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Functional Changes w ith SAP S/4HANA Finance

Functionality Business Benets

Ad hoc and on-the-y The new Universal Journal allows ad hoc, on-the-y corn- computational
power putations for converting periodic transactions from batch
to real time without needing data to be replicated rst to
other systems such as SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (SAP BusinessObjects Bl).
Reporting is simplied, fast, and multidimensional, making
the drilldown reports almost redundant.
Accelerated month-end The ability to move away from batch-based to event- and year-end close
based processing enables period-end processes to be run
on a daily or weekly basis. This allows organizations to
get a real-time view of their prot and loss (P&L), provid- ing the
business with early visibility of emerging trends.
This functionality facilitates prompt remedial action
where necessary, rather than having to wait until after
This helps accelerate month-end activities by reducing
dependency on scheduled and periodic batch jobs and
tedious reconciliation efforts.

This is a new planning functionality introduced where the

Finance for real-time

planning data can be uploaded using Microsoft Excel,

which in turn loads real-time data back to SAP ERP for

integrated business

reporting. It contains templates for cost center, internal

order, project, prot center, cost of sales, and P&L plan- ning.

New Asset Accounting

New FI-AA in SAP S/4HANA Finance replaces the classic

FI-AA functionality. The simplied posting logic allows
seamless integration with the Universal Journal. Due to


real-time postings, there is no need to wait for the month- end

depreciation run.
SAP Cash Management
powered by SAP HANA

This optional replacement for SAP Cash and Liquidity

Management adds bank account management, short-term
cash position and forecast reports, and real-time liquidity
planning, which allow for working capital optimization.
SAP Cash Management provides on-the-y reporting
capabilities about cash position and liquidity forecasts.

Table 2 Changes with SAP S/4HANA Finance (Cont.)


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Functionality Business Benets

SAP Smart Business KPI These are optional replacements for many of SAP's
reporting with SAP Fiori traditional drilldown reports. The code framework used
by the old reports can't be accelerated much with
SAP Smart Financials reporting uses the SAP Smart Busi- ness
mobile Ul with online KPIs and essential nancial
Data aging

This technical change replaces SAP data archiving. The

new method builds data aging objects, creates partitions,
and executes data aging runs, thus reducing the SAP
HANA memory footprint. Only operational relevant data
(hot data) are loaded in the main memory while the his- torical
data (cold data) are stored on the disk.

New SAP General Ledger

(new G/L)

The classic G/L functionality has been completely replaced


SAP HANA Live, along with SAP BPC for S/4HANA

Finance, replaces the standard Prot Center Accounting

by the new G/L. Classic G/L is only supported before the

introduction of SAP S/4HANA Finance.

With SAP HANA Live, real-time reporting is available on
actual versus plan inside SAP ERP or Excel. Historically,
this was done in an external SAP BW system with a time
lag on actuals.
Average balance ledger

This seldom-used functionality is no longer available in

SAP S/4HANA Finance.

SAP Credit Management SAP Credit Management is now completely covered under
collaborative nance operations and receivables manage- ment.

Table 2 Changes with SAP S/4HANA Finance (Cont.)

System Architecture with SAP S/4HANA Finance

SAP S/4HANA Finances Universal Journal architecture is comprised of a single
source of truth for all accounting components, which makes reconciliation a topic
of the past. The new architecture consists of the following elements: