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Advantages and disadvantages of festivals

Festivals India is a land of fairs and festivals. Our country is the land of diversity
and different communities belonging to different religions live here, therefore many
festivals are celebrated regularly every year. In India, festivals do not just offer
people a temporary reprieve from their daily grind. These festivals are not just
about celebration and fasting in fact imbued with deep inner significance, each
festival is a multifaceted celebration. Each and every festival has a significance of
its own. The day on which a particular festival is celebrated has a special
astrological significance, and certain observances on these days yield manifold
benefits. Among these festivals, some are religious; some are based on seasons
while some are of national importance. All the festivals are celebrated with great
enthusiasm and harmony in a colorful atmosphere, and are enjoyed by people from
every religion.
Each festival that is celebrated in our country is also associated with a story from
the Puranas that gives an insight into the deeper spiritual significance of every
festival as well as the underlying the celebration. These are the part of common
folklore and these stories reach out to ordinary people in a way that dry theological
facts cannot. Diwali, Dussehra, Raksha Bandhan, Id-ul-Fitr, Id-ul-Zuha, Christmas,
Mahavir Jayanti, Gurunanak Jayanti, Ganesh Chaturhi etc. are few religious festivals
of India that have significance of their own and some spiritual significance related
with them. These festivals are celebrated by different communities but they are
celebrated as a whole. We can see festive atmosphere as well as colorfulness
everywhere in India. The festivals are not really for just holidays. Every festival has
its own meaning and related beautifully to life and brings in lots of happiness, color
and prosperity to our lives.
Advantages of festivals

Increment the relations among the individuals

Make a chance to the populace of group to impart their inclination and trade
their thoughts and thoughts. Additional help to examine their issues additionally.
If we consider the families, they assemble and have a great time with all the
relatives who are an incredible mental unwinding and advance family relations.
Will assistance to be blissful in any event on those celebration days (One
overlooks singular issues )
Build social relations and social correspondence which prompts solidarity among
the individuals.
It likewise helps us in saving our society and legacy.
The present era think about our traditions and works on amid these festivals.

Today, everyone is occupied and not able to praise celebrations which are bad
regarding human connection building. Because of work and occupied timetables

individuals are not in a position to celebrate. These celebrations certainly help in

building relations among the individuals.
Celebrations in India are so important. In Hindu religion we are having part of divine
beings and Goddess. More than that in our nation the individuals from different
religions are likewise living. So, each of them will celebrate their own celebration for
their spirituality.
Consistently a great deal of celebrations in celebrated in India. These celebrations
are commended with a great deal of enthusiasm and are searched forward for with
a ton of eagerness. In spite of the fact that these celebrations likewise impart
distinctive sort of ceremonies. These ceremonies are exceptionally important as far
as the essentialness that is given to these celebrations and the best possible
process that is taken after for these celebrations.
Disadvantages of Festivals
Well celebrations makes us feel extraordinary about the time we use together on its
appearance however thinking by regional standards would certainly make oneself
understand the weaknesses of celebrations. India is not without contamination. Its
one of the real difficulties that our nation confronts today.
Music may be tranquil and symphonious to ears yet abundance of anything would
Commotion contamination achieves it crest amid celebrations like Diwali, Ganesh
Chaturthi and so forth. The streets are spoilt by shade papers, blooms, nourishment
and other material strewn everywhere.
Tremendous parades held amid celebration seasons add to road turned parking lot
issues. Ganesh Chaturthi makes water tainting while inundation.
More goats and hens are executed for the sake of God as a conciliatory advertising.
As said some time recently, overcompensating of anything would prompt extremes.
Religious possessiveness expands and the idea of Our-Religion-Is-Great products up
may be not uncovered yet some place in the personalities of individuals this
thought considers its path through.