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Angie Drljaca

Human Biology

October 25, 2016

News Analysis 1

1. "Three-parent Baby Boy Healthy So Far. This article is written by Laura Sanders on October 19 th , 2016 on sciencenews.org. https://www.sciencenews.org/article/three- parent-baby-boy-healthy-so-far?tgt=nr

2. The main conclusion sums up that the three parent baby is alive and healthy so far. Some mitochondrial DNA could mutate and create a fatal neurological disorder called Leigh Syndrome. Also, due to him being male, any potentially hazardous mitochondrial mutations will not be passed to his offspring.

3. Articles like this could change how we view the standard of reproduction. Typically when people think about offspring, they believe you get one gene from the father and the other for the mother. Now, things have become more complex due to this child being genetically engineered into the female donor.

4. There aren't many doubts on the article itself. However, the article does talk about John Zhang and some of his colleages writing an abstract about Leigh Syndrome and the three parent baby. John Zhang were researching to see if the mitochondria in the boy had increased or not within the six months of his birth.

5. Only one organization was mentioned in this article. It was the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. I suspect people in this organization are eagerly investing in researching this new genetic discovery. It doesn't appear to be altering the conclusion stated in the article.

6. I knew about the three parent baby that was born because of a discussion in Human Biology class. However, I didn't know this was six month old news. I'm fairly surprised that there's isn't more awareness spread about the child and people who are very involved in the debate about genetic engineering don't seem to be talking about this. I also didn't know that Leigh Syndom is in less than one percent of the population.

7. I think the reporter did a good simple job at this article and got right to the important parts of the developing story about the baby. However, I wish the author explained Leigh Syndrome more in depth, rather than how uncommon the syndrome was.

Reflection on Article

1. The three parent child within itself is an entity that has changed my perspective on science and has made me come to realize that science is not at all linear. Scientists are endlessly discovering new things about science and even basic understandings of reproduction may be altered. There isn't much debate between scientists about this article. It did enlighten me on how much advocacy is being condoned for the three parent child.

2. This story raises many eyebrows within ethics and humanities. This creates more controversy in the concept of genetic engineering. How far should we allow scientists to go in altering the biological creation of a fetus? Questions like this may be difficult to form a strong answer since it is highly likely to form a linear answer because science itself is not linear and is not sensitive to morality.

3. Human Biology is an essential class to take to further understand the human body. I developed a better understanding of the scientific aspects in controversy topics. A man published a scientific journal with the conclusion that vaccines caused autism; later this became disproved because he failed to follow the scientific method of experiments. I discovered the true terror of medicine and what I believe is just as deadly as cancer:

antibiotic resistance. It is incredulous how many processes occur for humans to perform basic functions such as stretching, burning ATP, receiving hormones, etc.