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Week 1 (3-5) Oct

As a trainee I started on third of October at Sheikha Bent Saeed Model School because the
previous day was vacation from the Ministry. At the first day I was excited to attend the
school. So, we met the principle and discussed with her about our expectations of them and
their expectations of us. So, the principle was friendly and helpful especially when she been
flexible when she chose the classroom and she was eager to choose the best MST's to train
with them when she chose the classrooms and she was eager to choose the best MST's for us
to train with them. Then, each trainee went to meet her MST to talk with her and discuss we
her about our TP.
I met grade 5 students and tried to monitor by observation them. My MST told me to explain an
activity for them to examine my teaching. Then, I discussed with her about my fears especially
related to grammar in English language. However, I decided to accept the challenge by teaching
grade 5 and trying to act my best. I chose section 1, 4 to relate to my PDP and action research.
Then I started to prepare by taking the notes and prepare for the interview and survey. I went
to the principle and ask her about the having ipads into classroom to provide it for me. She told
me to meet the resources teacher and discuss with her about it. I met her and she was friendly
and helpful and told me that I am free to do whatever I want to do with ipads. Something
unpleasant happened during this week has saddened me a lot, my MST talked with my MCT then
they decided to told me that it is better to teach science because it will be more easier for me
to teach in Arabic more than in English. I felt that they have abandoned me and pushed me to
choose the easy way out, which was the opposite confrontation the challenge and improve my
English through this training. But I consented to their decision so as not to affect in a negative
way in the future.
During this week I tried to be professional and organize my situation to be ready for next week
which will be first week in teaching. I learned during this observation week how to note that
there were a lot of different attitudes and behaviors to deal with it. Also I learned that I need
to communicate more and more with others not only with my MST. This is by be intuitive to
communicate to build the social communicate and to be more familiar to school and do not be a
lone because of lack communication.

Week 2 (9-12) Oct

This is the second week and I teach science for grade 5 and the same sections. I set with them
(section 1, 4) and discussed with them about my situation and my training during these weeks
and tried to let them know that I am happy because they become my students. Also, they told
me their names and about how they feel about science with the new curriculum. They said they
dont like science because the writes a lot. Thats let me think to use technology more and focus
on hand working.
I chose it to be the first observation on Tuesday to monitor my development during this TP.
Thats why I chose it to be simple. I didnt communicate my MST thats why I didnt had enough
knowledge about my lesson to teach and I need to know that till where they study to complete
what they learn and link it with my lesson and at the same time I dont them to be late for the
term plan. I started to prepare for my first observation with MS. Julie but its takes a long
time epically the lesson plan was very complicated. The problem was I know how to teach the
lesson but I dont know how to write it and explain what I want to teach during the lesson. My
MCT always request to be deeper and this hard when I dont know how to write my ideas in the
lesson plan. However, my MCT observed me and gave me the feedback.
I know that my observation wasnt professional that much for my MCT because she said I wasnt
organize my time and I think that was because lack of communication from my side with my
MST. I will think positively and I learned from my mistake and I will prepare better for next
time. Also, I will develop the communication with my MST and do not be shy to talk with her
about everything relating to my practicum and dealing with the challenges throughout my
teaching. For example, the double work in translate everything that I am doing in Arabic to

Week 3 & 4 (16-26) Oct

This week I felt I am more comfortable to talk with everybody in school especially with my
little students. That makes me to develop my first PDP goal which is decrease the pressure on
myself before the lesson because it will develop and interactive my teaching quality. I tried to
follow some strategies to support and promote my development during TP. For example, I tried
to communicate with students more and build a relationship with them and be more comfortable
to deal with them. I saw and can feel the results of that because the students said to me their
wants me teach them hall the year not only as trainee.
Also, management the time clearly and be flexible with the different situation or urgent
situations by preparing second plan. This was because in the school they changed the schedule
every day and every morning we go to school and the vice principle gives us the new schedule for
the day. Previous weeks my thought was disperse and confuse for the daily changes but when I
came more familiar to move around and be more familiar to communicate with others that
strategy was the main reason for my development in that point of decreasing the pressure on
This was directly related to the other two goals in the PDP which were the allowing more
dialogue during the lesson to enhance the knowledge and the relationship between educator and
students and develop my constructive feedback through the lesson to motivate student learning
because as a student teacher I know hoe motivation and dialogue with students effects them
and build their personality inside the classroom and encourage them to act better. So, during
third week I can see the changes and developed of the PDP goals and of course I need to
improve more and more in next weeks.
Week 4 was really busy week because students had exams and the teacher tries to do some
reviews for students and complete the missing things. It was really hard to think as a teacher
about the students if they ready for the exams or not because I tough them many lessons that
will includes in the exam and it was my responsibility to prepare them to the exam. I said to
myself come down and relax you did well to encourage myself for this challenge.
So, I prepared them in first two days of the week then started to teach them the new chapter
in the unit which was (The multiplication of organisms) but only as introduction because I want
them to focus in their exams. But as a teacher I worked on my other works like the college
requirements for example, the weekly reflections and my action research project.

