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Resolutions adopted

at the 8th Annual Assembly
of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF)

1. Resolution on the mandate for the negotiations for a comprehensive agreement
between the European Union and Azerbaijan EN RU
2. Resolution on joining the International Criminal Court EN RU
3. Resolution on gender policy EN RU
4. Resolution on continuous non-compliance of the EaP countries with the
Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities EN RU
5. Resolution on the civil society role in planning, implementation and evaluation of
EU-EaP bilateral and multilateral programs EN RU
6. Resolution on European Commission’s decision on the exception for OPAL
pipeline EN RU
7. Resolution on Crimea EN RU
8. Resolution on establishment of an Eastern Partnership Platform on Common
Security and Defence Policy EN RU
9. Resolution on prisoners of conscience in Armenia EN RU
10. Resolution on Stepan Grigoryan’s case EN RU
11. Resolution on the situation of Dniester river basin EN RU
12. Resolution on the effective monitoring of human rights in conflict areas by
strengthening the protection of human rights defenders in the Eastern
Partnership countries EN RU