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Computer Science and Engineering

CS432 Web Technology
(From December 2004)

November / December 2004

1. Define Gateway and Search engine.

2. List the attribute that the <BODY> tag can take.
3. Define ISP (Internet Service Provider) and IRC (Internet Relay Chat).
4. Which is the software that actually executes servlets? What does a JSP specification
5. What is XML? (Extended Markup Language) What is the topmost element in a document
6. Define HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and Hypermedia?
7. What is the difference between well-formed and valid XML document?
8. Give the structure of an HTML program.
9. Define DTD (Document Type Declaration) and what are servlets?

Which is the component that uses a File System object to read and write and
text streams to files.


Which method causes the contents of the entire Text Streams to be loaded into

April / May 2005

11. What are the components of web? What is the communication protocol between them?
12. How does TCP provide reliable and ordered delivery service?
13. Mention the drawbacks of CGI.
14. What are the actions of the submit button in a form>
15. What are the operations implemented by server socket class?
16. Write code for creating an object of multicast socket() class. Handle the error condition of
socket not being created.
17. Differentiate between an applet and a servlet. What is meant by servlet container?
18. What is meant by session tracking?

19. Explain the need for three-tier architecture for database access.
20. Explain the two ways of using JDBC.

November / December 2005

21. What is a client-server model? How is it different from a peer-to-peer model?

22. Name any four services offered by internet and specify their default port number.
23. What is a proxy server?
24. What is the difference between URL and URN?
25. What is MIME? Name any four content types that MIME supports.
26. Name the classes used for reading and writing Javas primitive data types and strings in a
binary format. What are the methods associated with it?
27. Given a hose name, how do you print all the IP addresses of that host name.
28. Define the terms code base and document base.
29. What is CSS? Can it be used with XML?
30. What are the mail events supported by Java Mail API?

May / June - 2006

31. Describe the three parts of an IP address.

32. How does a web browser work?
33. Justify the need for client side scripting.
34. List out the life cycle methods of an applet.
35. What is the difference between static and dynamic web pages?
36. What is a proxy server?
37. What is the difference between CGI and ASP?
38. List out the method associated with data output stream class.
39. Define the term marshalling and unmarshalling.
40. How is XML different from HTML?

November / December 2006

41. Define client and a server system. Write any two examples for a client-server system.
42. Justify the need for client side scripting with an example.
43. What is the difference between GET and POST method?
44. Create a vertical frame and a link in the left frame using HTML tags.
45. List out the methods associated with DataOutputStream class.
46. What is the use of InetAddress class? List out the static method associated with it.
47. What is HTTP authentication? How is it supported in java?
48. List out the key operation performed by Multicast Socket.
49. What is cookie? Explain its usage.
50. Compare DTD and XML schema.

May / June - 2007

51. Justify WWW is a client server model.

52. Differentiate between markup language and scripting language.
53. What are the advantages of CGI?
54. List out any four widely used tag elements and controls in HTML.
55. Define socket. Mention the different types of socket?
56. Compare protocol handler and content handler.
57. Write any two features of CSS.
58. How DHTML is different from XML?
59. Mention the need for plug-ins in online application.
60. Write the steps involved in establishing a connectivity with a database system.

November / December - 2007

61. Explain the role of ISP.

62. What is the use of SMTP and POP?
63. Write HTML code to display any four state names as a ordered list.
64. What is the drawback of using CGI?
65. Define the term port and socket.

66. What is the difference between multicasting and broadcasting? Name the classes
associated with it.
67. Compare HTML with XML.
68. What is the use of include directive in JSP?
69. What are plug-ins? Explain its usage.
70. What is a session? Why it is required?

M.E. Computer Science and Engineering

CS1655 Web Technology
(From June 2006)

May/ June - 2006

1. What is a proxy server? What is the difference between web server and proxy server?
2. Justify the need for client side scripting.
3. What are server side includes? List any four server side technologies.
4. What is the difference between CGI scripts and ASP/JSP technologies?
5. What is the significance in static data member and member function in java?
6. What are the steps involved in creation of user defined packages?
7. Explain the life cycle methods of an applet.
8. What is the difference between a generic servlet and a http servlet?
9. What are the hardware and software technologies required to create a web based
10. What are plug-ins? Name any two plug-ins.

