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Aquarium to buy list

1. Fishless cycling
2. 20 Gallon size tank, dont buy all in one kits
3. 10 gallon quarantine tank, minimum 2 weeks for new fish, extra filter on main
4. 40 gallon filtration-internal and HOB filters, aquaclear and fluval brands
5. Sand
6. Light
7. Dechlorinator, seachem prime, api stress coat, amquel, api tap water
conditioner, tetra aquasafe
8. Liquid test kit, api master kit
9. Heater for tropical tanks, aqueon and fluval
10.Mercury thermometer
11.Anubias, java fern, java moss for low light
12.Siphon/vacumn aquen/python changer
13.Hikari and new life spectrum fish food, fresh vegetables, no freeze dried foods
14.50% water changed per week
15.Betta sorority