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Name: Nahla Ali Alshehhi

Grade Level: Grade 5

Students 28

CCSS Math Strand:

Unit 1 Numbers and Algebraic Operations in
Base Ten Chapter 3 all about Division

CCSS Standards:
According to CCSS standard, for numbers and algebraic operations in base ten lessons students will
perform operations with multi-digit, apply and extend previous understanding of multiplication and
Main Lesson Aims (Concepts, Procedures, & Processes):
Learning objectives:
Students will extend their understanding of division to get the idea of division with zeros in whole
class while deliver the concept and individually while doing the problem solving.
teacher books

None Students book.


McGraw Hill, CCSS, Math Book for 5 graders, .


For chapter 3, lesson 4 every description paper, activities evidence and

problem solving is attached with the lesson plan.
The explanation in the board will be attached as a photo evidence.
Students have problems they will apply their understanding of division
with zeros after the explanation in whole class grouping.


Triangle shape for reviewing the division to introduce how to divide with zeros.
Problem Solving Cards.


Triangles to determine the facts of division.

Cards for assessing their understanding.


YouTube video link will be present it at the end of the lesson Post Stage
after the core doing all activities.



Key vocabulary with definitions (and pictures if appropriate):


glossary definition


To delete or take something out of the division sentence

E.G.: 180 60 zeros will be removed.

Take out

The things that we take them from the division operations

which are the numbers specifically I mean 0 zeros.

The result of

The result of the equation or the division operation equals

what. =

Division with

Divide numbers that consists zeros E.G.: 18060=


Students Prior Knowledge:


Students did recognize and identify in the previous lessons the meaning of division and how to
divide numbers, so they will be able to extend their understanding of division to have different
division problems that consists zeros.

Possible Problems :

Problem: The time may not be enough; the teacher must give students enough time to
get the task concept.

Solutions for the Possible Problems:

- Solution: The teacher must set a timer, and look at the time sometimes. To do not take
long time in the pre and post stage and the activities.


Problem: Students may have problems with multiplications operations, so they might
face problems with division.
Solution: In each group there will be one or two high level students that will helps other
students in multiplication to move on division and to achieve the goal of the lesson.
Problem: The students may face problem with the content area which is extending
understanding to divide two numbers with zeros. E.G.: Students might put 180 60 = 033
Solution: Use strategies or storytelling like that I will use it while explaining the lesson
for students in the core section.

Lesson Schedule
Targeted teacher questions to promote HOTS
Student communication and use of math language
Engage (warm up, review prior knowledge):
T & S interaction

In this stage, I am going to use review strategy which is

refresh their understanding of division to have a
background of division. To extend it for other equations
like dividing numbers with zeros which the lesson that
they are going to take.

Core (introduce and practice new concepts &

I will going to explain the lesson:
1. Firstly, I will explain it using storytelling technique
to engage students with the lesson. I will tell them
about the football players and the number of
footballs that we have.
2. Secondly, I will go deeper to remove the zeros
which is the important thing that students will
extend in their understanding from division.
3. Thirdly, students will interact with the teacher by
the teacher questions and how we will do division
with zeros.
This stage is the teacher stage, to perform and to deliver
the concept of division with zeros numbers.

The teacher or I will use

the Triangle
manipulative and I will
give each two student
this triangle to solve the
problems that they
have in cards. I will put
up division equations
and I will provide each
student with Division
Triangle to help them
solve it.
Students will have 10
minutes to do the
activity to practice the
previous lessons which
is division operations.
In the core, the teacher
will start with asking
1. Do you have an idea
what does division
with zeros?
Students will
response, they may
answer; we know
how to divide two
2. What do we will
take from this
operation? From our
title. Students
expected answer;
the zeros.
3. Lets start doing the
operation, 18060
what is the numbers
that will be removed
from this operation?
4. What is the next
step? Sts expected
answer is Division.



Close (wrap up, discussion, brief review activity or


The students will have the

cards that include the practice.

In this formative assessment, I am going to give student

division with zeros practice in cards or small papers,
students will do the division.

The teacher after distributing

the cards, she will give them
brief instruction to go through

I will check the extending of division with zeros concept in

each student through correcting their papers with them.
This stage is student role, to give or to show the
understanding of the core lesson.

Students will do the practice

and finish it up.
The teacher will check their

Copy of original lesson from a teacher resource book or website (original versions)
Copy of all resources given to students
Reference page with all books, journals and websites