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Safar 25,1438/November 25, 2016


Friday Bulletin


Issue No. 708

The Weekly Muslim News Update

High court quashes anti Wakf petition


he High court sitting in Mombasa last week threw out an

application which sought to
quash the appointment of Wakf
In his ruling Justice Anyara
Emukule said the application
lacked merit as he emphasized
that the appointments were made
in accordance with the Wakf Commissioner Act.
I find no merit in the notice of
motion dated 23rd June 2016 and
dismiss the same with a direction
that this being a matter of public
interest litigation, each party shall
bear its cost, he said.
The court action arose after a petition by Mombasa residents Ali Said
Muhammad Al Mandhry, Muhidin
Muhammad Muhidin, Naaman
Muhammad Naaman and former
Chief Kadhi Sheikh Hammad Muhammad Kassim who opposed the
appointment of the commissioners on the grounds that there was
no consultation with the Muslim
community as mandated by the
Wakf Commissioners Act.
In the Kenya gazette notice dated
April 28, the Attorney General appointed new Wakf Commissioners to serve for a period of three
Among those appointed as Commissioners are Prof. Hamadi Iddi
Boga who is the chairman, Juma
Ngao,Zubeir Noor Hussein,Nagib
Shamsan,Shariff Hussein Ahmed
and Dr Mwanakitini Bakari.
In his capacity as the Chief Kadhi,
Sheikh Ahmad Muhdhar serves as
an ex official member of the commission.
The work of the commissioners
and the task force appointed to
reform the commission had forestalled due to a court order served
upon the Wakf commissioners
blocking the appointments.
The court had earlier urged the
two parties to reach an amicable
settlement as they all shared the
same faith but this did not apparently materialize necessitating the
continuation of the court process.
In his ruling, the judge cited subContinued To Page 2

Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala(centre) and Marketing manager of Brava Food Industries Maryam Muhammad display an energy drink at the company stand during the day Halal
trade expo at the Kenyatta International Convention(KICC).The CS was the chief guest at the
event, the first of its kind in sub-Saharan African.

Kenya to embrace halal industry to drive economy

Kenya tourism sector will embrace halal concepts to address and cater for the needs of
Muslim travellers from across the globe.
The revelation was made by Tourism Cabinet
Secretary Najib Balala who said the move
will boost the sector, improve the economy
and strategically position the country as the
regional hub of the growing halal industry.
Speaking at the opening of the two-day Halal
exhibition at the Kenya International Convention Centre (KICC), the CS pointed out that
halal industry is the fastest growing globally
adding that many countries had embraced
the industry hence the need for Kenya to embrace the same to ensure the religious needs
of Muslims are met and well catered for.
He noted that Muslim consumers have a variety of unique needs, including observance
of their religious obligations such as daily
prayers, modesty in clothing family-friendly
environments and halal food which need to
be addressed.
The CS stated that embracing the halal will
translate into positive growth for the export
market for Kenya products and singled out
Australia and New Zealand, which are making billions of dollars every year exporting halal certified meat to the Middle-East.
Balala said for Kenya to achieve its quest as

the regional hub for halal products and services,

it was imperative that procedures governing food
and non-food products are modified to allow halal certification procedures incorporated into the
country's system.
''There is need for creation of awareness of Islamic dietary law and storage guidelines to guide
consumers and hotel staff on important of separation of food to protect food from being contaminated,'' he said.
He further pointed out that the existing halal certificate is faced with challenges as their operations were restricted by laws which are not fully
supportive of broad halal concept and called on
the Kenya Bureau of Halal Certification (KBHC)
to liaise with stakeholders to enhance on standards in the halal industry.
Balala said Kenya is also seeking a piece of the
halal tourism market to promote halal products
and services in the country, the wider East and
Central African region and other parts of the
world. ''We seek to position Kenya as the hub
of halal industry in the region by producing more
halal-certified goods and services to serve a
growing local and global market,'' he said.
He pointed out for Kenya to successfully penetrate Muslim majority markets, the halal tourism industry should be enhanced to enable the
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This Newsletter contains some of Allahs names. Please do not throw in the trash. Either keep, circulate or shred

The Friday Bulletin

Safar 25,1438/November 25, 2016

Extension on Dadaab closure welcomed

The United Nations High Commission for

Refugees has welcomed Kenyas decision
to extend the closure of Dadaab refugee
camp by six months.
The government last week announced that
it will be extending the closure of worlds
largest refugee complex and rolled out a
six month repatriation programme that will
be completed by the end of May 2017.
Reacting to the announcement, UNHCR
welcomed the decision saying it is an indicator that Kenya is committed to finding solutions to the plight of thousands of
Dadaab refugees.
Statement by the Government of Kenya
on its continued search for solutions for
refugees at Dadaab is welcome.
Kenya has been generously hosting and
protecting Somali refugees over many
years in line with its international obligations. We are glad that this remains Ken-

yas position said UNHCR in a statement.

