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Part A

This is a really inspiring, moving, and powerful documentary. I knew very little about
Muhammad or the religion Islam at the start of this course and this film helped me with a little more
insight. I didnt expect it to be as interesting as it was. I learned what a compassionate, honest, kind
and wonderful person Muhammad was. Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet, not only gave a detailed
description of Muhammads life and how he shaped the religion of Islam, it also gave us insight on
how Muslim Americans live today. We always have that stereotypical mentality that Muslims are
different that we are, but it was great to know we are human, we are the same. Muslims go through
harder times because of their religion especially after the attacks of 9/11. People who follow Islam
and study Muhammads life also gave information into what he did for Islam and some
misconceptions about Islam in modern times.
Connected with the story of Mohammad and the creation of Islam are the stories of modernday Muslims living in America. It's not just a history of Mohammad and Islam, or is it a story about
modern-day Muslims (both by birth and by choice), but a beautiful connection of the two. The legacy
that Muhammad left behind, people today still live their lives according to the teachings and
examples of Mohammad, many people still look up to him as a role model and looking at his life for
guidance even after thousands of years since he walked the earth. If people would open their minds
and would see things like this and come to realize that the majority of Muslims are generous and
peace-loving, people like the people in this video, like the nurse and the fireman. In one scene in the
Dearborn soup kitchen, a Catholic priest who came there to learn more about Muslims, was presently
surprised to find out the truth about the religion and its followers, and that the extremists in the news
are a small minority, the same way as any other group who have their extremist, like in Christianity
with the Westboro church who picket soldier funerals and among so many horrendous things.

After attacks like 9/11; we had placed a negative stigma/stereotype of the Islamic faith. Those
people who perform those horrendous attacks were extremists/fanatics, not those who really follow
the Islamic faith based on the teaching of Allah. We also see the life of Muhammad and tells of the
time when he and others had to bear arms and kill for their own protection. Muhammad and his
people find a way to win, with Allah on their side and he's able to bring peace to his followers. There
is a lot that people can learn from watching this documentary, about the negative stigma that has been
cast over many Muslims; they are a peaceful, giving, and understanding people. Even when
Muhammad was to make his last sermon, he did not want any praise, he wanted people to love each
other, their friends and families. This documentary really reinforces what we been discussing in this
course. Many times we are told to be understanding of others faiths. This is hard to do for many
Westerners (Americans) since the attacks of 9/11. It's hard for us to separate those extremists from
the rest. We would rather generalize the religion into all of them being terrorists. I believe that this
documentary will open the eyes of many people if they took the time, to understand that they are all
not like that and nowhere in the Qur'an does it allow for such acts. It's a lesson needed to be heard.
What I like about this film is that people from so many different backgrounds come together
to honor the legacy of Muhammad. Different people from different walks of life are connected, each
explaining how Muhammad has played an important role in their life. This documentary is very
informative. I enjoy learning about different religions, which is probably why I find it so interesting.
Besides what I read on Islam in my textbook, I didn't know much about the religion of Islam. I have
seen Muslims, but I never really knew the true meaning of one. But now I see that Islam isn't much
different from Christianity and Judaism.

Part B
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