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Solid waste is unwanted solid materials discarded from a household and restaurants.
The lack of proper management of solid waste leads to many environmental problems. There
is many factors urban migration, affluence and rapid development become root cause for
increase of solid waste in Malaysia. In particularly, standard of disposal method of the solid
waste is still poor especially in urban area. This is due to lack of knowledge and awareness
about the environmental health. This case study is focused on the environmental problems in
Parit Raja food court area. One of the main problem in Parit Raja food court area is solid
waste disposal issue in food stalls and restaurants.


Solid waste defined as solid or semisolid, non-soluble material (including gases and
liquids in containers) such as agricultural refuse, demolition waste, industrial waste, mining
residues, municipal garbage, and sewage sludge. Examples of solid wastes include the
following materials when discarded such as waste tires, seepage, scrap metal, latex paints,
furniture and toys garbage, appliances and vehicles, oil and anti-freeze, empty aerosol cans,
paint cans and compressed gas cylinders and construction and demolition debris, asbestos.
Specifically in this research, solid waste disposal around Parit Raja area is the main issue. A
food court named Kompleks Niaga Parit Raja is became our research site due to the
environmental issue around that area which related to solid waste disposal. Food waste or
organic waste dump into the drainage systems even though this food court fully managed by
municipal council of Batu Pahat.

Food court in Parit Raja ( Kompleks Niaga Parit Raja )
This case study is focused on the environment problem in food court of Parit Raja. This food
court is located around the residential area of Parit Raja. The solid waste disposal in this food
court is the main issue because it is really in bad condition and could affect the environment
even human. There are several mini restaurants inside the food court. The restaurants are not
clean and smells really bad due to improper solid waste disposal.

Figure 1.1 Food court in Parit Raja.

Environmental issues
Example of solid waste in drainage around Kompleks Niaga Parit Raja.

Food waste

Figure 1.2 : solid waste in drainage

Problems identified:

Too many solid waste disposal along the drain.

The solid waste disposal is not appropriate in this food court. The restaurant
owners did not think about the environmental problems that might arise due to

the disposal of solid waste to the drain.

We observed that the workers also not bothering to dispose the solid waste to
drainage. This is the main cause for the drain become clogged.


Unpleasant odors.

The smell of the food must be tempting the customer to order the food and
support the business. In opposite, what is happening in Parit Raja food court is
the unpleasant odors from the drainage make the customer to move from the
restaurant to other place.


No routine to collect solid waste disposal.

According to our observation,
no routine to collect solid waste disposal and the

drainage water become worst. The responsible party did not concern about this

food court area. The restaurant owner informed us that, it has been 1 month
from last collection.

No action from municipal council Batu Pahat.

Municipal council of Batu Pahat playing a vital role in this environmental issue.
An effective work routing is very important to keep clean the environment. In
this case, poor work routine of municipal council of Batu Pahat effect the
environment. Even after the complaint of clearance, no action or solution taken
by municipal council.


Drain become clogged.

Drain become clogged and cause many problem. Spreading of disease and odors
are creating uncomfortable situation to everyone in that residential area. This
also cause the water flow in drainage is stuck and leads to water pollution.

Figure 1.3 : Solid waste in drainage

Figure 1.4 : Discharge of food wastes

Environmental effects
1. Infectious diseases.

The solid waste that is not properly managed, especially from food courts of
Parit Raja, it is a 4serious health hazard and lead to the spread of unattended
waste lying around attracts flies, rats, and other creatures that in turn spread

disease. This leads to unhygienic conditions and thereby to a rise in the health

Direct handling of solid waste can result in various types of infectious and
chronic diseases with the waste workers and the rag pickers being the most
vulnerable. In particular, organic domestic waste like in food court of Parit raja
poses a serious threat, since they ferment, creating conditions favorable to the
survival and growth of microbial pathogens. Exposure to solid waste can affect
human health, children being more vulnerable to these pollutants.

2. Air pollution

Normally solid waste that decomposes and releases a bad odor. The unpleasant
odor creates air pollution. The air become pollute due to certain untreated
chemical released which is highly toxic such as cyanides, mercury, and
polychlorinated biphenyls from improper solid waste disposal. The Parit Raja
residential area are effected by the air pollution and the people around disturbed
and feel uncomfortable.

3. Leachate.

Dump the solid waste to drain leads to many environmental effects. In Parit
Raja food court, solid waste that dispose to drain leads to blockage on the water
flow and drain water clogged. Besides from possible to have disease this
scenario also create leaches problem. According to our observation around food
court area, there are some cracks along the drainage, so it is possible to become
leaches. Leaches can pollute soil and ground water.

4. The plastics

Plastic waste is another cause for ill health. The unhygienic use and disposal of

plastics and its effects on human health has become a matter of concern.
Colored plastics are harmful as their pigment contains heavy metals that are
highly toxic. Some of the harmful metals found in plastics are copper, lead,

chromium, cobalt, selenium, and cadmium. In most industrialized countries,

color plastics have been legally banned.