The refugee agency however called for
flexibility on the timeframe for the repatriation of Somali refugees arguing that for
the repatriation action plan to succeed the
government of Kenya must do away with
unattainable deadlines.
UNHCR now appeals to the Government
of Kenya to show flexibility on the timeframe for the different elements of the
plan, including on returns to Somalia. Rigid deadlines will be difficult to meet, the
agency added.
UNHCR urged the international community to show more commitment to the successful repatriation and resettlement of
refugees in Somalia.
Therefore, UNHCR urges all stakeholders
to focus attention on the implementation
of the Action Plan in all its dimensions, including inside Somalia and in the region

it added.
The agency further emphasized that a voluntary repatriation that is based humane,
safe and dignity is key.
Since 2015, about 35,000 refugees supported by UNHCR have voluntarily returned to Somalia while 16, 000 others are
awaiting resettlement clearance before
departing to third countries.
On its part New York based Human Rights
Watch termed the decision to extend
Dadaab closure as much-needed action.
The rights group however faulted the May
2017 deadline saying it will force many
refugees back to insecure Somalia.
But with a new deadline now hanging
over them, many Somali refugees are
likely to believe they still have little choice
but to return to Somalia armed with UN
cash handouts, instead of risking deportation empty-handed, said HRW Africa researcher Laetitia Bader.

2,000 benefit from Jamia drought relief programme

Close to 2,000 families in Tana River and
Lamu counties were beneficiaries of a
drought relief efforts spearheaded by Jamia Mosque Committee and Al Khair Foundation, a UK based humanitarian organisation.
Distribution of foodstuffs was carried out in
several areas of the two counties in a programme to mitigate the effects of drought
which have affected several parts of the
Several areas of the coast and North Eastern regions are currently facing severe
drought emanating from failed rains for two
consecutive seasons.
In many areas worst affected by the
drought, earth pans which provide water to
residents have dried up while shallow wells
have either completely dried up, turned saline or increased in depth.
Food products are beyond their ability to
purchase and thousands may suffer from
acute malnutrition. The situation is expected to worsen in the both counties with
lives feared to be lost when not urgently
and properly addressed, said the Al Khair
Foundation country director Tariq Harunani.
He said while rains have started in several
parts of the country, in many of the affected areas the skies remain clear with little
chance of rainfall. Even if the rains come,
they will not be an immediate solution to
the problem, he added.
The distribution exercise saw a total of
2,670 bags of maize flour and other food
items distributed to 890 families in across
twenty villages in Tana River county. In the
county of Lamu more than 1,000 families in
ten villages received food packs comprising a variety of food items.
Witu School for Disabled and Witu Orphanage Home in Lamu also benefitted from the
exercise after they received an assortment
of foodstuffs which included maize flour,

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rice, sugar, spaghetti and dates.

The drought has forced pastoralist to move
with their livestock to other areas in search
of pasture and water, a move which could
brew into conflicts with farmers over scarce
The distribution exercise was undertaken in collaboration with officials from the
Lamu and Tana River counties who called

for more measures to mitigate the effects

of the drought. Due to the failure of rains
and drop in market prices for livestock and
livestock products communities have been
rendered vulnerable in all the livelihoods
across the county. The situation is worsening with no hopes of receiving anticipated
short rains, said a statement from the
Lamu County Council.

Kenya to embrace halal industry

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country to tap the market which serves the

1.6 billion global Muslim population. Halal tourism offers the industry access to a
young, increasingly moneyed, travel-hungry and globalised demography. We need
services and facilities that meet the needs
of this group, he said.
On his part University of Nairobi lecturer
Prof Abdullatif Essajee called on Muslims
to embrace halal and also be the primary
movers of halal to facilitate the growth of
the industry.
In his remarks, Islamic finance specialist Sheikh Jafar Badru said appropriate
regulations and standards need to be developed and implemented to stimulate the
growth of the halal industry in Kenya for the
local and export market.
He called on Muslim scholars to play their
roles in educating and sensitizing the
general public on halal certification and
concepts to promote halal to Kenyan consumers. ''Halal industry is not just about
products and services but also ethical
values such as honesty and integrity that
should be nurtured to accompany trade,''
he said.
An analyst from Green Action for Trade and
Sustainable Development Eugene Jurnigan said the country should embrace the
halal industry as it is the fastest growing
niche market that offers significant opportunities for investors locally and globally.

