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Savannah-GAC: Center Staff Interventions

Staff will check student activity in LMS at 9:15, 10:15, 11:15, 2:15, 3:15, and
Monitor the number of activities completed and course grades in LMS
of each student.
Determine who needs assistance based on completed portal activities,
grades & USAtestprep scores.
Acknowledge a list of students who need intervention.
Gather materials needed for intervention activities.
Group students based on individual needs.
Intervention (Achieve 3000, FLP, USATest Prep, Small Groups, and BB,
Staff will assign activities or group students based on individual needs.
Staff will prep for intervention activities at 9:30 and 2:30.
Intervention will take place at 10am and 3pm.

All interventions begin with data of the four types

listed below:
Type 1
Portal Coursework Data (Assessment grades and completion rate)
-One-on-One Instructional strategies/Conference (Examples: Direct
Instruction, Graphic Organizers and Progress report)
-BlackBoard w/virtual teacher
-FEV tutor/Student Support Tutors
-Parent/student contact w/progress report
- Staff will post the number of students passing and on pace.


Type 2
GA Milestones-USATestprep Data
-Small Group Schedule: Monday-Thurs 10am and 3pm

Monday-ELA 9th and American Lit.

Tuesday-Coordinate Algebra and Analytical Geometry(Penelope)
Wednesday- Biology and Physical Science
Thursday-Economics and U. S. History

Lesson Plan: Gradual Release Lesson Plan


Addition to GRL plan

Category--Evidence/Assessment Before the lesson is taught, pre-scores are recorded
in the lesson plan. The student names are recorded
with pre-assessment scores from USAtestprep for
that item and Portal Course Grade.
After the lesson is taught, post-scores are recorded
in the lesson plan the following week. The students
will complete a post assessment in USAtestprep.
The post-assessment scores in USAtestprep and the
Portal Grade are recorded in the lesson plan.

-Students will Post the number of standards/Items mastered in his/her

binder and on the wall.

Type 3
Achieve3000 Data-students with lexile scores below_______.
-Mondays and Wednesdays @ 10am and 3pm
-Individual activity monitored (Complete two activities a week)
- Staff will post the number of College and Career Ready students.
- Staff will post student growth monthly.


Type 4
Overall success of the whole group Data (Portal grades, Completion rate and
-Small or Whole group Lessons
-Core Value
- Student Empowerment Lessons-Based on the need to empower students.
-Staff will post the number/rate of students who pass each Milestones.
- Students will Post the number of Semester courses completed in his/her
binder and on the wall..