Proposed design to solve to problem.

Proper methods of waste disposal have to be undertaken to ensure that it does not affect the
environment around the area or cause health hazards to the people living there.

1. Segregation of solid waste. (Organic waste)

At the food court especially every mini restaurants should follow and make sure
a proper segregation of waste has to be done and it should be ensured that all
organic matter is kept aside for composting, which is undoubtedly the best
method for the correct disposal of this segment of the waste. Organic waste can
be separated by using waste traps and can be composted and then used as a

2. Proper design of pipes in restaurants that conveys solid waste to septic tank.

The problems begin with the wrong disposal method. All waste suppose not to
be drain to nearest drainage but that is what happening in Parit Raja food court.
Proper design of pipes will be good solution for this environmental problem.

3. Prepare recycle bin around food court.

Recycle bins are purposely designed to decrease the solid waste problems. By
using the recycle bin, drainage would not be pollute anymore. The shop owners
and the customers should practice to dispose the waste in correct manner. This
could help to reduce the solid waste problem in Parit Raja food court.

4. Municipal council of Parit Raja should be more effective on inspection.

The lack of inspection
by municipal council also can be major problem. The

role of municipal council is important because they have rights to stop the

wrong solid waste disposal method and legally can take action among those
who against the rule and regulation.
5. Create awareness and spread knowledge about environmental problems.

Awareness can be one of solution for the current situation of food court. The
people especially the shop owners, workers and customers should be aware with
environment health and practice to care the environment as a good way of life.
State government also must take part by conduct the campaign, prepare banners
to create awareness among Parit Raja residents.

Conservation method
1. Reduce Food Waste

Food is another item that we often just carelessly toss away without thinking
twice about it. Each year, a very large percentage of our purchased food is left
uneaten. Instead of simply throwing away food, make good use out of it. Even if
we kept just a small percentage of our uneaten food and donated it, millions of
needy people would be fed.

2. Eat Healthy

Also think about eating healthier. Buy healthier foods that dont require as much
disposable waste in the form of packaging. Reuse old shopping bags and
containers for maximum efficiency, and better yet, cloth bags. Dont buy fast
food take out as often either.

3. Save Leftovers for Next Day

Dont forget about leftovers! Too many people are careless enough to throw
away half of a good meal and not save it for later. Eating leftovers more often
will save on money and result in less food waste. Try making it a habit to save
the rest of tonights7 food in the fridge for tomorrows lunch or dinner.

4. Buy Things with Less Packaging

You can also stock up on food in the freezer. Buy a bunch of food at the same
time and store it in the freezer, and dont buy any more food until the freezer is
empty. In addition, buying food in bulk means less packaging and less waste.

5. Boycott Plastic Water Bottles

Millions of plastic water bottles are thrown away by people every day. Dont
become one of those people. Not only will you save a boat load of money by
switching to reusable glass bottles, you will be throwing a lot less empty (and
nonempty, for that matter) water bottles into the trash, which in turn means you
wont contribute to the mountains of bottles in landfills or (gulp) in the bottom
of the ocean.

6. Clean Smarter

Instead of buying cleaning solutions from market to unclog your drains, use
baking soda and vinegar for your cleaning projects. Baking soda has countless
uses and neither vinegar nor baking soda will hurt the environment. This way
you can avoid all the bottles of cleaners and cans you use.

7. Drain Weekly maintenance

Traders should be responsible for every food waste throughout into the drain.
They should make cleaning once a week to prevent drain clogged and removing
unpleasant odors. So that, the colors of liquid inside drain should not be cloudy
as previous pictures and the condition will not bad.


Taking care of the world is the duty of every human being. Our planet is our home
and we should take care of it as if it were our own child. The Environmental Planning is a
starting point for the environmental protection works. It is hoped that in the coming decade,
by formulating the implementation mechanism for the execution of the present planning
document in view of different environmental elements and by the coordination of different
government agencies and sectors of the society, action plans in the atmospheric, acoustic,
ecological and aquatic environments would be carried out. By implementing effective control
measures for pollution, we hope to reduce the pollutants produced at source and maintain
achievements in nature conservation and greening in the city.
However, since the environment is a complex, variable and extensive system,
protecting the environment is a hard and enduring task. It is impossible that all the existing
pollution problems in the environmental can completely be resolved in the next decade. A
wonderful and quality environment must be achieved by continuous planning, governmental
policies, efforts of the enterprises and public participation.
It is the responsibility of everyone to protect our environment. Let us fulfill our
responsibilities in environmental protection, creating a quality ecological environment and
sharing wonderful green living together. Everyone should responsible and taking good care to
the environment.

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Take video for the solid disposal waste at that area.

Interviewing dealers about the state of solid waste disposal management in that area.


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