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: Id like to introduce my self. I am Mr. Thomson. Im glad to meet you.
: ..
a. The pleasure is mine.
b. Thank you Mr. Thomson.
c. Dont take it so badly.
d. I am happy with you.
e. I will see you later.
2. Woman
: Thank you so much for your help. Youve been a tremendous help.
: .
a. It was my pleasure.
b. It is a pleasant thing.
c. Please forget it.
d. Dont be so tremendous.
e. Im so pleased, thanks.
3. John
: Good evening, Dimas. How are you?
: Fine thanks, and you?
: I feel better today.
: Ok, Ill see you around.
: , Dimas.
a. Ok.
b. Bye.
c. So long.
d. No, Sir.
e. Evening.
4. Siska
: Fanny, Id like to meet Rita.
: How do you do, Fanny?
a. What are you.
b. How do you do.
c. How are you.
d. How are you getting alone.
e. Where are you.
5. Saiful
: Fahri, .. Udin.
: Hallo, Udin. Im glad to meet you.
: Glad to meet you, too.
a. Hallo, Im Saiful.
b. Let me introduce my self
c. My name is
d. Hello, good morning.
e. Let me introduce you to

Rosies Family

This is Rosie and her familys house. They (6) in a small town near Brighton.
Rosie lives with her mum, her dad, her two brothers Tom and Toni and her dog Ronny. They
have a big back garden with some trees. Rosie likes helping her mum with the garden.
Is Saturday, at the moment she (7).. and tidying her bedroom and her brothers are
cooking breakfast in the kitchen. They (8) . bacon and eggs and every weekend
they prepare breakfast for the family.
This afternoon, Tom and Toni (9) .. to Brighton to go to the cinema and Rosie is
dancing at the club with her friends. Every Saturday afternoon, Rosies mum visits Aunt Liza
and comes back home for dinner. Rosies dad usually (10) . at home and watches
a video. At the moment, he is taking on the phone.
6. a. live
b. lives
c. lived
d. is lived
e. is living
7. a. clean
b. cleans
c. cleaning
d. cleaned
e. is cleaning
8. a. like
b. likes
c. love
d. loves
e. loved
9. a. drive
b. drives
c. driving
d. is driving
e. are driving
10. a. stay
b. stays
c. stayed
d. is staying
e. non of them

5 February 2015
Mr. Kusuma Wardani
Production Coordinator
Dear Mr. Wardani,
Congratulation! The most excellent quality production last month was performed by your work
group. Besides that, the lowest rework percentage was achieved by your group.
Your supervisor and your colleagues appreciate the passion and dedication of your team. We are
aware of the enthusiasm and extra hours each of you put in this last month.
We would like to express our gratitude for your significant contribution to our divisions success.
We are implementing your recommendations for new equipment and hope it will accommodate
you to maintain the same excellent performance.
Perdana Permata
11. What does Mr. Perdana Permata pay a compliment to Mr. Kusuma Wardani for?
a. The quality of the production process.
b. The excellent working performance.
c. The valuable recommendation.
d. The solidity of the team.
e. The factory success.
12. What does Mr. Perdana Permata promise Mr. Kusuma Wardani?
a. Implementing new equipment.
b. Adding new team members.
c. Enlarging the organization.
d. Offering a promotion.
e. Giving a reward.
13. Which statement is TRUE according to the letter?
a. The team perform well because of the new machinery.
b. The team always perform effectively.
c. More people will work in the team.
d. The group has low reworking rate.
e. The team achieved the sale target.

Thank You
from: Steve Mark
to: : Rendra

Hello Rendra,
I wanted to send a quick note to note to tell you how much I enjoyed your car service while I was
in Bali. You were very courteous and friendly, and made my entire stay in Bali more enjoyable.
Thanks for all your help while I was there. I hope to return soon to your fine country and will
make a point to request your service once again. Thanks again for the rubber car dash mats.
Steve Mark
Director Clear Network
14. What does Mr. Steve praise Mr. Rendra for?
a. His knowledge about Bali.
b. His complete service.
c. His skill in driving.
d. His car service.
e. His hospitality.
15. What does the word courteous mean?
a. Brave
b. Polite
c. Honest
d. Curious
e. Flexible
16. What did Mr. Rendra do for Mr. Steve?
a. Mr. Rendra guided Mr. Steve to visit some places in Bali.
b. Mr. Rendra suggested what Mr. Steve should do in Bali.
c. Mr. Rendra managed Mr. Steves visit in Bali.
d. Mr. Rendra supplied Mr. Steves daily needs.
e. Mr. Rendra drove Mr. Steve around Bali.

London is the capital of England and the capital of Great Britain. It is one of the
greatest cities in the world. It is a seat of government, a center of learning and culture,
it is an important business and financial center.
London has four major areas. The city is the oldest part of London. It stretches
from Fleet street to the tower. Many financial and business building are in the city.
The West End lies between Fleet street and Hyde park, it includes the houses of
Parliament, Whitehall, Buckingham Palace, the University of London, the Museum
and Galleries.
The East End is East of the tower. It includes the port of London and large
industrial and residential areas.
The South Bank is in the South of Thames between Lambeth and Tower Bridge.
Several important buildings and Skyscrapers, housing government departments and
private firms are there.
London is also very famous for its spark. Kensynton Garden, Hyde park, Green
spark, St. James park and Regents park.
17. How many areas do London have?
a. London has one area
b. London has two areas
c. London has three areas
d. London has four areas
e. London has five areas
18. Where is the city situated?
a. Great Britain.
b. In the oldest part of London.
c. It stretches from Fleet streets to the Tower.
d. Between Lambeth and Tower Bridge.
e. Its famous fot its parks.
19. What can you find in the West End?
a. Nothing we can find. There are many oldest building.
b. We can see the port of London and large industrial.
c. We can find many residential areas.
d. We can find many financial and business building.
e. We can find the houses of Parliament, Whitehall, Buckingham Palace, the University
of London, the Museum and Galleries.
20. Where are the skyscrapers located?
a. In the north of Thames.
b. In the south of Thames.
c. In the east of the tower.
d. Between Fleet street and the park.
e. Between Hyde park and gree park.

21. My brothers a waiter in a ____________ in the city center.

a. Pub
b. Restaurant
c. Studio
d. Bar
22. My brother was a __________________ in English at London University.
a. Lecturer
b. Diplomat
c. Keeper
d. Operator
23. It was exciting at the zoo the ___________ was feeding the lions.
a. Teacher
b. Operator
c. Baker
d. Keeper
24. You know why Linda always smells so nice? Shes a florist at a big ____________
a. Garage
b. School
c. Nursery
d. Flower shop
25. I telephoned the artist and he invited us to visit him in his ____________.
a. School
b. Studio
c. Study
d. Shop

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