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Nithyananda Meditation Academy






International Vedic Hindu University

Florida, USA


Post Graduate Diploma in

Life Bliss Technology

Inner World Success and
Outer World Productivity .......................2
Enlightened CEO...................................4
R&D on Life Bliss Technology ...............5
About LBT .............................................6
LBT in summary.....................................7
I. The Transformation........................7
II. The Training..................................7
III. Spiritual Training..........................9
Energy Field..........................................17
Paramahamsa Nithyananda..................18
About the Mission..................................20

Life Bliss Technology




Inner world success and

Outer world productivity
In the words of Paramahamsa Nithyananda...

Special Feature
"Life Bliss Technology is a one year program for anybody above
21. We give them complete free food and stay in India and teach
them about the basic science of enlightenment. This is completely
offered free. Anybody from around the world can come and stay
for one year. We give them the shared
dormitory accommodation.

"Knowledge is free,
without copyright."

One year we give them free food and

stay, and all the educational materials
free. They can learn the inner science,
study the enlightenment science, and
practice in that beautiful ambience. We
believe that knowledge is free because I
myself was given this science freely. So,
we have a university in India, means the
spiritual university where we offer this
program. Not only they can learn, but
they can have the certificate to teach

We request the student only one thinghave honest seeking. Not just abusing
the hospitality. If you have the honest
seeking, interest to learn, you are
welcome to come for the one year free program. We offer basic
accommodation and food. People can come and not only learn
the intellectual things, they can even practice the basic sciences
like ayurveda, yoga, meditation and the basic life solutions from
the Vedic tradition. They can learn how we can create a better
software - the inner-software for our whole life. Clearing and
creating the right inner software is a basic need. That is the reason

we are offering all these programs freely to the

See, it is time to save the planet earth by creating
more and more people who are awakened,
enlightened. Unless we create a critical mass of
enlightened people, we can't think of saving the
planet Earth, because so many calamities are
happening around the world,
which are created by the
unconscious human beings global warming, HIV, religious
terrorism, fanaticism and so
many atomic weapons getting
We are facing today so many
dangers. Unless we create a
peaceful, blissful, joyful understanding and an
enlightened society, enlightened humanity. This
will lead to inner world success and outer world
productivity. I don't think we will be able to
preserve this beautiful planet Earth. So, we are
all out to create the peace, joy, blissful,
conscious, enlightened humanity.
We request anybody who is interested to come
and check us out and if you are interested in
learning more, come to India. If you are above
21 and stay there, we will be happy to share all of
our wisdom. You can study, internalize and go
around and share with the people. I always tell
people, knowledge is free, without copyright."
- Paramahamsa Nithyananda

"Only one thing we

request from the
students of LBThave honest seeking
for the inner science
- the science of

The single aim of LBT

is to create more and
more people who are
a w a k e n e d ,
enlightened - and
thus save this
beautiful planet
Earth from all the
calamities being
unconscious human

Enlightened CEO
Have you ever wondered if you can become as successful as Bill Gates, the richest
man on Earth?
The truth is, yes, you can! Not only can you be a Bill Gates in the
outer world, with unimaginable wealth and success, but you can also
have the ultimate fulfillment in the inner world like Buddha. You can
be an Enlightened CEO!
Bill Gates
(Outer world success)


(inner world success)

In the outer world, we have

scientists who do research and
come up with formulae which can
be used to reproduce the findings.
Similarly, in the inner world, we
have scientists, the rishis who made
discoveries of the fundamental
truths of the inner world by
experimenting and experiencing
within themselves. To enable
reproducing this experience in the
inner world, the formulas to
experience the ultimate truth or
enlightenment are studied and
experimented with in the inner
science laboratory of Life Bliss
LBT is a course that teaches how to
tap into your latent intelligence and
energy with a unique blend of
scientific methods and traditional

Enlightened CEO
(Successful LBT Graduate)

LBT offers the opportunity of a lifetime

to learn international
culture living in Nithyananda
Dhyanapeetam with 1200 centers and
80 ashrams across 33 countries

