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Music in the 21st Century

Final Project

James Burton

Brass Band Test Pieces


Test Pieces:

Aagaard-Nilsen, T. (2003). Aubade (Dawn Songs of the

Fabulous Birds).
Aagaard-Nilsen, T. (2013). Mutant Sonorities.

Ball, M. (2000). Ceremony.

Ball, M. (2004). all the flowers of the mountain
Berge, H. (2007). Brass Blt.
Bourgeois, D. (2001). Lac Leman.
Boyle, R. (2014). Muckle Flugga.

Comitas, A. (2010). Vita Aeterna Variations.

Crausaz, E. (2012). Rush Hour.

Dobson, S. (2014). Journey of the Lone Wolf.

Doss, T. (2009). Sketches from Nowhere.
Doss, T. (2010). Spiriti.
Doss, T. (2013). REM-Scapes.
Downie, K. (2004). St Magnus.
Downie, K. (2007). Visions of Gerontius.
Downie, K. (2008). Concertino for Brass Band.
Duncan, A. (2014). Cantata.

Ellerby, M. (2005). Terra Australis.

Ellerby, M. (2006). Elgar Variations.
Ellerby, M. (2012). Electra.

Graham, P. (2000). Gaelforce.

Graham, P. (2000). Harrisons Dream.
Graham, P. (2005). Journey to the Centre of the Earth.
Graham, P. (2009). The Torchbearer.
Graham, P. (2010). On the Shoulders of Giants.
Graham, P. (2014). The Triumph of Time.
Gregson, E. (2012). Of Distant Memories.
Gregson, E. (2008). Rococo Variations.
Giske, S, H. (2011). Goldberg 2012.

Lovatt-Cooper, P. (2011). Breath of Souls.

Music in the 21st Century

Final Project

McCabe, J. (2002). The Maunsell Forts.

McGee, P. (2006). Waiting for a Pain Hit.
Meechan, P. (2010). The Legend of King Arthur.
Meij, J. (2005). Extreme Make-over.
Moren, B. (2007). Landscapes.

Nordhagen, S. (2013). Myth Forest (Hestefalltjnn).

Pallhuber, H. (2007). Titans Progress.

Pickard, J. (2005). Eden.

Roberts, S. (2013). Arabian Nights.

Roost, J. (2001). Albion.
Roost, J. (2009). From Ancient Times
Ruddin, R. (2014). The God Particle op. 87.
Rtti, C. (2001). Montreux Wind Dances.
Rtti, C. (2005). Phoenix.

Sparke, P. (2002). Hymn of the Highlands.

Sparke, P. (2007). Music for Battle Creek.
Sparke, P. (2010). A Tale as yet Untold.
Swerts, P. (2000). Chain.

Tovey, B. (2005). A Night to Sing.

Waespi, O. (2003). Lands End.

Waespi, O. (2011). Audivi Media Nocte.
Waespi, O. (2014). As If A Voice Were In Them.
Wilby, P. (2006). Vienna Nights.
Wilby, P. (2010). Red Priest.
Wilson, I. (2005). Seascapes with High Cliffs.

James Burton

Audience walkout leaves top brass band deflated.. (2004, Jun 23). The Yorkshire
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