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Jennica Venice Gurtiza

Arabella Heart Madrid

Rizza Jean Obra
Lyca Mae Orfano
Irish Angel Mendoza
George Libatique

Activity 2




To be able to demonstrate the actual eruption of a volcano using
scraps materials.
To be creative and resourceful in making the volcano model in such a
given time.
To acquaint the students and to instill in their minds the processes
involved in volcanic eruptions.
Newspapers, colored paper
Baking Soda
Glue, paste, tape
1. Put the bottle of coke in the middle of the cardboard
2. Secure the bottle with the use of the tape to refrain the bottle from
being remove.
3. Crumple the paper then pile it up just to surround the bottle until it will
form the shape of the volcano.
4. Surround it with a clean paper then glue or tape it for a clean outer
5. Once the model is ready, open the lid of the coke carefully to refrain it
from being spilled.
6. Put pinches of baking soda powder in the bottle.
7. Pour the vinegar gently then wait for the reaction to happen.
8. Continue to do this until there will be no more eruptions.
9. Observe carefully what will happen during the eruption.
Guide Questions
1. What difficulties did you encounter while making the model?
The group find it hard to shape the volcano within just a limited
time. It was hard to form a strategy that can make us fasten up the

work. Time is one of the things that are difficult to struggle in this
2. What did you learn in the activity?
Chemical reaction is one of lesson that the group learned in this
activity. When the baking soda is combined with the soft drink and
vinegar, it will have a chemical reaction because of the acidic
properties that the materials have. Aside from that,
3. Classify volcanoes according to morphology
Volcanoes are one of the earths interesting features with its
ability to erupt its content. It is classified into stratovolcano which is
composed of highly viscous or thick, slow-moving lava. Among the
volcanoes, this type is the most dangerous and it is called a composite
volcano. A cinder cone or scoria cone that is a steep hill that is made
up of pyroclastic material. Once it erupts, it has a lesser impact
compared to stratovolcano.A shield volcano is made up of the fluid lava
flows. It is a volcano that has low viscosity.