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Mobile Learning Assignment, Design A

Scavenger Hunt.
TOPIC: Art and Music History (internet and research skills)
Names: Jenna and Jon
Grade Level: Secondary Ed
Now that you have explored and familiarized yourself with QR Codes, and determined what
criteria are most important, you will use that knowledge to develop an QR lesson for your
students using QR codes.
Review: What criteria do you feel are most important when developing your scavenger hunt

Relevant and credited sources

Proper use of technology in the classroom
Interesting or appealing to students
Relating or connecting material to their lives

Process: You will approach the development of your lesson as an instructional designer. You must
think of your objectives, correlating standards, TPACK, and more.
Respond to each prompt. You will submit this document in your goggle site. Type here then either
attach it as a doc. On your new page or copy and paste to your site before your actual scavenger
hunt components.
1. On what content area and topic will you focus?
Art and Music History
2. On which standards will you focus?
Use the historical method of inquiry to ask questions, evaluate primary and secondary
sources, critically analyze and interpret data, and develop interpretations defended by
Accessing sources of information for historical events.
Attaching meaning to symbols.
Creativity and innovation.
Research and information fluency.
Critical thinking, problem solving and decision making.
3. Write an appropriate objective.
The object is to allow for students to explore the famous and influential art/music creators
in history. To learn to use QR codes in a safe environment. This is a 21 century learning
4. Create an outline, story board, or summary of your hunt idea(s). What will you use to
create your lesson/hunt? What are the themes or concepts? What do you hope the final
product will look like? How will you assess, or how will students show mastery?
We will give students (groups of 2 to 3) an iPad to use to scan the printed out posters of
QR codes around the building. The pictures on the posters will be of the famous art work,
artist, musicians, and so on. Once the students are brought to a site they can explore and
listen to the music or examine the art. To assess students we will have them record 1 new
thing they learned about the person when they explored the website. A total of 10 at the

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKPhGHAdqk0 AUDIO

-reformation/high-ren-florence-rome/leonardo-da-vinci/v/celebrity-art-leonardo-smona-lisa VIDEO