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Hollis Cherry

Professor Coleman
CTEC 205 (2571)
18 October 2016
Homework Assignment 5
1. Do you want to be Jeremey or Neil? Justify your answer.
If I were to pick between being Neil and Jeremey from the
information that was provided in this So What? I would be Neil.
The reason I would do so is because Neil used relative
information (Warfeild) from the database to support his argument
while Jeremys supports had limited representation to his
2. What skills and abilities will you need to be Neil?
In order to be Neil, I will need to learn to master the database.
When presenting Neil used to database to create the most
relevant data to his argument. I will also need to remember to
always think critically as Neil used to skill to think of ways to best
represent the data in a positive light.
3. List specific sales data you need to provide answers as Neil does.
Neil used data that represent the relevance of the marketing
strategy. Although I am unable to identify from this article exactly
what the marketing strategy was, I am able to infer that they
offered some form of discount to attract new buyers. Neil used
that to his advantage when determining what information should
be entered into the database. For me to determine the same
information that he provided, I would need to know the date of

our customers first purchase, what our sales were in September

of the following year, and what customers, that had their first
purchase in September of this year, used coupon on their
4. In words, describe how that data needs to be processed in order
to produce Neils responses.
In order for me to provide the data that Neil presented, I would
need to start by determining the sales from the following
September. I would then need to be able to see when each
customers first purchases was made in order to determine what
customers were new. I would then take that information and
narrow it down even more to determine which of the customers,
whose first purchase was in September of this year, used a
coupon on their order.
5. All of the results that Neil provides are readily produced by
Access or by any SQL- processing DBMS. With a basic
understanding of SQL, you could write the queries in 5 minutes
or less. However, this chapter will give you the necessary
background, but it wont teach you SQL queries. Consult your
universitys course catalog and find a course that would teach
you the necessary skills. Name that course and explain why you
will (or wont) take it.
The school I currently attend, Clark College, offers a variety of
courses to help learn more about the computer technology used
today. When viewing our course catalog, I was able to find

several courses whose description included something on SQL.

The first, and probably most obvious, course I ran across was
PHP WITH SQL I, which is an introduction to the programming
side. The nest course I ran across who offered knowledge of SQL
had Interact with Microsoft SQL server relational database as a
programming component with C# (Clark College) written in its
course outcome. The final one that stuck out to me while reading
our course descriptions was WEB SERVER TECHNOLOGY, which
teaches of the server technologies including SQL. Although I am
sure that other classes offer information on SQL, these were the
ones who stated in some way that SQL would be a major portion
of the course work.

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