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Adding Animations to Your PowerPoint Content:


What can you add animation effects to in Microsoft PowerPoint?

Animation effects can be added to shapes, text, or images.
Add Animation to Question
A. Select the text that makes up the question heading
B. Navigate to the Animation section of the Animation menu
C. Scroll down to the Entrance effect section and choose Swivel
or a similar effect
D. Go to the Timing section of the Animation menu, find the
Start section and click the dropdown arrow and select After
Previous so that animation starts as soon as slide is shown.


Add an Entrance Animation to Answer Blocks

A. Select your first answer square and choose the Wheel or a
similar Entrance effect

B. Navigate to the Timing section and select After Previous in

the Start section so that animation plays after question entrance
animation completes.
C. Click the answer block that you just added animation to and
select the Animation Painter found in the Advanced
Animations section of the Animation menu.
1. Once clicked, the cursor will show a paint brush to the right of
2. Click the rest of the answer squares on the slide in order to
apply the same Wheel entrance effect to these squares.
3. Once applied to all answer squares, there should be a small
square showing the number 0 to the left of all the answer
blocks. This means the Wheel entrance effect has been
added to all the answer blocks.

D. Go to the Slide show tab and choose From Beginning and

check that animations are working correctly and in the correct


Add an Exit Effect to Answer Blocks

A. Select an incorrect answer block and then navigate to Add
Animation of the Advanced Animation section and click the plus
sign to show full menu.

B. Scroll down to the Exit section and select Swivel or a similar


C. Then go to the Start menu of the Timing section and choose

On click. This will cause the animation to go into effect when a
click is made rather than playing automatically.

D. Complete these same steps for the rest of the incorrect answer
Note: You should see small squares appear with the listed
number in the order than you added the exit animation to
the left of the incorrect answer blocks

Add an Emphasis Animation to Correct Answer

Select the correct answer block and navigate to the Advanced
Animations section of the Animation menu.

A. Click the Add Animation menu and scroll down to select an Exit
effects and choose the Complimentary or a similar effect.
1. The Complimentary emphasis effect will cause the answer
block to change to its complimentary color depending on your
chosen background color.


Add Sound to Answer Blocks

A. Go back to incorrect answer blocks and click the bottom number

square in order to add a sound effect to the Exit animation added
B. Then click the Show Additional Effect Options arrow in the bottom
right section of the Animations section.
C. Under Enhancements find the Sound section and then select the
Bomb sound or a similar sound
1. This sound will play with your Exit animation added earlier
2. Add this sound effect to all the other incorrect answer blocks

D. Select the correct answer block and click the bottom number
(Emphasis effect added earlier) then click Show Additional Effect
Options arrow in Animations section to add a Chime sound or a similar
sound to the animation.


Set a Trigger for Each Answer Block

A. As mentioned earlier triggers allow you to control what causes a

specific animation to occur.
1. Not having a trigger will cause the exit and emphasis animations
created earlier to occur in the order that they were added rather
than being an action because of a direct click.

B. Go to an answer block and select the bottom number square (this is

the Exit animation for incorrect answer blocks and Emphasis animation
for the correct answer blocks.
C. Navigate up to the Advanced Animation section and select the
Trigger then choose On click of
D. Next select the name of the answer block you have chosen in the
dropdown menu list.
1. Your bottom number square should change to a lightning symbol.

E. Complete these steps for the rest of your answer blocks

F. Check in slide show view to make sure that answer blocks work as they

VIII. Save Quiz and Check that Quiz Functions Correctly

A. Be sure to save your quiz and view in slide show view to make
sure all parts work correctly.
B. Also, check that your animations are ordered correctly in the
Animation Pane on the right (If not showing you will need to
click it in the Advanced Animations section of the Animation
menu for it to show)