Week 5 (30 Oct 3 Nov)

During this week my MCT observed me two times for my second and third observation. For
second observation it was on 30 of October and I planned for my lesson during the weekend. It
was hard because I didnt have time to prepare it and hall the week I was busy in my teaching
so, it was very hard and I tried to be super professional to organize my time with college
requirements, teaching requirements and as a mother requirements.
So, before the lesson I surprised when it had problem with bell ringing and we lost around 20
min from my observation lesson. It wasnt my mistake it was because of school changes to
prepare for flags day. So., I tried to control my emotions and keep calm for my preparation
because there are always things can affect out time during teaching time. However, i tried to
follow my lesson throughout this limit time and I can say I achieved that but in fast way. That is
why I was worry about their understanding and make sure to evaluate their learning at the end
of the lesson and they were in a good position and understand well.

After the lesson I

discussed with my MCT about the lesson and she liked the lesson and gave me some notes to
improve for next time. After that observation I directly started to prepare for the third
observation and it was on 2 of November. That time I was ready and prepared early for my
lesson plan and prepared for activities and focus on students center. I can say I achieved that
around 85% and students really worked hard during the lesson and keep them busy. Also they
felt unhappy when the lesson finished.

Week 6 (6 Nov - 10 Nov)

At the end of the last week I started the full week teaching. And I discussed with my MST to
divided it and teach two days in week. Thats why I taught 3 days in last week and for this week
I will teach two days for full teaching. I finished it in one day in Sunday and the second day in
Thursday. So at the end of the practicum I noted how I improved and develop in my teaching.
Related to PDP, I followed my goals and it improved during TP. And it takes time to develop but
at same time as everybody I need to develop more and more. For example, it becomes easier to
me to attend the class without any pressure. This is because I became familiar to deal with
students and became familiar to school environment. All that helps me to achieved the first goal
in my PDP goals. For that I needed to provide my plans to have enough time to prepare and
provide the resources. So, tried to be organize and had the weekly and monthly unit plans to
follow. Also, I tried to provide the resources for each lesson early. In addition, I had enough
cognitive and knowledge that support that goal e.g. more reading and research about the lesson
subject to refresh my knowledge and remember what I forgot. I used strategies that support
my goal which was, communicate with students more and build a relationship with them and be
more and comfortable to deal with them. Also, management the time clearly and be flexible with
the different situation or urgent situations by preparing second plan. It is difficult to collect
evidence to this goal but I tried to use photos and videos as evidence.
For second goal, my goal to allowing more dialogue during the lesson to enhance the knowledge
and the relationship between educator and students. And I achieved that through talking and
discussion with students into the classroom and outside the classroom during their break time
because they comes to our room and tried to talk about anything and about their personal and
what they like and what happened with them overall, they talked about their feelings. I gave
them chance to do that because in my opinion this is the first step to earn their confidence.
Also, into classroom I support the dialogue by giving them time to talk and to lets they know
they were free to give their opinion. To achieve that, I used classroom learning environment
strategy by communication with students visually. Also, classroom climate which was support my

For the third goal which was, develop my constructive feedback through the lesson to motivate
student learning. Related the previous goals achieved it helped me to develop the third goal
because I felt more comfortable and had felt it is okay to give my opinion without to be worry
about sensitive students because they understand me and I understand them. So, they knew
when I kidding with them and I am serious epically during lesson time they understood that this
time to teach not to talk about anything not related to the lesson. As a result, I can say I
improved and I planned to improve more for next TP. In addition, from my reading, I noted
that teacher use feedback for effective teaching and learning to encourage students to keep
try and keep improve. According to Maslow theory when said The crux of the theory is that
individuals most basic needs must be met before they become motivated to achieve higher level
needs (Panay, 2018), which support that each student needs motivation to achieve higher level.
So, I saw hoe students motivated during this TP e.g. there was a very quiet girl which not
talking at all only sit in the back. But I saw how she came early to the lesson and she was tries
to lesson to me carefully and I understand that she needs to support her and encourage her to
talk and discuss. As a result, in the fifth week she started to come to me to show me her work
and told me if it was right or not. I felt that she know it right but she wanted to show me her
changing and I was really proud of her and got a result for my PDP goals.
In conclusion, I knew and I felt that I achieved my goals but as a teacher I need to improve and
I should to learn more and more catch up with the new variables and learn in the world of