Your studies in LBT is in the

of IVHU, Florida old
American accredited university

R&D on Life Bliss Technology

"In my nine years of wandering, I searched for a place where I

could learn under one umbrella the technology of blissful living.
But I never found such a place. I found the knowledge in bits and
pieces in various parts of the country. That is why it took me nine
years to pick up the
t e c h n o l o g y .
When I attained inner bliss, the
first thing I wanted to do was
make available this technology
for the next generations under
one roof. Out of this
inspiration, I created the Life
Bliss Technology - one year
residential program - which
provides an ambience to help
anybody pick up the
technology of life bliss."
-Paramahamsa Nithyananda

All the various techniques for the

technology of blissful living - Results of 9
years of Paramahamsa Nithyananda's
R&D in inner science...under one roof of

About LBT

A revolutionary free 1 year residential
life science program for youth
Certified course under IVHU
LBT is open to:
Youth between 18 and 30 years of age
Educational Qualification: Any
Course duration: 1 year
LBT is offered at the ashram of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam,
Free food and accommodation is provided
Other expenses are borne by the student
What to bring

Certificates as proof of educational qualification

Permission letter from parents

3 passport size photographs

Physical fitness certificate

Certificate from local police station certifying no criminal



LBT in summary...
Excellence in your performance in LBT will be awarded the
privilege of a special 3month course in Fellowship in
Meditation Therapy (FIMT)
This 1 year training program for young people
aged 18 to 30 incorporates:
I. The Transformation
*De-conditioning of negative
embedded childhood influences
* Personality development
*Ananda Seva:
participants to assume
responsibility, make spontaneous
decisions and unleash latent
* Ananda Tapas: meditation to free the

Cutting edge research

in the most complex
field - the human mind

individual from inhibitions and feelings of inadequacy

* Transition following mere religion to
practicing updated spirituality

II. The Training

* Quantum Memory skills
to increase memory power and enhance
IQ - Intelligence Quotient
EQ - Emotional Quotient
SQ - Spiritual Quotient
* Leadership skills
* Communication skills
* Language skills
* Public speaking training
* International culture
* Vocational skills Law, applied civil engineering,
computer aided design, event
management, audio / video capturing /
processing, photography, editing /
publishing, journalism, accountancy,
library science, building construction,
Vedic agriculture, catering technology
and more
* Life skills: property
management, cooking, driving,
gardening and more
* Holistic therapies and
h e a l i n g s c i e n c e s : n a t u r o p a t h y,
homoeopathy, ayurveda, allopathy,
acupuncture, magneto therapy, Siddha
healing science,
* Sanskrit
spoken &
written, mantra chanting
*Revival of Indian Vedic culture / indepth study of traditional temple arts and science
* Nithya Yoga, karate, meditation,
spiritual practice

III. Spiritual Training

1. Karma Yoga
Usually, thoughts have power on our actions. In Karma Yoga, by
increasing our actions, we reduce our thoughts.
The aim of Karma Yoga is to train the student to become the best
evernt manager and Ananda Sevak
After fulfilling the credits of Karma Yoga, the student moves
towards Gnana Yoga to continue the LBT course.
II. Gnana Yoga
You have intelligence only if that
intelligence is used to surrender
to the Divine will. Otherwise, the
same intelligence will manifest as
cunningness and spoil us.
Gnana Yoga offers vast and
different opportunities like
running a department,
communication development
skills, public speaking training,
and Vedic training. You will be
expanding your intelligence and
transform the cunningness to
The goal of Nithya Yoga is to train
the student to become the best
acharya and organiser.

life solutions

III. Ananda Yoga

Bliss is the path and the goal.

Once you convert your tamas to sattva, your cunningness to
intelligence, you can't have anything except bliss. Such a person
will live a blissful life. Experiencing 24 hours bliss is what Ananda
Yoga is all about.
The end result of Ananda Yoga is to make the student the best
mahacharya and program coordinator.

