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Ajit Coatings:
Ajit Coatings Pvt Ltd are pioneers in Anodizing and Powder Coating industry since
2006, headquartered in Bangalore and its state-of- the art facility is located at Hirehalli
Industrial Area NH-4 and closely located to M/s Jindal Aluminium Ltd.
Ajit Coatings was incorporated a decade ago with high intention to serve the
Aluminium Extruders, Fabricators, Solar Industry and other Industrial applications who are
looking for quality Anodizing and Powder coating requirements.
The unit is benchmarked to the industrial standards with superior infrastructure
Spread across 30,000 Sq Ft and there before incorporates all Quality standards, Process
controls, and certified for ISO 9001: 2008 by PERRY JOHNSON REGISTRARS, INC.
Ajit Coatings is approved applicators for Powders from prominent powder
manufactures JOTUN & AKZNOBEL.

The Ajit Edge

Ajit Coatings provides an edge on surface treatment All under ONE ROOF i.e..,
Anodizing, Powder Coating, PVDF Coating, Wood Effect and Machining facility.
Ajit Coatings is capable of handling large volumes with consistently high quality
because its operational excellence and know-how for about a decade provide the clear Edge
in delivering the solutions.
Dedicated QA team to ensure the quality of incoming material for process, which
helps our customer to know about their material received from the Extruder.
Ajit New facility is equipped with all modern technology, state of the art facility
imported from different parts of the world to suit the Indian requirement and superior quality.

There Is More Than What Meets The Eye:

Surface Treatment of Aluminium Extruded Profiles affects a number of properties
that are important to its Appearance and /or Performance. The many reasons for doing so
include: Surface Texture, Colour, Hardness, Wear Resistance, Friction, Reflectivity,
Electrical Insulation, Ease of Cleaning, Treatment before bonding Etc.,

Ajit Coatings meticulously applied pre-treatment capabilities ensure proper surface

preparation for optimal reception of coatings and finishing requirements of its customers
products, components or parts. Its coating capabilities are designed to meet a broad range of
functional and aesthetic requirements of its customers requirements.

Anodizing is one of the most widely used Surface Treatment process, which is mainly
used to preserve the as new appearance and thus prolong the aesthetic life of the finish,
improve corrosion resistance, create a dirt- repellent surface meeting high standards of
Hygiene, Provide a decorative surface with lasting colour and sheen, Create an surface that is
pleasant to touch, Provide a base for the application of adhesives or Printing.
Ajit Coatings has installed Anodizing plant with 4 anodizing tanks and 22 process
tanks to cater the requirements of customer, offering anodizing thickness from 5 to 25
Microns. All the Tanks are 21 ft in length to cater the bigger lengths of the customer.
Process is completely PLC controlled ensuring uniform colour matching the taste and
dcor of the customer.
We offer speciality finishes in Sliver (Natural), Champagne, Bronze & Black with
Matt and Glossy finish. To enhance the appearance of the Anodized profiles we have
equipped with buffing section in-house where we take care of surface cleaning on the profiles
also to give glossy finish.
Our team has experienced Production manager and Chemists who takes care of the
entire process to ensure the quality anodized product.

Powder Coating:
Powder Coating is by far the most widely used method of painting the aluminium
Our Powder Coating plant is spread across 40,000 Sq Ft with in house fully atomized
pre-treatment plant with transporter system, which ensures desirable and durable finish for
powder Coating.
Ajit Coatings Powder Coating plant is equipped with Nordson Automatic
reciprocating system from USA, which provides coating thickness between 60- 80 microns,
on unlimited selection of colours from the RAL range and customer specific dyes. Change in
colour of the booth is < 30 Min.

Ajit has two powder coating plants with over all capacity to coat 30 tns aluminium per
After Powder Coating our experienced quality control team will conduct series of
tests such as DFT, MEK, Scratch, Colour, Conical Mandrel, Impact, Gloss level and the
Pressure Cooker Test on the finished product, which results to the guarantee of 10-25 years as
provided by the powder manufactures.
Jotun & Akzonobel are the two prominent promoters of Powder Manufacturers have
approved Ajit Coating as their approved Applicators for products.
Capacity to Coat profiles with the length of 7Mtrs and pre-treatment facility is with
transporter system.

PVDF Facility:
The rugged durability, the extraordinary wear resistance and the aesthetic possibilities
of PVDF resin has made this the coating of architects and designers around the world for
industrial commercial and residential buildings.
With their ability to resist humidity, fading, crackling, abrasions and, most chemicals
while retaining the intended colour, gloss and appearance.
Ajit Coatings PVDF Facility is equipped with sate of the art machinerys to cater 2
coat and 3 coat requirements in PVDF.
Material handling is equipped with auto transporter and facility to coat 7mtrs Profile.

Wooden Finish On Aluminum Profiles: Wood Effect.

Ajit Coatings brings the vide opportunity to its customers, with its new line in wood
effect on extruded aluminium profiles. In this modern age everyone talks about environment
problem, which is mainly due to destroying of forests globally to get the wood for the
commercial and residential needs.
ALUMINIUM stands as the substitute to Wood where there are no limits to the
number of patterns and colours. The Decoral system from Italy makes it possible to achieve
optional photographic reproduced patterned surfaces, for example, different wood and stone
surfaces. The pattern penetrates deep into the paint and assures that the result becomes a
surface that has all the excellent properties that characterise traditional powder coating.


Office & Factory

: Office: No.207, 2nd Floor,Rear Entrance, Swiss Complex,

33 Race course road,Bangalore-560001
Ph: 080 41147933,
: Factory: No.B2 & B7, Hirehalli Indl. Area,NH-4,
Hirehalli, Tumkur-572 168.
Ph: 0816 2243277, Fax: 0816 2243144


: ajitcoatings@gmail.com / www.ajitcoatings.com


: Private Limited company

Established in the year

: 2006

Year of ISO 9001:2008 Certification

: 2008

Nature of Industry

: Service

Managing Director

: Mr.B.P.Shanmukha

Power Supply

: H.T. supply from BESCOM,Tumkur.

Standby Power

: From Diesel Generator

Factory Plot

: Own Land and Building

(Purchased from KSSIDC, Tumkur.)

Plant Capacity

: 1500 Tons per Month

Number of Employee

(Anodizing -150tons, Powder-780tons, PVDF -260 tons,

Wood Effect 130 tns)
: 100 nos. (Workers - 80nos and Staff -20nos.)


: Own (2 vehicles- EICHER, Capacity- more than 8tons)


Ajit Coatings Private limited


Approved Applicator*


- PVDF and Polyester Coatings

on Aluminium intended for composite panel application

Validity: Provisional

Kuppu Babu
Solution Lab Manager
Metal Coatings

Rahul Tikoo
Sales Manager
Metal Coatings

*: This is a provisional certificate, subject to results of long term testing

Training Program Certificate

This is to certify that Ajit Coating Private Limited, participated and successfully completed training on
Concept of Spray PVDF Technology theoretical program conducted by Mr. Ketan Mahale, Technical
Executive - Extrusion Coatings at Ajit Coating Private Limited, Hirehalli on 2nd Aug 2016.

Rahul Tikoo
Sales Manager, Metal Coating India

Kuppu Babu
Solution Lab Manager, Metal Coating - India