The two days expo saw close to 150 exhibitors from the banking and insurance
sector, food industry, real estate, medical
providers, education sector, transportation,
hospitality and tourism, ICT and media as
well as religious and humanitarian organizations showcase their products and services to the public.
Despite the rainy weather, thousands of
people flocked to the exhibition, the first of
its kind in sub Saharan Africa which also
served as a one-stop platform for information, businesses and networking for industry players and general public to share
ideas on the available opportunities and
services in the halal industry.
Among the notable figures who attended
the exhibition included ambassadors and
High Commissioners of Malaysia Yemen,
Sudan as well as leaders of various Muslim organizations and prominent business



TIME: 10 am sharp to 12 noon

The Friday Bulletin


Safar 25,1438/November 25, 2016

The Need for Prophets

Allah sent the Messengers, may Allah
exalt their mention, to mankind throughout the ages so that mankind might be
guided to the truth and be purified of sins.
Those who were enlightened by the Messengers of Allah, found the way to the Divine Presence and attained the highest
rank of humanity. The Messengers led
mankind to the knowledge of Allah.
Through them, He was deeply felt by the
innermost senses of people. The innermost sense of man, whether we call it
heart or soul, or conscience, is so great
that through it man can grasp Allah with
all His Greatness and other Attributes.
Allah cannot be contained by the heavens and earth. Minds cannot comprehend Him. Philosophical thoughts are
by no means sufficient to reach Him. It
is only through his soul or heart that a
man can realize the Existence of Allah.
Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him
is the last and greatest of these Prophets, and he left us the Quran and Sunnah
(Prophets Tradition) so that we can, by
following them, live in accordance with
the purpose for which all the Prophets
were sent.
The prophets were sent to guide people to the service of Allah
Allah Says And I did not create the
jinn and mankind except to worship
Me.[Quran 51:56]
We have not been created to eat, drink
and reproduce; these are natural facts
of our life, and natural needs. The main
purpose for our creation is to recognize
Allah and realize servitude to Him. For
this reason, all the Prophets, may Allah
exalt their mention, were sent to show us
the way to achieve servitude to Allah, as
He, The Most Exalted, Declares (what
means): And We sent not before you
any messenger except that We revealed
to him that, "There is no deity except Me,
so worship Me." [Quran 21:25]
And We certainly sent into every nation a messenger, [saying], Worship Allah and avoid false deities. And among
them were those whom Allah guided,
and among them were those upon whom
error was [deservedly] decreed. So proceed through the earth and observe
how was the end of the deniers. [Quran
The Prophets taught people the Laws
of Allah
Another purpose for sending the Prophets, may Allah exalt their mention is to
communicate to people the Divine Commandments - obligations prohibitions.
Had it not been for the Prophets, we
could not have known these Divine Commandments. This function of the Prophets is called Messengership, concerning which Almighty Allah Says: Those
who convey the messages of Allah and
fear Him and do not fear anyone but Allah. [Quran 33: 39]
The mission of the Messengers, may Allah exalt their mention, was to enlighten

all of humanity concerning every dimension of their life. So, any neglect in delivering the Message of Allah would be
an unforgivable fault for it would amount
to leaving humanity in darkness. For this
reason, Messenger Muhammad peace
be upon him was continually in search of
unadulterated minds and hearts to which
he could impart the Message of Allah.
The Prophets were examples
To set a good example for other people
was another duty of the Prophets, may
Allah exalt their mention a duty which
we must also always observe consciously. Each Prophet was sent to his particular people (except for Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him who was sent to
all mankind) to remind them of the need
to worship one Allah, and refrain from associating partners with him. They were
not gods, sons or partners of Allah, but
were simply the best of mankind, chosen
because of their humility in their behavior, morals, peacefulness and knowledge
of Allah
The prophets established the balance
between this world and the next
The Prophets, may Allah exalt their mention, were sent to establish a balance between this world and the Hereafter, between material and spiritual life, between
reason and soul, between this world and
the next and between indulgence and abstinence.
At a time when some led an isolated
life in monasteries and others drowned
in luxury, the Quranic instruction came
(which means): But seek, through that
which Allah has given you, the home of
the Hereafter; and [yet], do not forget
your share of the world. [Quran 28:77]
The Prophets are the witnesses of Allah
One of the reasons why the Prophets
were sent is so that mankind will have
no argument against Allah in the Hereafter. Regarding this, Almighty Allah Says
(what means): [We sent] messengers
as bringers of good tidings and warners
so that mankind will have no argument
against Allah ... [Quran 4.165]
People who have followed many socalled guides or leaders, only to be led
astray, have reached the truth through
the guidance of the Prophets, may Allah exalt their mention. They (Prophets)
were the servants of Allah created for a
special mission. They were Prophets in
the wombs of their mothers. Their lives
resembled a beautiful theme, being perfectly harmonious and balanced. Their
words came out of their mouths so sweet
and penetrated into souls; the whole of
existence, animate or inanimate, hearkened to them.
If the Prophets, may Allah exalt their
mention, had not been sent, man might
have had an argument against being
punished in the Hereafter. But, as the
Quran states (what means): And never
would We punish until We sent a mes-

