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Carmen Ejogo

Carmen Elizabeth Ejogo (born 1973)[1][2] is a British singing backup on Jump, Hooked On Your Love and
actress and singer. She began her career as a teenager in "Something He Can Feel".
London, hosting the Saturday Disney morning show from
1993 to 1995. Her lm credits include Whats the Worst
That Could Happen?, Away We Go, Sparkle, Alex Cross, 2 Filmography
The Purge: Anarchy and Fantastic Beasts and Where to
Find Them.

2.1 Film

Ejogo has appeared as civil rights activist Coretta Scott

King in two lms: Boycott (2001) and Selma (2014).
While preparing for the role in Boycott, she met with
King and was given Kings blessing for her portrayal.


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Personal life

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Born on 1 January 1973 and raised in London, Ejogo

is the daughter of Elizabeth (ne Douglas) and Charles
Ejogo.[5] Her father is Nigerian and her mother is
Scottish.[6] During her childhood, Ejogo remembers
her mother as being a bit of a hippie.[7] Her
younger brother, an entrepreneur, is also named Charles
Ejogo.[8][9] She attended the Oratory Primary Roman
Catholic primary school in Chelsea until 1984. Then educated at Godolphin and Latymer School.

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Ejogo was briey married to hip-hop artist Tricky.[10]

In 2000, she married American actor Jerey Wright,
whom she met while making the HBO lm Boycott. They
have a son (Elijah) and a daughter (Juno).[11][12] Ejogo
and Wright have since divorced.[13] She currently lives in
Brooklyn, New York.

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Ejogo has been involved in the music industry, having

collaborated with several artists since the 1990s. She
presented The Carmen Ejogo Video Show, her own video [10] Tricky biography.
show on BSB's Power Station channel.
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She wrote and sang lead vocals on the song Candles
by English drum 'n' bass DJ Alex Reeceshe appeared
in the music video and is listed in the production cred[12] Carmen, Elijah & Juno Wright alittlemuse.com, 7
its as Carmen. Ejogo also sang vocals and duets with
September 2011 (retrieved 2 July 2015).
ex-husband Tricky on a song called Slowly. She sang
vocals for the lm Loves Labours Lost (2000).
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Coretta Scott King a second time, LATimes.com, 18 De-

Aside from Candles, Ejogo appears on four songs of

cember 2014 (retrieved 26 December 2014).
the Sparkle original soundtrack album from the movie of
the same name, singing lead on Yes I Do (as a solo), [14] http://theblackmedia.org/2015/12/15/
and lead vocals with Jordin Sparks and Tika Sumpter

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