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GRABILLO, Jason Ronald B.

BAC 518 / THU / 07:30-08:30
Prof. Jubal L. Ayo

The skills you need to succeed in Accounting are:


Time Management,
Openness, and

Among those skills enumerated above, my weaknesses are organization, leadership

and time management. Organization is one of my weaknesses because in my current
state I am still not organized on what I am assigned to do. My idealized future state is
that I become organized on the things I do and on what I am assigned to do. Leadership
is another weakness of mine for that a leader should be organized so that his followers
will not be themselves disorganized. I consider myself as a good follower. Even though
there is a saying that A good leader is a good follower, I am still not fitted to become a
good leader. In my current state, if I become a leader, some of the members of my
group will not follow what I will instruct them to do for I lack charisma in delivering what I
want to say. An ideal state of leadership is that a leader has charisma in delivering
instructions to the members under his authority. He should have good impression
towards the people under him so that they will believe and follow what their leader
wants them to do. Another weakness of mine is time management. Honestly, in my
current situation I am not good at managing my time and I tend to become nervous
under pressure. Even as a personal assistant of some professors, I am sometimes late
in accomplishing the thing they have ordered me to do. Currently, I am still trying to train
myself to work under pressure because this type of skill is important to any job I will
encounter. These three skills are interrelated with each other: (1) to have leadership
skills; you need to be organized on what you are doing, which is organization and (2) to
be organized; you need to be able to manage your time well, which is time

On the other hand, my strengths, among those skills, are adaptability,

communications and openness. Adaptability is the ability of a person to adapt itself
efficiently and fast to changed circumstances. In context, you are adaptable to any
changes in the working environment which is ideal to any job you will come across. In
my current state, I consider myself possessing this kind of skill because I am exposed in
clerical work being assigned to me in different assistantships. Communications is that
you can have a wide network of people that could help you on what you are going to do.
In my current situation, I consider myself having vast networks that are willing to help
me in what I want to do. Lastly, openness is an overarching concept or philosophy that
is characterized by an emphasis on transparency and free, unrestricted access to
knowledge and information, as well as collaborative or cooperative management and
decision-making rather than a central authority. It is a personal capacity to entertain
different and non-customary, not necessarily new, ideas and to change one's behavior
accordingly. One should be kind to others in any possible situations that may arise. I
consider it my strength because in my current situation I am trained by my father to be
open to everyone I will meet, to not be too narrow-minded to other people. Also, these
skills are interrelated to each other for: (1) to have communications; you need to be
adaptable to any changes in the working environment or behavior of people around you
and (2) to be adaptability; you need to be open or transparent to the people around you.

In conclusion, I need to be able to turn my stated weaknesses into strengths. To be

able to turn them to strengths, I need to be more exposed to trainings or activities that
could enhance my charisma and organization skills. Furthermore, my present strengths
should be continuously enhanced further so that I could really succeed in my
profession, as a professional accountant. These skills could be continuously enhanced
by maintaining openness, coping with a fast-paced and changing working environment
and to extend my vast network I currently have.