senger. [Quran 17:15], Allah would not punish

anyone without having in advance sent them
Prophets to guide them. After the Prophets,
mankind would no longer have any argument
against the punishment or reward of Allah.
Present attitude towards the Messengers:
As people in the past used to argue with the
Messengers, may Allah exalt their mention, reject their teachings and turn away from them,
mankind today - when they have reached the
pinnacle of material advancement, penetrated
the depths of the oceans, gone far into space,
split the atom and discovered many of the natural forces which exist in this universe - are even
more in conflict with the Messengers, more
emphatically rejecting their teachings and turning away from them even more. Mankind's attitude today towards the Messengers and their
teachings is like that of wild donkeys when they
see a lion; they flee from it without paying heed
to anything else. Allah, The Most Exalted, Says
(what means): Then what is [the matter] with
them that they are, from the reminder, turning
away. As if they were alarmed donkeys. Fleeing from a lion? [Quran 74: 49-51]
Mankind today - more than before - refuses to
submit to the Messengers, may Allah exalt their
mention, and their teachings because they are
too proud of their knowledge and are too arrogant to follow men who lived centuries before
them, as Allah, The Most Exalted, Says: That
is because their messengers used to come to
them with clear evidences, but they said: Shall
human beings guide us? and disbelieved and
turned away. And Allah dispensed [with them];
and Allah is Free of need and Praiseworthy.
[Quran 64: 6]
Today, Satan whispers into human minds,
calling them to rebel against Allah and His
Shareeah (Law) and to reject the teachings of
the Messengers, may Allah exalt their mention,
on the ground that the Shareeah places restrictions on their minds, is an obstacle against
progress and that it causes civilization and progress to stagnate. The nations nowadays have
set up systems, laws and legislations based on
the rejection of the teachings of the Messengers, may Allah exalt their mention. Some nations even made atheism the basis of their constitutions - known as secularism. (Al Jumuah)

Family Fun Day

Venue: Bellevue School-South C

Date: 4th December 2016
Open to brothers and sisters
Organised by Humble Hands
For details contact 0722558382


Theme: Empowering Muslim Teens

Venue: Madrasa Grounds Embakasi area Athi River.
Date: 2nd-11th December 2016
Motivational lectures from Jamila Muhammad (NTV),
Mwanahamisi Hamad (Citizen TV), Ustaadha Arafa and
For details contact 0725828028/0738282828


Topic: Tarbiyatul JInsiyyah Part 1 (Sex Education)

Ustadhah Ruqayyah Ali
Date: 26th November 2016
Time: After Dhuhr Prayer (1.30 to 3.00 pm)
Venue: Womens section of the Mosque

