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PPE 310: Health Literacy for Schools

Dr. William Hesse

Changing the Culture
November 8, 2016

To foster a culture of change at Kids Inc., our team intends to promote a healthy and
active lifestyle, by utilizing a holistic approach. A holistic approach is considered a spiritual

approach, which includes things like slowing down and growing yourself (Mildon, 2015). To
effect change holistically, we have addressed every aspect of health--social, emotional, physical,
nutritional, intellectual, and spiritual. We have implemented a number of changes, which
include: creating an appreciation area; providing FitBits for every employee; game-playing to
maintain mental sharpness; including elements of spirituality; providing fresh, organic food and
healthy snacks; and including more movement in the workplace to have more physically
connected workers. As having a healthy lifestyle encompasses many different aspects, it is our
hope that a holistic approach to health will help the Kids Inc. employees to have increased
mental and emotional health, increased overall wellbeing, a decrease in stress and poor habits,
and an increase in physical health and wellness. This, in turn, will promote a healthier, happier,
more productive work environment.

We are changing the social culture of Kids Inc. in big ways--starting with
communication. Communication is the key to success and we aspire to make Kids Inc. a very
social place. If the people in the company are talking and working together to achieve a common
goal, this will increase the chances that they will achieve it--both in their individual endeavors
and collectively. We are aware, however, that sometimes, social businesses do not work
effectively. For example, the article The Best Way to Get A New Perspective On Work, states
that, Sometimes leaders, managers, and coworkers can work side by side for years, pointed in
the same direction, and be heading for entirely different desired outcomes (Goldsmith &
Goldsmith, 2012). We understand that, while communication is important, sometimes end goals
can become confused and lead to many different outcomes. To combat this, we will have
bimonthly meetings to ensure sure that all employees are on the same page. Another way we are

changing the culture at Kids Inc. is by transforming our social area into an appreciation area.
This means that, at various times, we will serve different healthy foods for everyone to try and
learn about; hire massage therapists to give people massages; have gift baskets to give to staff;
and have yoga instructors come and lead employees in a yoga session. Finally, to effect positive
social change, employees will work outside on occasion, when the weather is nice. Getting fresh
air and enjoying nature can relieve stress, help individuals think more clearly, and inspire
creativity, while also inspiring creativity in others. These types of changes promote healthy
living. We are pleased to provide the employees at Kids Inc. with a wealth of wonderful and
diverse opportunities for growth--socially, physically mentally, and emotionally.

To start with, we are changing the physical culture at Kids Inc. This will go much further
than simply providing a full benefits package to employees. We will also incorporate a variety of
ways to promote, not only physical health, but social and mental health to all employees as well.

Integrating physical activity within the company will help to increase cognitive functions,
engagement and motivation (Wellnessfits, 2014). One way we plan to integrate physical activity
in the workplace is to provide employees with fitbits to keep track of their health. Assuming
employees will use these to their full benefit, we will also help in planning monthly competitions
to hit nutrition goals, and wellness meetings, to coach and motivate one another. It is especially
important that we utilize a holistic approach.
In our view, a holistic approach will stray away from fitness and nutrition and focus more
on our employees mental and social health (Wellnessfits, 2014), which is equally important.
Holistic approaches help to engage and develop individuals as a whole. We want to make sure
the employees at Kids Inc. focus on managing their stress, obtaining a good nights sleep, and
maintaining a work and home life balance, while also positively impacting their communities
and taking care of their financial health. The entire company will benefit from the well-being of
its staff members and we want to ensure they are performing at, and feeling their best. By
changing the culture to provide the Kids Inc. employees with an active and healthy workplace,
we can also help them create healthier lifestyles for themselves.

The intellectual health of the employees at At Kids Inc. is very important to us. Having
employees that are mentally and intellectually prepared to handle the day-to-day workplace
events is of the utmost importance. Intellectual wellness is important because it expands
knowledge and skills in order to live a stimulating, successful life (Geary, 2014). We intend to
promote intellectual wellness by placing value on creativity, curiosity, and lifelong learning.
One way that we will do all of this at Kids Inc. is by encouraging employees to think
outside their comfort zones. For example, at staff meetings we will ask employees to present
information contrary to what they already know, helping them to expand their viewpoints. We
will also provide board games and cards so that employees can play games during their lunch
breaks because games require thinking, thus supporting intellectual wellness. We will also
provide individual activities, such as crossword puzzles, word searches, and sudoku, for those
employees that are on their break or lunch alone. Playing a musical instrument also supports
intellectual wellness. Because of this, we have established a partnership with a local music store
in order to offer a discount to employees on instruments and/or lessons.

