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Date: November 30, 2016

Ishan Debnath 1120608030

Md. Anisul Haque 1220134030
Ayon Ahmed 1221072030
Md. Naeem Khan 1531499630
Nazmul Haque Khan 1220221030
Solar Electra Bangladesh Limited
Arzed Chamber, 13 Mohakhali C/A,
Dhaka 1212

Md. Al-Amin (Mli)

Handi Restaurant
104/1, Road 10, Gulshan 1,
Dhaka 1212

Dear Md. Al-Amin:

We are really happy to let you know that our company, Rahimafrooz Limited has gained a
lucrative profit in this fiscal year. The owner of our company is keen to support some kinds of
CSR activities and for that, they want a research to check out the possibilities followed by a
report. We would like to do the research if you grant us permission to do so.
The focus of our research will be on CSR related problems faced by Rahimafrooz. We would
like to know the different aspect of CSR in depth and analyze every possible context. In our
research, we are planning to investigate the CSR related problems of Rahimafrooz.
Our research will address the following problems.

The shrinking role of the government.

Demands for greater disclosure.
Increased customer interest.
Growing investor pressure.
Competitive labour markets.
Supplier relations.
Lack of awareness of General Public in CSR activities.
Issues of Transparency.

Non-Availability of well organized Non-Governmental organizations.

Visibility factor
Narrow perception towards CSR initiatives.
Non-Availability of clear CSR guideline.
Lack of consensus on implementing CSR issues.

Moreover, we will like to find out the benefits of the followings:

Company benefits:

Improved financial performance.

Lower operating costs.
Enhanced brand image and reputation.
Increased sales and customer loyalty.
Greater productivity and quality.
More ability to attract and retain employees.
Reduced regulatory oversight.
Access to capital.
Workforce diversity.
Product safety and decreased liability.

Benefits to the community and the general public:

o Charitable contributions.
o Employee volunteer programs.
o Corporate involvement in community education, skill development and
o Product safety and quality.

Environmental benefits:

Greater material recyclability.

Better product durability and functionality.
Greater use of renewable resources.
Integration of environmental management tools into business plans, including lifecycle assessment and costing, environmental management standards, and ecolabeling.

We hope that you will understand the importance of this research and give us approval to
conduct the research in the context of the organization.

Ishan Debnath
Md. Anisul Haque
Ayon Ahmed
Md. Naeem Khan
Nazmul Haque Khan