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Flowers for Algernon

Multiple Intelligences Project

Project Options:
Verbal/Linguistic (Word Smart)ABC poster. Create a visual display that lists every letter of the alphabet. For each letter of
the alphabet, you will write one or more complete sentences about the story (no simple
sentences allowed). Each sentence must start with the specific letter of the alphabet you are
on. (i.e., A- Algernon triples his intelligence because he undergoes an experimental brain
surgery.) Your display should be illustrated in such as a manner as to reflect your
comprehension of the story and its themes.
To present: You will read through your sentences to the class.
Logical/Mathematical (Numbers and Reasoning Smart)Create a 4-D maze, similar to the one used by Algernon in the story. Administer the maze to
15 different people and time how quickly they finish the maze (they will use a finger to
complete the mazes). Create lots of dead ends, so it wont be too easy. Create a
comparative graph/chart of each person's times and find the mean, median, mode, and
range. Include the maze, your comparative graphs/charts, and a summarization of your
To present: You will present your findings and have two classmates run the maze to see who
wins. Each maze can be placed on poster paper, but need to be made out of 2 different

Visual/Spatial (Picture Smart)Create an inkblot (poster sized) and write a 600+ word creative story about what you see in
the inkblot.
To present: You will display the inkblot and read your story in class.

Bodily/Kinesthetic (Body Smart)Create a script for an important scene in the play. Perform a puppet show or skit using that
script. Your show should have puppets, costumes, and a stage. The show/skit show must
last at least 5 minutes.
To present: You may either perform this live in class or pre-record and play for class.

Musical (Music Smart)Write song lyrics about the main plot of "Flowers for Algernon." You may base your song's
style off a popular song and set your song to the beat of that song. The song should have a
chorus and at least three versus.
To present: You will perform the song for the class. This can be just reading it.

Interpersonal (People Smart)-

Write two letters, one as Charlie writing to Ms. Kinnian and one as Ms. Kinnian responding to
Charlie's letter. The letters need to take place after Charlie has left New York. Each letter
must be at least 300 words and represent the tone, style, and intellectual level of each
To present: You will read each letter to the class.
Intrapersonal (Self Smart)Write a 600+ word perspective diary from another character's viewpoint. Choose any dated
entry from Charlie's journal and rewrite that same entry from another character's point of
To present: You will read the entry to the class.

Naturalistic (Nature Smart)Research organizations that are for OR against animal testing. Create a flyer for one of the
organizations. Include important information like founder(s), mission statement, logos,
events, etc
To present: You will give a 1-2 minute overview of the organization

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Project Instructions: You will select 2 of the projects above to complete.

Project 1: This must be the project under the area in which you scored highest on
your Gardner Multiple Intelligences Test.
Project 2: This can be the project from any other area of intelligence.
Make sure to review the rubric for each of the assignments.