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The Friday Bulletin

Maryam Amir Ebrahim

Safar 25,1438/November 25, 2016

Even the Prophets had family Problems

Many of us struggle with familial relationships. Sometimes, it can

be overwhelmingly lonely. But even in the most difficult of family
times, remember: even the Prophets had family issues. And despite their struggles, they continued in the path of Allah, knowing
He was with them and that they were not alonejust as we must
know through our own struggles.
You may be worried about your kids; their sibling rivalry sometimes scares you. Sometimes, their relationships may sadden you
deeply and you wonder what you may be doing wrong as a parent.
But you arent alone. Imagine the pain of Adam and Eve (awwa)
when they found out that one of their sons had killed their other
And narrate you to them the true news of the two sons of Adam
He said, I swear that I shall kill you. The other said, Allah accepts only from the righteous. Undoubtedly, if you shall stretch
your hand against me to kill me, then I shall not stretch my hand
against you to kill you, I fear Allah, the Lord of all the Worlds. I wish
that my sin as well as your sin both should go to your side, so that
you may be the man of Hell and this is the punishment of unjust.
Then his soul induced him to kill his brother, so he killed him and
remained of the losers. [Srat Al-Midah, 5:27-30]
How do you think our beloved first parents felt emotionally? What
was their reactionnot as two people who had been in Paradise
but as parents of a son they lost because he was murdered by the
other? You arent alone in your fear for your children or your grief
over them.
And what about those of you whose children may have turned
away from Islam? What about those of you who spend your nights
weeping, begging Allah to guide them back to Him. How many
times have you wondered what youve said wrong while they were
growing up, where you went wrong while raising them? Were you
too harsh? Too lenient? How many times have you wished you
could have turned back time and tried again?
But think of Noah (N). N was amongst our greatest Prophets;
he called to his people and his own family for longer than any of
us can imagine living. And as a Prophet, he called out to his son:
Embark with us and be not with the disbelievers. (His son) said,

Now I take refuge to any mountain; it will save me from the water.
He (N) said, Today there is no protector from the torment of Allah but for him on whom He has mercy; and the wave came in between the two, so he was among the drowned. [Srat Hd, 42-43]
When his son refused, claiming a mountain would save him from
the water, imagine the pain wrenching the heart of N. He calls
out not only as a Prophet a caller to Allahbut as the parent of
a son who is about to drown, as a parent of a child who knows his
message fully, who he would have hoped could accept his personal obligation, invitation and mission to call to Allah and then
he watches as a wave comes between them and his son drowns.
You arent alone in feeling like youre seeing your children drown
without the light of guidance. You arent alone in your fear for
them, for your desire to see them come back to Him. Imagine N
and his pain. He was a Prophet of Allah, and yet even the best of
the best have seen their children turn away.
And sometimes, you may have issues with your parents. If youre
a convert or if youve come back to Allah and your parents havent
acknowledged Him, you may want to help them see the beauty of
the Truth. You may be praying for them fervently in the night and
trying to convince them of His existence and the need to follow His
guidance in the day. You may find that instead of welcoming your
message, theyre frustrated, agitated, annoyed at you. They may
accuse you of being extreme or brainwashed or influenced by others, and youre pained by their perception of you.
But imagine Abraham (Ibrhm). He called to his father, O my
father! Why do you worship that which hears not, sees not and
cannot avail you in anything? O my father! Verily! There has come
to me of knowledge that which came not unto you. So follow me. I
will guide you to a straight path. O my father! Worship not Satan.
Verily! Satan has been a rebel against the Most Beneficent. O my
father! Verily! I fear lest a torment from the Most Beneficent overtakes you, so that you become a companion of Satan. He (the
father) said, Do you reject my gods, O Ibrahim? If you stop not
(this), I will indeed stone you. So get away from me safely before I
punish you. Ibrahim said, Peace be on you! I will ask forgiveness
of my Lord for you. Verily! He is unto me, Ever Most Gracious.
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Halal Trade Expo-In Pictures

Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala(centre), Maahad Da'wa

Organisation chairman Sheikh Ishaq Ismail and First Community
Bank chairman Hassan Varvani approach the Jamia Mosque stand

Halal Expo official Abubakar Ali (left) moderating a plenary discussion which involved Khalfan Abdallah of Gulf African Bank, First
Community Bank MD Fazal Mehmood and Abdulrhaman of NSE
listed firm Kurwitu ventures.

A bird's eye view of the Halal Trade Expo at KICC

Haroun Muhammad of Hijama Wellness Centre explains to local television station NTV the concept of the Islamic therapy of cupping.

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The Friday Bulletin

Safar 25,1438/November 25, 2016

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The Friday Bulletin


Safar 25,1438/November 25, 2016

Hundreds of Rohingya flee unrest in Myanmar

Hundreds of Rohingya have arrived in

Bangladesh after fleeing violence in neighboring Myanmar, community leaders said
Tuesday, but border guards have pushed
back hundreds more despite a United Nations plea to let them in.
The UN says up to 30,000 Rohingya have
been displaced by violence in Myanmars
Rakhine state, where dozens of people
have been killed in clashes with the military, and has urged Dhaka to open its border to them.
Instead the Bangladesh government, under pressure from local communities to
limit the number of migrants, has intensified patrols along the 237-kilometer (147mile) border to prevent a large-scale influx.
But Rohingya leaders told AFP an estimated 1,000 have still managed to get in over
the last week.
Most are hiding out in camps for the 32,000
legal refugees already living in southeast
Bangladesh, fearing repatriation if they are

found by the authorities.

