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May 21, 2016

Letter of Reference: Submitted on behalf of Natalie

To whom it may concern:
It has been my pleasure over the past six weeks to work with Natalie
Dollevoet as she provided instruction in the grade Seven and Eight Physical
Education Program and the Outdoor Education Program at Alexandra Middle
School. Natalies adaptive approach to instruction quickly allowed a comfort
level for students and colleagues alike and this made her work within the
Physical Education and Outdoor Education programs very successful.
Natalies effectiveness as a teacher was immediately evident in both her
teaching and co-curricular work:

Natalie always comes prepared for the days lesson, yet was quickly
able to modify instruction as situations within the program
necessitated. Natalie is never one to sit by and let others take over.
Natalie is a self-starter and a leader.

Natalies classroom management skills are effective. Students like

Ms. Dollevoet but also see her as an authority and teacher. Natalie
deals with both positive and negative behavior in a fair and consistent

It is evident that Natalie cares about children. Students are

comfortable with approaching and discussing both school related and
personal situations with Natalie and she is quick to interact in a
positive and reflective manner.

As an effective school community member, Natalie was actively

involved in selecting and coaching the Grade Eight Boys and Girls
Badminton Team at AMS. Natalie remains actively involved in
community activities including participating in several different sports
in her spare time. Natalie is dynamic in her approach to physical
education and she models the responsibility to lead an active lifestyle.

On a personal level I have enjoyed Natalies enthusiasm and strong interpersonal skills. She has fit well into the Alexandra Middle School community
and I sincerely believe that Natalie Dollevoet will become a highly effective
school team member in the future.

Terry Carson
Athletic Director
Physical Education Teacher
Alexandra Middle School