We intend to provide the employees at Kids Inc. with the best of the best, by
incorporating an element of spirituality into their professional environment. By weaving
spiritually into our company culture, it will help our employees reduce stress and increase their
energy, motivation and overall wellbeing. This will help everyone complete their tasks more
efficiently, as well as help them to be more satisfied with their workplace environment.
Workplace spirituality (WPS) aims at meaningful work, sense of community, and value
of organization. (Nadeem, 2016). We will incorporate the three dimensions of workplace
spirituality into our companys philosophy to make it holistic: work, community sense, and
inner life connection (Nadeem, 2016). Engaging in work is important for employees to be
satisfied with their work routines and their level of commitment and involvement with various
tasks. Second, a sense of community is defined as the interaction between people. Finally, the
two aforementioned dimensions will connect employees with their inner life connection, by
emphasizing their value and aligning with their work.

It is also important that the employees at Kids Inc. feel equal and like they are an integral
part of the team. We, therefore want to promote unity, tolerance, patience and interconnection
between everyone in the workplace. This will help all company members to be on the same page
and will also elevate the company as a whole, while helping individual members be more
effective at work. Being spiritually in tune will help the Kids Inc. employees focus and do their
jobs well, without feeling overwhelmed.

We are working hard to provide healthy nutrition to the people at Kids Inc. In order to
accomplish this, we have determined that it is important to provide the necessary healthful
resources. The Kids Inc. community cafeteria will soon have a complete revamp of the menu.
Each meal will now consist of fresh, organic vegetables, lean proteins and healthy snacks. When
people intentionally eat nutritionally, not only does their cognitive function greatly increase, but
their work production increases as well.

Twitter Headquarters, in San Francisco is an excellent example of what we intend to

mirror at Kids, Inc. holistically. At Twitter, they have a micro health kitchen, that serves fresh
and organic foods to their employees, but their focus on health extends past just nutrition and
food. The king of 140 characters also provides an on-site gym at its headquarters with CrossFit
classes, as well as five months paid maternity leave (yes, you read that right) and 10 weeks paid
paternity leave. This seemingly extreme focus on the health of their employees--mentally and
physically--has a return of growth for the company, which we hope to duplicate. As we are at
the beginning of this transition at Kids Inc., we are simply starting with a new kitchen and
cafeteria. Serving fresh, organic, balanced meals to our employees and making their nutrition a
priority is paramount in providing a healthy environment for our employees.

(The kitchen at Twitter Headquarters)

Physical Activity
We have discussed the importance of nutrition, social outcomes, spiritual growth, and
physical growth for the employees at Kids Inc. Physical activity is where all of these aspects

can come into play, cohesively, because adults jobs tend to stray away from being physically
active and fun. We want to promote a work culture that is both active and fun at Kids Inc.
Despite the positive impact walking has on human health, few opportunities exist for workers
with largely sedentary jobs to increase physical activity while at work (Kling, 2016). Focusing
on a simple movement such as walking can create more mentally connected employees. When
employees have walking work meetings, this can create a more engaged and connected
professional unit. In addition, by utilizing walking work meetings, meetings at Kids Inc. will
become more healthy and active, ultimately increasing cognition, engagement and motivation.
Example of Walking Meeting:
Recently, we conducted a walking meeting with Kids Inc.
employees to implement a new nutrition program. We did this purposefully to
engage employees in two aspects of health at once. Instead of sending out a
typical email update about the new program, we took the employees on a hunt
around the facility to find our new nutritional offerings and information. In a
scavenger hunt style game, employees walked and even ran all over the building
and its grounds. To modify the meeting to meet the needs of employees with
disabilities, we made sure that the activity was accessible for all employees. The
scavenger hunt was easy to navigate in a wheelchair, on crutches, and even with a
cane for the visually impaired. In addition, employees were able to find
nutritional treasure at their own pace. This walking meeting was so successful
that we have begun implementing 30 minute walking meetings or activities at the
beginning and the end of each week.


Our team collaborated extensively to change the work culture at Kids Inc. by mindfully
and intentionally addressing every aspect of health, and finding inspired and creative solutions to
promote a healthy and active work environment, with a holistic emphasis. A holistic approach
respects the mind-body-soul connection, which can lead to transformed physical health and well
being; increased mental and emotional health; a sense of connection and purpose; more
satisfying relationships; making lifestyle changes that positively affect our families, friends,
communities, and the world at large; increased work performance and productivity; job and
career satisfaction; and a more collaborative, unified, and pleasant work environment. We are
pleased to have created a holistic, whole-person program that addresses the social, emotional,
physical, intellectual, spiritual and nutritional aspects of the Kids Inc. employees health, and
look forward to seeing how the changes we have implemented will have a continued impact on
individual employees and the Kids Inc. organization as a whole in the future.

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