Among them is Muhammad Amin, 17,
who said he and 15 others people fled
their homes in Rakhine five days ago and
reached Bangladesh by swimming across
the Naf river that divides the two countries.
The (Myanmar) army killed my father and
elder brother. I hid on a hill and then walked
and swam across the river, and took refuge
at a mosque (in Bangladesh), he told AFP
by phone from Coxs Bazar near the border.
I dont know what happened to my mother
and sister.
State media reports in Myanmar say security forces have killed almost 70 people
and arrested some 400 since the lockdown
began six weeks ago, but activists say the
number could be far higher.
Myanmar troops have poured into a strip of
land that is home to the stateless Muslim
Rohingya minority since a series of attacks

on police border posts last month.

Witnesses and activists have reported
troops killing Rohingya, raping women
and looting and burning their houses.
Commanders of the Border Guard Bangladesh said their troops had blocked nearly 300 Rohingya from crossing the border
overnight, the highest number since the
crisis began last month.
Were preventing them on the zero line,
especially those who were trying to cross
the barbed-wire fences erected by Myanmar, said Imran Ullah Sarker.
He said many were sent back after they
managed to sneak across unmanned
parts of the border.
Bangladesh is also patrolling the Naf river,
the commanders said.
They told us that their houses were
torched and they came here seeking safe
shelter, said one border guard official.
(Arab News)

Even the prophets had family problems

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And I shall turn away from you and from
those whom you invoke besides Allah. And
I shall call on my Lord; and I hope that I
shall not be unanswered in my invocation
to my Lord. [Srat Maryam, 19:41-48]
You may at times feel because of the difficulties in your relationship with your parents that youre on fire. But Ibrahim was
thrown into a literal fire! And because of his
steadfast belief in Allah, Allah cooled it for
him [Srat Al-Anbiy, 21:66-70]. Similarly,
Allah can cool the fires of your life.
Have you ever had issues with a sibling
of yours? Think about the sons of Jacob
(Yaqb). Yaqubs siblings not only experienced sibling rivalry, they plotted physically
against him!
Kill Yusuf or cast him out to some (other)
land, so that the favor of your father may be
given to you alone, and after that you will
be righteous folk. One from among them
said, Kill not Yusuf, but if you must do
something, throw him down to the bottom
of a well, he will be picked up by some caravan of travelers. [Srat Ysuf, 12, 9-10]
Joseph (Ysuf) was thrown into a well by
his brothers! And this was after they had
decided not to just straight kill him! Eventually, they realized their mistake. But Yusuf
must have had to overcome not only the
pain of being bullied by his own siblings,
but being completely abandoned by them.
Yaqb held the pain of his loss in his heart
for so many years, his tears eventually
lead him to blindness [Srat Ysuf, 12: 84].
The Prophets were the best of people, the
closest to Allah, and yet they experienced
the same pain we do when it comes to our
loved ones.
When you struggle with being a single parent, consider Mary (Maryam). Imagine her
giving birth, alone in a desert, frustrated,
afraid, worried, in physical and emotional
pain. But not only did Allah open the way
for her, He honored her with a son as a
Prophet [Srat Maryam, 19:16-34]. Her
hardships undoubtedly must have been

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trying. But imagine the immense honor and

the gifts that He blessed her with through
him. You, too, as a single mom or dad, trying your best to raise your kids righteous
and with a strong sense of morality and
character, will in sh Allah, too, be honored
and blessed through your children.
And what about those of you who are in
a difficult marital relationship? How many
times had you wished you could confide in
your spouse, trust them, feel secure and
loved with them? Imagine Lut. His wife not
only didnt believe in him, she betrayed
him! Because of her actions she was left
behind when Luts family was saved from
destruction [Srat Hd, 11:81].
And imagine siyah. Her husband was
the definition of a power-hungry domestic
abuser. And yet she called out with certainty in Allahs refuge,
My Lord! Build for me a home with You in
Paradise, and save me from Firaun (Pharaoh) and his work, and save me from the
people who are oppressors. [Srat AlTarm, 66:11]

There are so many more examples of incredible individuals who went through deep
pain because of a loved onejust as you
do. When youre going through the pain
caused by a relationship, dont think youre
alone. Seek therapy and support. And realize that even the best of those whove
come before us have experienced incredible pain in relationships that should have
provided love and comfort.
At the end of the day, just as they sought
refuge with the One Who will never disappoint, we must do so, too. For it is only in
Him that we have the promise of an everlasting relationship with the One Who will
never let us down. Sometimes, we may not
understand the wisdom behind the tests in
our lives or the pain we experience in relationships. But we must know that we are
not alone. Just as He assured Msa and
Hrn, He assures us too: Fear not, verily! I am with you both, hearing and seeing.
(Srat H, 20: 46)

