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Hank De La Cruz
Mon Wed Fri 10-10:50

Prostitution is going on all around the world and seems to be a really

big problem to tons of people and can seem like such an unethical thing to
be apart of. So what is prostitution? Well according to Merriam-Webster
Online Dictionary prostitution is the act or practice or engaging in
promiscuous sexual relations especially for money. You can see why people
feel uncomfortable with prostitution being brought up. Anytime sex gets
brought up there are some people that get a little uneasy and that very
understandable. The fact is it is happening and how it is happening right now
is very dangerous and life threatening. No comprehensive effort has been
made to track the numbers, but experts estimate 1 million to 2 million
prostitutes work in the United States. The FBI's 2007 Uniform Crime Report
lists about 78,000 arrests for prostitution and commercialized vice, but
experts say those numbers are extremely conservative because many sex
workers aren't caught. That's a lot of our tax money going to prostitution
arrests and they are not even getting them all. Why go through all that effort
and money if you can't stop it? Right now you are having people going
around paying these postitutes for sex and of course none of them are
getting checked for sexually transmitted diseases. In my report I will talk
about that very problem as well as how prostitution can help the economy
and how it would bring down so many crime rates. There are also some

arguments that can be made with prostitution to stay illegal with the
immorality of it and the risk of marriages being ruined.
With prostitution being legalized, the workers and customers would
have to be getting checked for sexually transmitted diseases. This would
bring down some of the STD rates going on right now in the world. In an
Australian study done in 1998 the prevalence of sexually transmitted
bacterial infections was 80 times greater in 63 illegal street prostitutes than
in 753 of their legal brothel counterparts. With it being legal there would be
more rules and sanctions for all to follow. The use of protection would help
bring down these rates as well as if it is an actual business the workers would
be allowed to have health insurance and be given these exams and check
ups. In that same study it showed that the first occupational safety and
health regulations of sex work businesses are being developed in Australia
and the Netherlands. It showed that they are beginning to have a positive
effect on the ability of drug users and/or sex workers to take better care of
themselves and to get help if they have problems. Australian sex workers
have very low rates of STIs and HIV, and most enjoy better sexual health
than the general community. There is a strong culture of safe sex in the
industry and condom use is now an almost universal practice. Excellent
sexual health standards have been developed voluntarily, without
criminalizing the involvement of sex workers with STIs or HIV in the industry.
So there are studies that show that the people working in the prostitution
business will take care of themselves if they are given the resources. There

are also studies that show that most prostitutes suffer from depression. This
happens because they feel like they are forced to have sexual acts and are
forced to live the life they live because they dont have a choice. They feel
like they are doing wrong because it is illegal and dont know if they are
having sexual relations with someone who has STDs. With it being legalized
some of those mental issues would be gone. People would now have the
choice to be a prostitute if they wanted and wouldnt have to feel guilty by
doing it or feel like they are breaking the law.

Prostitution being legalized opens up more jobs that the U.S. does not
have right now. With it being an actual business the allows the government
to collect taxes from them and that money can help with the horrible
economy we live in. This opens up a high paying job for men and women
who dont have the skills to become a doctor or teacher or dont have the
income to go to school. The U.S. is being ran more and more by sex anyways
and this job would be just as common as working as a cashier at Walmart.
The sex buisness such as pornography and stripping are so big right now and
they bring in tons and tons of dollars which could really help us. There would
be less unemployed people and more jobs out there. I mean come on theres
sex shops open all around El Paso and there's no shame in working at those

As I stated before the crime rates with prostitution were extremely

high. We have cops out here spending all this time and effort trying to bust
these prostitutes and their pimps and beating on minorities. Every year
thousands of prostitutes and their customers are arrested, handcuffed, and
hauled off to jail. Many will serve years in the penitentiary. Tens of millions of
dollars are wasted in undercover operations, trials, and prison time. A whole
lot of our hard earned money goes to putting protitutes and all who are
involved in jail. With it being legalized crime rates would go down and that
money would actually go to something more meaningful like catching
murderers or ISIS. The cops would not have to worry about the prostitutes
being beaten or raped or evenhave to worry about pimps because with it
being legalized everything would be regulated and there would be security
all around just like they have at strip clubs. According to Kirby R. Cundiff of
the Independent Institute it is estimated that if prostitution were legalized in
the United States, the rape rate would decrease by roughly 25% for a
decrease of approximately 25,000 rapes per year. The analysis seems to
support the hypothesis that the rape rate could be lowered if prostitution was
more readily available. This would be accomplished in most countries by its
legalization. This is just proof that rape rates and other crimes would be
decreased with the legalization of prostitution. According to Catherine La
Croix of the Seattle Coyote press every prostitution arrest, not including jail
or court expenses, costs between $2,000 to $2500 and requires at least two
or three officers. Most girls are fined $200 and released from an already

crowded King County jail. All this shows how ridiculous it is that we have the
police cracking down on prostitution. In my opinion if a cop had a choice of
heading to either a domestic violence call or a crack down of an illegal
brothel with tons of naked women running around I think the cop would head
straight to the brothel. With the prostitution issue gone I believe cops would
have to head out and try to stop the major crimes.
With all the good that may come from legalizing prostitution of course
there will be some bad. Prostitution opens up the door for people cheating
and adultery being committed. We stop one crime and another one opens up
more. With that issue in hand there can be some rules that if you are married
you won't be allowed to get sexual services but, people find a way around
everything so that would not really help. In my opinion marriage isn't as
great and sacred as it once was, people dont really take it seriously anymore
so I mean if people are gonna cheat why not have them cheat with people
you know get tested and are clean? Another problem is that it can be
another demeaning job a woman has to work. With this being a legal job
more people would be interested in it. Men would be added to this market,
because I'm sure there are men out there who would love to be paid to have
sex. All this would be is porn but a little more secretive. Both men and
women work in the porn industry and the women who do it are In it because
the want to. So I don't believe if someone is doing it that it would be
demeaning to them if they had the choice to do it. People will say that
prostitution is so immoral and unethical. That may be true but not everyone

lives by the same beliefs, with prostitution being legalized it no longer

becomes an illegal ugly thing to do, it becomes a job. It becomes a way
someone can get money to feed themselves or their family. People think porn
is immoral but it is one of the biggest industries in this world right now and
prostitution would be the same thing.

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