


conflict, hold, involve, laugh

Considerable discussion 01

US in the economic crisis.

raised / rose / arose / aroused over the role played by the

I asked Rob if he would pass 02

The police said they were looking 03

The public is getting contradictory / 04 immigration.

The subject is still 05

The subject of who owns the islands is likely to come 07

The trouble we’re in is no 08

The two companies have agreed to enter 09

The two leaders had informal discussions 11

The two leaders 12

There was a round-table discussion 13

This study brings up / 14

We are currently 15

a message for me. / investigating the matter. / mixed messages from the government about

AGREE has been reached. for discussion.

discussion and no 06

matter, because it can lead to bankruptcy.

discussions aimed 10 the phone.

resolving the issue.

discussions about trade.

the president and business leaders.

rises / raises / arises / arouses / poses several questions.

discussion with another company.


address, bring, heat, press, range, tackle

The two sides have begun negotiations aimed 01

The verdict sends 02

There are 04

There is something I need to speak to you about – it’s a delicate / 05

There were a number of 06

They had wide- 07

They turned their attention to more 08

This has called / threw / 09

This is a matter 10

Two questions need to be 11

We need to focus on the matter in / 12

We shall confine our discussion in this presentation 13

We’re running out of time and I think we had better bring the discussion 14

Who has the ability to 15

ending the dispute.

a clear message: the law applies to rich and poor 03


GO discussions as to how we can deal with the problem of global warming.

SENSE matter.

discussions between staff and management.

discussions covering strategic business matters.


into question people’s right to retire at 60.

the Board of Directors.


the country’s deficit.

a close.

the tough questions facing the company?


enjoy, grow, require, restore

A good partnership 01

A lot of people seem to think the answer 02

All staff have training 03

Ask your friends and acquaintances if they know of any job 04

Britain agreed to 05

Britain threatened to 06

By the time they sat down to dinner, a warm rapport had 07

During the interview, he 08

For years, the company 09

He believes that wind power is the long-term answer 10

a lot of communication.

customer relations.

lies / lays / stands / sits in technology.


full economic relations with Libya.

knife / slit / slash / sever economic relations with the regime.

between the two employees.

MOST gave short answers to my questions. good relations with its workers.

our growing energy 11

crise /

crisis / crises / crize .

He demanded an answer 12

He entered 13

He had begun to 14

his question.

a business partnership with his brother-in-law.

set / place / establish / implement friendly relations with the

other workers.

He had found the manager to be a sensible man during their 15

speedy acquaintance.

brief / overall / general /


casual, deteriorate, feel, give, go, introduce, type

He 01

He nodded at his workmate, as if she was just a 02

Her version of the story bears 03

me to an acquaintance of his, who had visited Tokyo.


small / little / sorry / sore relation to the data in the

business report.

Her colleagues at work did not improve on 04

I always 05

I didn’t get a 06

I met an old 07

I 08

I was keen to 09

I’ll 10

I’m afraid there are no easy answers in this 11

In his speech, he 14

Industrial relations 15

FAR acquaintance.

a special rapport with my subordinates in my job.

SATISFY answer from the company.

ACQUAINT outside the company headquarters.

struck / stroke / stricken / made up an acquaintance with one of my workmates.

into partnership with that firm.

you an answer tomorrow.

of situation.

answer 13

your question, yes, you can go.

EMPHASIS the need to improve relations with other companies.

, as the trade unions and management refused to speak to each other.





Is there a 02

INDUSTRY relations have improved, and there have been no more strikes.

CAUSE relation between a plum job and further career 03

perspectives / prospects / prospectuses / preventions ?

It is more difficult to 04 telephone.

It sounded 06

It will be nice to 07

It’s a pleasure to 08

It’s an article on possible employment 09

stroke / strike / move / make up a rapport 05


the perfect answer.