Live in the energy field with a living enlightened Master



Arogyam (Wellness)


Intra personal relationships

Personality Development

Relax, recharge, rejuvenate... through

special meditation Nithya Dhyaan
designed by the Master for LBT

International relationships

In LBT you can be initiated into Nithya

spiritual healing - scientific healing through
the cosmic energy

Physical wellness
LBT offers programs for physical wellness:

Nithya Dhyaan - meditation

Nithya spiritual healing - energy based healing

Nithya Yoga - yoga for body-mind-spirit

Blissful living


LBT is designed for you to feel and experience

spontaneous enthusiasm for life every
moment... one of the ways for this is Nithya
Yoga - a 24x7 experience of sheer bliss

Curriculum contd...
Mental wellness
LBT offers programs for mental wellness:

Deprogramming the mindUncondition yourself from the past

Quantum Memory Program

LBT carries the rare gift...to

work intensely with body and
mind and take you beyond
the mind to the ultimate

Relationships - interpersonal and

LBT offers programs for improved relationships:

Every moment is meditation

in LBT

Leadership skills

Personality development

LBT offers a unique blend of

updated spirituality with cuttingedge science!

LBT - Where the Truths that

scholars struggle with are
revealed simply by the


Curriculum contd...

Social intelligence
LBT offers programs for awakening your social


Public speaking
LBT - offers encouragement to
creativity and exploring all dimensions

Spiritual intelligence
LBT offers programs for awakening your spiritual

Vedic training

Updated spirituality

Blissful living

LBT offers a rare live platform to

learn from not only your experiences
but from those of seniors as well

LBT aims to mould every student to

directly work towards global peace
and harmony...


LBT is the chance of a lifetime to

revive the rich Vedic tradition!

Why is LBT offered free?

"After all we are going to live on this planet Earth for 60-70 yrs. In our lifetime if we are blissful and
if we allow others to be blissful, that is the fulfillment of life. We need this type of new-age citizens
to save the planet earth.
You know sannyasis don't have family members for whom they need to save anything for. Whatever
we earn we give to society to achieve the fulfillment of life. LBT is created to create such type of
citizens. That is why we offer it for free.
-Paramahamsa Nithyananda

LBT offers a rich variety of programs

otherwise worth over Rs. 100000 which
includes special programs of
International Vedic Hindu University,
Florida, USA...

ASP - A 2 day meditation program for

cleansing and energizing the 7 chakras,
subtle energy centers

The LBT library has books from various

fields, cultures, backgrounds

NSP - A 4 day meditation program for

physical health, mental wellbeing and
spiritual strength and cleansing the 7
BSP - for the flowering of devotion
Nithya spiritual healing initiation healing through the cosmic energy

LBT offers a natural platform for

developing public-speaking skills

QMP - for sharp memory, rapid

reading, smart studying...
Arogyam Anandam - 1 day meditation
program for dhyana (meditation),
gnana (wisdom) and ananda (bliss)
Arogya Spurana Program - 10 day
health program for natural techniques
to holistic health


IT facilities, audio library, video library

and international library,...
We are tech-savvy spiritual

Energy Field
This is where you can experiment, experience bliss in
the inner science laboratory...

Nithyananda Gurukul - towards

confident, creative, spontaneous

Temple - Live every moment in

the vibrant energy field
energized by living

Free Nithya spiritual healing the gift 16000 people avail of

per day worldwide

International publication Explore over 200

Nithyananda books in 25

Anna Mandir - Enjoy free

energized sattvic food cooked
and served by Nithya spiritual


Energy Field contd...

Ananda Sabha - The inner science

laboratory for you to experiment in
From all cultures, from all
backgrounds, we gather as
one family...

So many vocational skills to make

your future...

You can let your creative and

devotional juices flow...enjoy the
unique art of decorating deities!
That is why life is bliss at Life
Bliss Technology!!


LBT is 'Learning with Fun'...

The LBT family sharing precious


Its' traditional music show time

by the LBTians!!

Folk games by LBT- who climbs to the

top of the greasy ladder!
The Master leads the LBT family into a
round of spontaneous fun


