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The physical education program at Anza Trail has three main goals.

First, it
provides each student with multiple opportunities to assess fitness levels, to engage
in activities that will strengthen, already developed skills, and help expand new
skills. Secondly, the PE program helps to advance lifetime skills that will enable the
student to lead a full and productive life, both in and out of school. Together, team
and individual sports are emphasized in order to meet this goal. These units
provide the student with a variety of opportunities from which the individual can
best meet his or her needs and interests. Lastly, the goal of the Anza Trail Physical
Education Program is to assist each student in becoming a physically educated
person. A physically educated person has learned skills necessary to perform a
variety of physical activities, is physically fit, participates regularly in physical
activity, knows the benefits from involvement in physical activity and values
physical activity and its contribution to a healthy lifestyle.

Daily Expectations:
Physical Education is, by definition, an activity course; Students enrolled will be
required to participate on a daily basis! Each student must wear clothing
appropriate for physical activity, and the weather should be taken into
consideration. The PE teachers have ordered new uniforms, consisting of red shorts
and grey T-shirts with a screen print of the Anza Trail coyote. If a student should
decide NOT to purchase a uniform, then he/she will need to wear red shorts and a
grey T-shirt. If he/she purchases a set of shorts and shirt, the cost will be $15.00. If
he/she wants to buy the shorts or shirt separately, the cost will be $10.00 per item.

Absences, Suspensions and Class Excuses:

When a student is not present in class for various reasons, all work missed is
the students responsibility to complete! A make-up assignment can be found from
any PE instructor. If illness/injury occurs, a note from a parent/guardian is
necessary. If illness/injury persist for more than one week, a doctors note is
required. We will only accept a total of three written excuses from a parent
guardian per quarter. Please provide any important medical history that may be
considered in PE. When a student is not able to physically participate in class, a
written assignment will be given in order to earn daily points.

Locker Room:
Each student will be issued a lock and locker for the safe keeping of his/ or
her belongings during class. Students are NOT allowed to share lockers with other
students. Any personal locks on the lockers will be cut off immediately! The PE
instructors are NOT responsible for stolen property, so please do not leave any
valuables UNLOCKED! If a student loses his/her lock, he/she will have to pay $10.00
for another lock.

Grading Procedure:
P.A.C: 15 points
P- Participation (5 points)
Student participates 100% of the time (unless instructed otherwise!)
A- Attitude (5 points)
Student shows sportsmanship, possesses a positive attitude, and is
encouraging, courteous, and spirited. Student shows respect to self, peers,
instructors, equipment, and facility. Student is able to work cooperatively
with all classmates in small and large groups.
C- Clothes (5 points)
Students dress out daily in uniform. In this class, dressing out is an ALL OR
NOTHING policy. Again the Anza Trail PE uniform consists of red shorts, grey
T-shirt, and athletic shoes. The entire uniform must be worn to earn points!
There is NO half credit. After 3 non-dress days

Total Points per class period: 15 points

Additional points may be added for writing assignments, quizzes and / or tests.
Final grades will be determined on total points per each quarter.

The grading scale is as follows:


Any questions please feel free to contact any one of the PE


Mrs. Dailey @ Ext 1735 or mdailey@sahuarita.net

Mr. Rush @ Ext 1731 or srush@sahuarita.net
Ms. Van Alstine @ 1735 or nvanalstine@sahuarita.net

Please return the following form by

August 17th, 2011

Student Name: ____________________________________________________

Student Signature: __________________________________________________
Parent Name: ______________________________________________________
Parent Signature:___________________________________________________
I am interested in purchasing the new PE uniform when it comes in.

I am NOT interested in purchasing the new PE uniform. I will be responsible

for providing my child with a grey T-shirt and red shorts.