NEW my acquaintance with him.

have / do / make / establish your acquaintance.

sketches / schemes / receipts / recipes

and their relation to 10


It’s not very 11

interviewed for a job.

HELP to just give one-word answers such as ‘yes’ or ‘no’ while being

Many of the board members remarked 12

Most small business 13

the rapport between the two job candidates.

powerful / close / near /

OPERATE have a 14

connected / strong rapport with their employees.


first acquaintance, she seems rather unfriendly as a boss.


come, forge, get, search, sour

One my acquaintances spends nearly half her salary 01

We have been 02


Relations between us have improved 04

Relations between workers and management are 05

Businesspeople at large believe they have come 06 economic recession.

She couldn’t think 07

She wrote to him, but she never 08

She’s a relation 09

Spending more money is not always 10

The employees11 environment.

The affair was 12

The agency tries to 13

The answer to her problem suddenly 14

The dispute has 15

an answer.


for an answer for years.

Raise / Rise / Put / Place up your hand if you know the answer.


GENERAL good. with an answer to the problems posed by this

a suitable answer to his question.

marriage because she married my cousin.

that / the / obvious / evident answer.

little / small / easy / low rapport makes this a friendly working

DISASTER in terms of public relations.

effective partnerships with communities and private businesses.

to her.

relations further between the two rival companies.


dissolve, strain

The EU had hoped to 01

make / launch / impress / propagate a more ambitious

economic partnership with Russia.

The government is struggling to come up with answers to our 02

economical / economic problems.

economy / economics /

The obvious answer is to 03 POPULAR .

The partnership was 05

raise / arouse / arise / rise taxes, but that would be very 04

and John went freelance.

brief / short / basical / foremost answer is that it can’t be done.

The 06

relations between the two companies became even worse on that occasion.

The two companies have built 08

The two collaborators had no 09

These two businessmen enjoyed a very 10

This university has close 11

The 07

a close partnership over the past four years. PERSON rapport whatsoever.

SUCCESS partnership, spanning at least 30 years.

relations / relationships / establishments /

branches with local companies.

The US broke 12

Theirs is one of the most 13

There are excellent relations 14

These are important questions, and we want answers 15

all relations with Cuba in the wake of the scandal.

FRUIT working partnerships on the pharmaceuticals market. the workers.


CClliisstteenniinngg && llaanngguuaaggee

n i i n n g g & & l l a a n n g

TThhee ttaasskk sshheeeettss aanndd ddiirreeccttiioonnss wwiillll bbee aavvaaiillaabbllee iinn ccllaassss oonnllyy AAfftteerr tthhiiss ccoouurrssee uunniitt hhaass bbeeeenn ccoovveerreedd iinn

TThhee aauuddiioo ssccrriippttss wwiillll bbee uusseedd iinn tthhee

ccoonnssttrruuccttiioonn ooff tthhee ffiinnaall tteesstt vveerrssiioonnss,, bbaasseedd oonn tthhee qquueessttiioonn ffoorrmmaattss pprraaccttiisseedd iinn mmoodduullee BB

ccllaassss,, yyoouu wwiillll rreecceeiivvee wweebb lliinnkkss ttoo tthhee aauuddiioo ssccrriippttss ((++ ssoouunndd))


After the listening exercises done in class, you will have access (via the Internet) to the audio scripts for the recordings used. Approximately half of the number of questions in your final test will be based on these audio scripts. The scripts are intended for your self-study, as an extension of your listening comprehension, towards further language building (grammar structures and vocabulary). When you work with these audio scripts on your own, focus on the following:

1. collocations;

2. fixed expressions containing dependent prepositions;

3. phrasal verbs;

4. idioms;

5. derivatives (word building).

You have already been introduced to problems 1-5 above by the PREPARATORY COURSE MODULE A - FINAL TEST LANGUAGE SKILLS module, covered at the start of the first semester of this academic year.

For all of your self-study tasks, including this, make sure that you use the dictionary links suggested on page 1 of this unit.