Presidential award for Thika businessman

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Thika businessman Muhammad Ali (Right picture) admire
a photograph from the olden days after the
head of state conferred the Order of the Burning Spear (EBS) award to the businessman in
recognition of the service he has rendered to
the nation. Mzee Ali Kabati, as he is popularly known is a revered community and opinion
leader having served as a councillor in the former Thika Municipal Council for 47 years and
later as the Deputy Mayor of Thika Town.He
was recognized for his contribution to the nation
as an entrepreneur where he offered employment to thousands of people from the area.
The businessman was born at Kabati trading
centre a few km from Thika town and played a
role in the independence struggle where he had
a close relationship with the nations founding
father Jomo Kenyatta.
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The Friday Bulletin


Further your education, prison Maalims urged

Prisons Maalims at various correctional facilities across the country have
been advised to utilize their time and
resources to further their education in
order to improve on their capacities
and skills to play their roles in Da'wah
and rehabilitation programme effectively.
These remarks were made by the Prisons department Chief Maalim Sheikh
Abbas Matker who said it was imperative for the Maalims to further their education and improve on their religious
knowledge to enhance on efficiency in
delivery of spiritual guidance to both
Muslim inmates and staff members.
Speaking recently during the official
opening ceremony of the Kamiti Medium Security Prison Mosque, Sheikh
Abbas pointed out that knowledge is
the only tool and way to take Muslims
forward and asked Prison Maalims to
emulate the companions of Prophet
Muhammad peace be upon him who
despite their old age were eager and
took pain to learn and memorize the
Noble Qur'an.
Sheikh Abbas noted that education

empowers and enhances development in any

given community, adding that investment in
education deserves to be given priority as this
has proved to be productive in building the
society. ''Without the knowledge of Allah and
spiritual awareness, you will not be able to
carry out da'wah activities effectively as Maalims you need to enhance on your capacities,
build self-esteem and nurture your career development,'' he said.
He reminded Prison Maalims that they have
important obligations to play in presenting Islam positively and furthering the true message
of Islam to people of other faiths, stating that
this can be achieved only through education
and called on them not to shy away from furthering their knowledge.
The mosque was constructed by a donor Haji
Issa and will serve as a centre of worship and
learning for the inmates.
The government through the Prison department has appointed full time Muslim Imams
and Maalims to provide and cater for the spiritual needs and welfare of Muslim inmates
and members of staff in all the prisons countrywide, the move that has contributed to the
reformation of inmates.

Commissioner to mediate in Kakamega Mosque row

An arbitration efforts to reconcile Muslims at the Kakamega Jamia Mosque
and Islamic centre has been announced.The arbitration committee will
be chaired by the Kakamega County
Commissioner Kangethe Thuku.
The committee will mediate and resolve power struggles and leadership wrangles that has threatened the
unity of Muslims at Kakamega Jamia
The mediation committee is expected
to meet the two wrangling parties and
members of the board of trustees in
an effort to resolve the standoff for the
betterment of the Muslim community.
Thuku has called on Muslim faithful to
maintain peace and unity as his office
make efforts to amicably resolve the
differences for harmony and mutual
understanding. ''I appeal to Muslim
faithful at Kakamega Jamia Mosque to
be calm, maintain peace and unity as
my office work out on arbitration and
peace building efforts to reconcile warring Muslim leaders for harmony and
mutual understanding to facilitate progress,'' he said.
Last Friday confrontation erupted at
the Kakamega Jamia Mosque where
one person was reportedly injured after two rival groups of youth engaged
in running battle after prayers.
The youth calling for elections of the
management committee were met by
a rival group sparking off a fist fight
before police officers were called in to
restore calm.The elections had earlier
been slate for June 19 this year but
was postponed after a group of Muslim
individuals went to court to seek for a

court injunction to stop the planned elections

citing irregularities.
Imam Sheikh Ibrahim Sadalla condemned the
incident and appealed for calm saying two
parties which had filed cases to block the polls
should withdraw them to pave way for elections. He said the mosque's board of trustees
is overseeing the running of affairs at the institution until elections for new officials of the
management committee are held.
In the recent weeks, the mosque has been
rocked by disagreements after rival groups
differed on planned elections for the management committee.

Safar 25,1438/November 25, 2016


Jamia Mosque committee is looking for an

experienced HR officer to manage the HR department and a staff of over 100 persons.

