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Deloitte. Soham, 20020 Mache Legal aint Fax ¥34914 281004 Vnvdelotalgalee Madrid, 24" May 2016 ‘To the Representative of the European Investigative Collaborations ("EIC" DER SPIEGEL GmbH Ericusspitze 1 -20457 Hamburg Dear Stefan Candea: Spanish Deloitte Legal, on behalf of the law Firm SENN FERRERO ASOCIADOS SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT, S.LP. (hereinafter, “SENN FERRRERO” or the “Firm’, indistinctly) is contacting to inform you that SENN FERRERO has recently become aware of the disclosure of certain confidential information owned by the Firm and our clients. In particular, SENN FERRERO has realized that different European communication media (Le. the Spanish newspaper EI Mundo) belonging to the EIC have been able to access to that information, which is considered strictly confidential and/or protected by a client ~ attorney privilege. In this regard, and according to our previous communications sent to the Spanish member of your association, the newspaper | Mundo, please note that the information/documentation that EIChave had ‘access to could have been manipulated and partial biased. In addition, SENN FERRERO is obliged to inform you and by virtue of this letter hereby acknowledge, that the computer files of the Firm suffered few ‘months ago a cyber-attack. As a consequence of such uniawful intrusion in the SENN FERRERO systems, the criminal hackers had access to several confidential and private files, correspondence and documentation of the Firm and its clients, By all means, this transgression was reported to the competent judicial authorities, being currently under Investigation by the Spanish Criminal Courts (Juzgados de instruccién), the Spanish Technological Investigation Brigade of the National Police Forces (Unidad de investigacién Teconolégica de la Direccién General de Ja Policia) and the Specialist Cybercrime Prosecution Service (Fiscal/a Especializada en Criminalidad informética). As @ consequence of the existence and nature of said criminal actions, the ‘Spanish judicial authorities declared the confidentiality and secrecy of their investigations. In line with the above, in the last days the Firm and some of its clients have received from members of the EIC several requests of information, some of them based on the stolen and/or manipulated data referred above. This fact has been reported to the Spanish Criminal Court n® 2 of Madrid in charge of the criminal investigations, that last November 23" 2016 ruled an urgent judgment by which the Spanish newspaper El Mundo is prohibited from publishing any information or documentation referred to SENN FERRERO and/or to any personal, financial or tax issues referred to any of our clients, In addition, El Mundo has been requested to collaborate with the criminal investigations by communicating the origin Cf the information and/or the content of the database that has served for the press inquiries. Finally, the Spanish Criminal Court n@ 2 of Madrid is currently in the process of requesting judicial cooperation to other judicial authorities under the European convention for judicial assistance in criminal matters, with a view of implicating other authorities in the prosecution of the described criminal activities. Thus, for and with the appropriate legal purposes, SENN FERRERO hereby: Informs the EIC that the use, publication and/or disclosure of the aforementioned confidential Information referred to the Firm and/or to any personal, financial or tax issues referred to any Of its clients is @ flagrant prejudice to the right to honor and to personal and family privacy and the self-image of the persons affected, which would legitimize the obtainment of damages Including, inter alia, the benefit obtained from the use and/or dissemination of any stolen data. Informs the EIC that the use of the stolen information referred to the Firm and/or to any personal, financial or tax issues referred to any of the clients could lead, as a result of the mere dissemination thereof, to the perpetration of other unlawful acts of a criminal nature against personal and family privacy and the disclose of secrets, provided for and punishable in the Spanish Criminal Code. Requests the EIC that the present letter is communicated by the EIC to its members for their knowledge and legal purposes. In that sense, SENN FERRERO really expects that your entity and their members and professionals can comply with the applicable law, as well as with the ethical codes and conventions which are enforceable to journalism, ‘SENN FERRERO Is committed to avoiding any damages to the persons affected, so the Firm urges the EIC and their members to avold and remove any kind of disclosure or publication of that information, or otherwise, be subject to all appropriate criminal and civil legal actions. Finally, please note that the content of this letter is also confidential and that the facts above described have been declared secret by the Spanish Criminal Courts under the criminal procedure aforementioned, Consequently with this, SENN FERRERO requests absolute reserve and secrecy and warns the ElCand their members said condition for appropriate legal reasons. Silvia Zamorano DELOITTE LEGAL, Alejandra Polo DELOITTE LEGAL