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Welcome the highroad media presentation of the secret

law of attraction as explained by Napoleon Hill compiled

from material excerpted and adapted from napoleon
Hills master work Law of success and his classic best
seller Think and grow rich.
The following is a forbadem reading of this newly
assembled collection. Edited and annotated by bill
Hartley and Ann Hartley. Audio engineers and edited by
Julian Kook and read by michael Macanahai.
Before we began here is some important information
from the copyright page.
The secret low of attraction as explained by napoleon
hill is based on an contains material excerpted and
adapted from the original edition of law of success. Also
known as the law of success in sixteen lessons by
napoleon hill, originally published by Roston university
press in nineteen twenty eight now on the public
domain, And the original editions of Think and grow rich
by napoleon hill originally published by the Roston
society in nineteen thirty seven also now on the public
This book contains substantial format and editorial
revisions and adaptation of the excerpted material and
also includes new and original commentaries and
Think and grow rich is a registered trademark and
property of napoleon hill foundation. And the use of the
book title here in is in reference to the source from
which material has been excerpted and or adapted.
The secret law of attraction as explained by napoleon
hill is not sponsored by endorsed by or affiliated with
napoleon hill, his family or else the napoleon hill

foundation, Roston university press, the Roston society

or any other person or entity.
As this book goes to press in 2008 it marks a sentential
of one of the most important meetings in the history of
publishing, it is the one hundred anniversary of the
famous interview between napoleon and Andrew
Carnegie that launched the bestselling success book
ever written. At was during this meeting that Carnegie
first explained to Hill his personal interpretation of the
law of attraction. It was also with this meeting that
Carnegie challenged Hill to undertake what Carnegie
predicted would be the twenty year task of researching
and writing off philosophy of success that could be used
by the common man. Andrew Carnegie testament was
correct. And a result of Napoleon Hill labors was first
published in nineteen twenty eight in the eight volume
master work Law of success.
In nineteen thirty seven, Hill release the revised and
refined version of his research which became the classic
motivational best seller Think and grow rich. Although
both copper wired range of business related topics. At
the heart of each book is what hill referred to as the
Carnegie secret or the law of attraction.
For the first time, the editors of this book have carefully
analyze the original nineteen twenty eight edition of law
of success and the nineteen thirty seven edition of thing
can grow rich to identify those passages that focus on
the Law of attraction.
We have excerpted the key section from each book and
brought them together on the fallowing pages to reveal
the secret of the Carnegie secret: The law of attraction
as explained by napoleon hill.

As the exerts were being assembled in the chapters, the

editors approached the written text as we would that of
a living author when we encountered what modern
grammarians would consider run-on sentences,
outdated punctuation or other matters of form, we
opted for contemporary usage.
There was an editorial note that appears either before
or after each excerpt identifying the original source
material. You will notice that in some of the excerpts
from law of success Napoleon Hill uses the term lesson
to refer to the material. The explanation is that when
hill was compiling this first book, he consider to be a
course of study and each chapter in the book is actually
called a lesson.
Some editing is being done to bring related sections of
text into closer proximity to one another, But in every
case the original context is been preserved and the
original meaning remains unchanged.
In a few instances, alterations have been made to
correct scientific information that is since become
About the editors
For more than twenty years the publisher editors of this
book Bill Hartley and Ann Hartley have not only been
deeply involved in the study of Hill writings but also
been the leading publishers of his works as publishers
producers and editors they've created them published
more bestselling books and audio books by and about
napoleon hill than any other publisher in the world.
Chapter one
The Carnegie secret and the law of attraction

There are few events in recent time that have has

greater impact on popular culture as did the release of
the documentary style video program the secret,
created by Australian television producer Rhonda burns,
featuring dramatization reminiscent of the movie the Da
Vinci code and undersparred with commentary by
contemporary motivational experts and authors. The
program proclaims that from ancient times down
through the ages the great minds of every area have
jealously guarded the secret of transforming wishes into
reality. The secret, not only a loose to famous historical
figures who possess this arcane knowledge, but it also
names a number of influential personages of the
modern world who learn the secrets of the law of
attraction and used it to achieve positions of great
importance, power and wealth.
This book the secret law of attraction as explained by
napoleon hill
focuses its attention on to although more famous
names mentioned as keepers of the secret andrew
carnegie an napoleon hill
and on how carnegie conveyed his understanding of the
secret law of attraction to hill when turn transformed
those concepts into the best selling success boat in the
history of publishing
think and grow rich