Job Description

Provision of overall HR support to Jamia

mosque staff and management
Ensuring proper job description and staff
records are kept
Ensuring staff performance evaluations and
staff training is undertaken.
Monitor staff performance and attendance
activities and advice on remedial measures
Coordinate staff recruitment and selection
Provide information and guidance to staff
on Human Resource and work related issues
such as annual leaves, offs, medical cover etc.
Perform any other related duty as required
by management.


At least a bachelors degree in management

with a bias on HR or a post graduate diploma
in HR will be considered.
A minimum of five (5) years relevant experience.
Exceptional training, administrative and
management skills preferably in non-profit
Excellent interpersonal and negotiation
skills with demonstrated ability to work independently, and multi-task with high attention
to detail.
Excellent computer skills and good communication skills, passion, self-drive and integrity.
If you feel you have the qualities above
kindly apply attaching your CV to:
The Secretary General
Jamia Mosque Committee
P.O. Box 100786-00101 Nairobi
OR Email your application and CV to
Application deadline is 7th December 2016

Heals in less than a week
Reduced charges over school
We also do other elective surgeries eg ENT (ear, nose and throat)
and maxillofacial surgeries.
For Further Information you can
reach us on:
0723 937 630, 0739136969.
We are opposite Pumwani Maternity Hospital.

Satelite for Africa
and Europe

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Vocational training for our youths

November - December Holiday Programme

Basic Arabic, Pillars of Islam, Quran, Hadith, Fiqh,
Life skills, Sign Language, Education trip and much more...



Ksh: 5,000 /=

Banda Street, Jamia Complex, Ground Floor | P. O. Box 100786 - 00101 Nairobi, Kenya, Jamia Mosque
Tel: +254 (20) 2243504/5 Cell: +254 - 718 33 71 41| Email: jamiatraininginstitute@islamkenya.org

The large numbers of students who are dropping out of primary and high school each year in our country present more
than just an educational challenge. This is caused by poor
educational systems that do not have any plan for students
who drop out of schools for various factors. Statistics has
shown that almost two thirds of those who sit for KCPE exams fail to join high school and the same fraction is dropped
at high school. At the end of the education circle that takes a
life of 16 years, only a paltry of 20% can afford to make it up
to University.
The Kenyan education sector and by extension the Kenyan
Muslim community is severely affected and the question is
where are the majority of youths that drop out of school if they
did not join other tertiary institution and middle level colleges.
Research shows that dropouts are more likely to be unemployed, living in poverty, receiving public assistance, in prison, unhealthy, divorced, and ultimately single parents with
children who drop out from high school like themselves.
The vicious circle keeps on until level minded individuals can
come up with profitable programs that can reverse the trend.
This can be reduced by paying fees for those who drop out
due to lack of fees or encourage those who could not make it
to the next level to engage in vocational courses like carpentry, masonry, motor vehicle mechanics, electrical installations,
tailoring and handicraft trainings that can bring a change in
their lives.
Ummah Foundation has been active in these two fields. With
our little resources we sponsor students who excel and cant
afford fees with education bursaries. For those who drop out,
Ummah Foundation is very keen to assist them acquire skills
that can in turn be utilised to make change and better their
source of livelihood.
These vocational programs have been successful in keeping students from dropping out or helping dropouts re-enrol in
other tertiary colleges to enhance their skills and utilise their
potential. They also offer an alternative of the conventional
We need to encourage our youths to take up these courses
and add value to their lives. An electrician or plumber who
gets the proper training is equally needed in the society as
much as we all need a medical doctor or a lawyer.
Ummah Foundation would therefore like to encourage our
Muslim youths to wake up from the slumber and understand
that getting below average marks at primary or secondary
should not be a recipe for one to declare him/herself meaningless. You can always pursue a course that appeals to ones
passion and excel. The more than two thirds of our dropouts
who are still unsure about which career they want to pursue
have an option. Taking a vocational qualification means you
are learning skills that will help you to get, and do, a job. Get
up and do something that provides you with practical skills
that are easily required by all in the society.
This is good reason to ask our youths to take the advantage
of these prevailing shortages and get themselves skilled with
various abilities.
Ummah Foundation has a sponsor who wishes to sponsor a
limited number of our youths to attain the skills.
Contact us:
Ummah Foundation
Village plaza, 2nd Floor, Ngara Rd
P.O.Box 58717-00200 Nairobi
Tel: 020-2680610/13 Mobile: 0734-845277
Email: info@ummahfoundation.net

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