November / December - 2006

11. Explain the concept of mapping URL with IP address.

12. Justify the need for client and server side scripting.
13. Differentiate GET and POST method features.
14. List out the disadvantages of CGI over ASP or JSP.
15. What is the run tie binding? How it is implemented in Java?
16. What are the steps involved in creating a user defined package?
17. What is a cookie? Justify its need.
18. What are the steps involved in executing a simple ASP page?
19. Explain the term B2B, B2C, G2G and G2C.
20. What is a mobile commerce? List any two applications relating to mobile commerce.

May / June - 2007

21. How do you form the IP address?

22. Write a CSS rule that removes the underlines from all links inside list items and shifts
them left by 3 tab space.
23. How do you obtain information about the execution environment using CGI? List out the
different kinds.
24. Write down the Server Side Includes commands.
25. How is method overriding prevented in JAVA? Give an example.
26. List out all the event classes involved in Applets with its purpose.
27. What are the objects involved in ASP?
28. What is Servelt lifecycle?
29. What are the different payment methods available in E-commerce?
30. What can a firewall protect against?

November / December - 2007

31. Why IP address is needed?

32. List out the objects involved in java script.
33. Why CGI protocol is not popular?
34. Write down the server security issues of CGI.
35. How to create your own exceptions in JAVA? Give an example code.
36. How JAVA access control mechanism works for packages? Give an example.
37. Write an ASP code for user authentication process.
38. How is a dynamic content generated in Servlet?
39. What are the different kinds of E-commerce available?
40. Define plug-ins and firewalls.

May / June - 2008

41. Name the dynamic fonts used in DHTML.

42. Write a CSS rule that changes color of all elements with attribute CLASS = green-move
to green and shifts them down 25 pixels and right 15 pixels.
43. Define Gateway and what its role on CGI is?

44. Name the tag used for playing a video file. Give its syntax.
45. In Java, can a class be defined inside a method? If so, what rule governs access to the
variables of the enclosing method? If not, give reasons.
46. How does a Java applet differ from stand alone applications?
47. What is meant by Session tracking?
48. Write exception handle routine to catch Out of range.
49. List the components of EDI.
50. State the functions of Firewalls.

B.Tech. Information Technology

IF366 Web Technology
(From )

November / December - 2007

1. What is a markup language? List any four markup languages.

2. List the significance of the scripting language in a HTML document.
3. What are the essential features of a browser?
4. How an applet program is different from a java program?
5. What is meant by marshaling?
6. What are reserved sockets? Give two examples.
7. What are the advantages of XML compared to HTML?
8. List the different types of JSP tags.
9. What is exactly meant by information in business organization?
10. What are the differences between EDI and e-mail?

B.Tech. Information Technology

IF1451 Web Technology
(From December 2007)

April / May - 2008

1. What are the two major protocols for accessing e-mail from servers?
2. Find the error in the following code segment and explain how to correct it?
for(y = 0.1 ; y != 1.0 ; y += 0.1)
document.write(y + ) ;
3. What is the important feature of dynamic positioning?
4. List the possible opacity attributes of the alpha filter.
5. Write some commonly used video file formats.
6. Explain the difference between get request type and post request type.
7. What is XSL and why it is used?
8. Explain cookies.
9. What are the types of directives in JSP?
10. When it is useful to redirect a request to a different resource?

MC1705 Internet Programming

November / December - 2007

1. What are the major elements required to connect the Internet?

2. Define Fighting Spam.
3. What do you mean by site blocking? Write one example.
4. Mention the purpose of SMTP and TFTP.
5. What is the use of extend keyword?
6. Draw the hierarchy tree structure for Exception types.
7. Compare repaint() and paint() methods.
8. What do you mean by synchronization?
9. What is Introspection?
10. Define stubs and skeletons.