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Allen Wang
UWRT 1102
Fox News and CNN are the two news channels that I used to analyze because each
channel broadcast bias information. CNN is more towards the liberal side, while Fox News leans
more towards the conservative side. With the presidential election coming close CNN and Fox
News are pretty heavily used for the candidates speeches and debates.
First off with CNN; they talk about how Clinton describes about half of Trump supporters
as being in a Basket of deplorable, and seem to agree with her. It implies that trump supporters
are racist, sexist and homophobic. CNN also showed laughter in their studio during discussions
about Trump which immediately shows that the people who watch the live news and attend as a
live audience are Hillary supporters. Also the way that Hillary expresses her movement and how
she worded her statement during the shows how much she despises trump supporters.
Fox news started off with Hillary Clinton offensive comments about trump supporters
and showing the reporter having a high tone and a surprise face. Fox News shows the media with
a more effective word that catches peoples attention quickly. Another phrase that caught my
attention was Clintons Deplorable attack, the word attack is from emotion, it makes out that
Fox News want to let the public know that Hillary has hurt the public not physically, but
mentally. Another phrase that Fox News has been emphasizing is Clinton Leaves 9/11
Ceremony, they make it sound that Clinton want to leave the ceremony, but it was only because
she fainted while at the ceremony.
So one of the most talked about arguments started off with Hillarys comment about
trump supporters being deployable. Fox News then shows Trump speech, which trump talks
about how Hillary supposedly calls military, officers, firefighters, and paramedics deployable. As
I watch the news over again Hillary Clinton did not mention how military, firefighter, and etc.
are deployable. Hillary even said half of his supporter are deployable which may or may not

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include these people. Fox News also included a headliner Trump: Clinton viciously
demonized hardworking Americans, which many people might see it as offensive and cruel of
Hillary. I wonder why Fox News would put that as a headliner, the headliner just make Clinton
look bad as a whole, which Fox News as I can say are more towards word that strikes the public
the most. This then leads to the polls.
One of the arguments seems to be a big argument is the polls. Each channel shows a
difference in polls, which makes it contradict with each other. The first news channel CNN
showed Clinton is ahead by 5 and then Fox news shows Clinton ahead by 10 points. At the end
the only thing that shows is that Clinton is ahead, which shows the News are misleading at times.
Also as I was watching, it talks about Trump talking about Putin, Russian leader, is a
better leader than Barack Obama. As I backtrack Putin and Obama are in a different country
dealing with different situation. Trump as I research has no background of governing a state or a
country which implies that he does not know how hard or complicated to take care of its people
and the state or country.