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Module# 2 The Design

Iqtidar ul Hassan
PADM 7714
Dr. Michael Howell Moroney
University of Memphis

Module 2: Design
Interview# 1
I interviewed a high school head-teacher in a remote area in FATA. I interviewed
her twice. The first interview was eighteen minutes while the second interview was
fifteen minutes. The interviewee fits into the category of the professional and the
population segment as well.
1. The medium of education, even in primary schools, has changed from Urdu to
English. Teachers, especially in the primary schools, are not capable of delivering
lessons effectively because of their own lack of knowledge of English language.
2. The curriculum has also changed, the books are more scientifically designed with
clear expectations for students and teachers, and standards of teaching and
nlearning. The interviewee informed me that teachers in her school have no
acquaintance with instructional strategies, they use very traditional teaching
methods which are ineffective.
3. The principal told me that she had offered her teaching staff free classes in
English and in Instructional Strategies but unfortunately they did not take interest.
The teachers are not motivated to acquire the needed knowledge and skills to be
effective teachers.

Interview# 2
I interviewed Assistant Director Training. He falls in the category of professional
and expert. Duration of this interview was twenty-six minutes.

1. The interviewee confirmed to me that the biggest issue in our schools which is
responsible for the quality of education is that the teachers are not trained in
2. The administrators are also incapable of leadership, because most of them have no
formal training in school leadership.
3. The interviewee shared with me that teachers and the administrators both need
mentoring. He told me that he had planned a mentoring program for the principals
of high schools but due to various reasons that endeavor failed.

Interview# 3
In this space I will report my own experience and observations. I have been a part
of the education system as a college teacher for four years. Besides, I used to work with
schools on various projects run by non-profit organizations. I had also run a project of my
own for the improvement of the quality of education in high schools. This field
experience had provided me an opportunity to look into the problems and issues of the
education system in Pakistan and especially FATA very closely. Moreover, I have been a
resident of FATA and I have been a student of these schools, which has provided me an
intimate insight into the condition of schools in FATA.
1. The lack of teacher training and the incompetency of the leader is the bitterest
reality of schools in Pakistan in general and in FATA in particular.
2. The government spending on education is only two percent, therefore there is less
amount available to arrange trainings for in-service school teachers.
3. Due to cultural reasons female teachers are not ready to participate in randomly
arranged training if they are not in their hometown or village.

4. Since the selection of teachers through past years has been taking place not on
merit, most of the teachers are not educated enough to have sufficient knowledge
of the content let alone the delivery of the lesson.

Interview# 4
I interviewed a social worker. She has been working through non-profits for the
improvement of education in remote areas of Pakistan. In Chahines typology she fits into
experts and professionals. In fact I took her interview on my prototype. I shared with her
what problem I had identified and what prototype I had created to solve that problem. She
gave me her input on the prototype and at the same time she mentioned certain needs of
the schools. I talked with her for twenty minutes.
1. The interviewee confirmed that the untrained teacher is the most important
problem that I have identified.
2. According to her, teachers need training in content and instruction both.
3. Training facilities are not available for all teachers.
4. Teachers need on-site training facilities.

Keeping in mind the need of the teachers training in content and in instruction I
have figured out that my product should meet this need of the schools. The training needs
to be on-site and teacher must have motivation to get the training.
To meet this need I will prepare a package of Teachers Training. I will create
training CDs which would have individual lessons recorded on them. This will help
teachers understand not only the content but also the method of the delivery of lessons.
Along with this I will prepare a manual to help teachers prepare their lesson plans and

teaching aids. For an interactive training course I will also create a website. As an option
I would provide a mentor on demand to individual schools. All these would be parts of
the whole On-site Teachers Training Package.