Paramahamsa Nithyananda

It was under the glow of the spiritual magnet Arunachala in the

energy center of Tiruvannamalai in South India, that
Paramahamsa was born - as Rajasekharan, to Arunachalam and
Lokanayaki, on 1 Jan 1978. The family astrologer predicted that he
would be a king amongst holy men. At the age of 3, Paramahamsa
was associated with Yogiraj Raghupati Maharaj, yoga guru, who
took him through rigorous training and prepared his body with
apparent foresight into the energy explosion that was going to
happen in the young body. From the age of 5, Paramahamsa took
to deity worship with great passion.
He showed profound commitment
to the rituals he practiced with the
deities. Just a few years later, he came
in touch with Mataji Kuppammal, a
deeply pious lady who initiated him
into Vedanta and Tantra. He started
his scriptural learning at a young age.
He encountered many mystics from
the town of Tiruvannamalai and
received many teachings from them.
The earliest picture of
He had his first deep spiritual
Paramahamsa in meditation
experience at the age of 12 when he taken when he was 10 years old
was sitting on a rock on the


everything around him. This experience inspired him further to

forge ahead in his journey inwards.
To Paramahamsa, academics was just
another incident in life. With only the
attention he gave in classes at school and
polytechnic, he passed all his grades with
distinction. He obtained a diploma degree
in Mechanical Engineering from a leading
private polytechnic in Tamilnadu. At the
age of 17, he left home driven by the
irresistible urge
Paramahamsa meditating
in Arunachala
to jump into
the real life that he was seeking. He
wandered through the length and
breadth of India and Nepal, studying
Eastern metaphysical Sciences at the
feet of many masters and mystics. He
visited many great shrines ranging
from the Himalayan ranges in the
North to Kanyakumari in the South,
from Dwaraka in the West to Ganga
Sagar in the East. He endured intense
meditation and other austerities and
attained inner bliss the state of nithyananda or eternal bliss - at the
age of 22. Rajasekharan became Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

Guided by Divine Vision, on 1

Jan 2003, Paramahamsa set up
his mission headquarters in
Bangalore, India in the land of a
mystical and sacred banyan tree.
Flagging off construction on mission site


About the Mission

Today, Paramahamsa Nithyananda
is an inspiring personality for
millions of people worldwide. From
his experience of the Truth, he has
formulated and gifted the Technology
of Bliss to every individual.
His methods empower us to be
physically and mentally fit
individuals with sound spiritual
strength. Millions of people around
the world have experienced radical
transfor mation through his
techniques in short periods of time.
He gives the tools to live a creative
and productive life guided by
intuition and intelligence rather than
by intellect or instinct. He shows the way to excellence in the outer
world and radiance in the inner world both at the same time. His
programs teach one to fall into the natural space known as
Paramahamsa says, 'Meditation is the master key that can bring
success in the material world and deep fulfillment in your space
within.' His powerful techniques and processes that comprise the
meditation programs, help the flowering and explosion of
individual consciousness in short periods of time.
Paramahamsa works with scientists and researchers world over to
record the mystic phenomena through scientific data. He intrigues


Life Bliss Foundation is Nithyananda's worldwide movement for

meditation and transformation. Established in the year 2003 and
now spanning over 1000 centers in 33 countries, the Life Bliss
Foundation transforms humanity through transformation of the
Nithyananda Meditation
Academies (NMAs)
worldwide serve as spiritual
laboratories where inner
growth is profound and outer
growth is a natural
consequence. These
academies are envisioned to
be a place and space to
Sacred Banyan tree, Bidadi ashram, India

explore and explode, through a host of

activities, from meditation to science.
They offer quantum spirituality, where
material and spiritual worlds merge
and create blissful living; where
creative intelligence stems from deep
Many projects are in development at

Hyderabad ashram, India

the various academies

worldwide; and new
academies are being
established to provide
services in varied fields to
humanity at large.

Los Angeles ashram, USA


A diverse range of meditation

programs and social services are
offered worldwide through the
Foundation. Free energy healing
through the Nithya Spiritual
Healing system, free education to
youth, encouragement to art and
culture, satsangs (spiritual circles),
personality development

Seattle ashram, USA

p r o g r a m s, c o r p o r a t e
programs, free medical
camps and eye surgeries,
free meals at all ashrams
worldwide, a one-year
residential spiritual training
program in India, an inhouse gurukul system of
learning for children and
Salem ashram, India
many more services are
offered around the world.
Ananda Sevaks of the Nithya Dheera Seva Sena (NDSS) volunteer
force comprising growing numbers of dedicated volunteers
around the world, support the mission with great enthusiasm.
A number of new
ashrams and centers
are being set up around
the world.

Colombus ashram, Ohio, USA