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Skylar Schultheis

Senator Tim Kaine

Hello and thank you for welcoming me to the floor. My name is Tim Kaine and I will be
addressing bill number 3-2016
In support of the Visa Reform and Enforcement Bill,
This bill will lessen the eligibility requirements and restrictions for employment-based
visas, enable a greater amount of visas assigned to different countries proportional to the demand
of the countries, and increase the amount of students allowed to reside in the US with student
visas. Although it might deter workers by the employer's mandatory use of E-Verify, these are
are critical things in making legal immigration the preferred option instead of doing so illegally.
Although I can see some of the criticisms of this bill on how it might be against the working
immigrant, I think it is important to crack down on the immigration system and that means
providing incentives to go through the system legally.
In Section 2 lines 26 and 27, the bill grants a greater amount of visas to be assigned to
different countries. I am in support of this more fair distribution of visas to different countries
because a country with less of a population than an other should not get the same amount of visas
and vise versa. If they have more people should they not be allowed more visas? I know that the
US might want to control the amount of people coming in but we will always have people trying
to come, should we not atleast invite them to come legally? If we create a more refined system
and make the legal process the preferred method of coming to the US then this problem of
immigration might just lessen.
Continuing, voting yes on bill 3-2016 will motivate people to go through the legalization
process rather than to enter the US illegally. It will help stop the overflow of illegal immigration
and cut down the waiting list for those who are already in the process of coming legally. It will
push us towards a less broken immigration system and to a more sustainable inflow of people in
the US. It will give a more fair distribution of visas for each country of different populations and
demands. Congressman and women! We need this! We need a change in our shattered system
and I believe this is an exceptional bill that can change our system for the better.
Nuestro sistema es una sistema rajada y ha necesitado un cambio. Yo s est legislacin
podra repararla. Dejemos un cambio a la sistema para empezar.
What Is said was, our system is a broken system that has been needing a change. I know
this bill would be able to fix it, but we need to allow change to begin.
Vote s en este legislacion.

Voting YES on this bill will bring us a step towards a more refined system.