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Reflection Letter

Dear Professor Intawiwat,

You have made writing course more interesting than any other writing I have been in.
Never would I have thought that we were going to cover as many different topics as we did, and
also be given the chance to experience different forms of writing. Our work consisted of essays,
poems, and even a magazine creation. Each topic presented gave me further insight on the
various forms of literacy. My own personal definition of literacy is an art form that showcases
the essence of writing and gives readers satisfaction.
The first topic assigned was written literacy. Literacy is defined differently among writers
which was the main focus of this topic. The assignment that I completed for this topic was an I
Believe, essay. The purpose of this essay was to write a piece a work that would represent my
own experience and to have my audience, anyone and everyone, connect in some way
personally. I had to to make a few revisions to the final draft of the essay. The first change I
made was further defining the subject my essay more, which was deja vu. I thought that it was be
best for my readers if I were to explain my topic more from my own point of view so they see
my individual thought process. The best thing I learned from the best thing I learned from this
written literacy topic was how to connect to my audience, or readers, on a personal level. This
topic represents rhetorical knowledge because the text I composed was dependent on my
audience. Written literacy was a topic I enjoyed completed.

The second project was on the visual-oral literacy topic. The assignments consisted of
ethnography essay and a slam poem. The purpose of both assignments was to extend the
meaning of literacy. The goal I was trying to achieve with the ethnography essay was to be able
to take peoples ideas and statements and transform them into analytical text that will support my
topic of the essay, which was detrimental results of sororities. The revisions I made between the
first and the second draft were developing my thesis statement so that readers have a more clear
sense of what my main point is. I also included more examples for simplistic reasons. The
purpose of the slam poem was to evoke emotion from both readers and listeners. I appeal to my
audience emotionally, which is rhetorical strategy known as pathos. What I learned from this
topic is using ethos, logos, or pathos to appeal to my audience. A SLO that relates to this topic is
critical reading because separate evidence and sources to provide an underlying assertion,
especially in the ethnography.
The next topic introduced was digital literacy. The purpose of the topic is to
communicate information that appeals to the audience through the use of technology. The
assignments included the literacy scavenger hunt and the memo attached with the text. The goal
of this project was to use technology to explore a wide range sources. The best thing I learned
upon completing this topic was to analyze information using technology. My cognitive and
technical skills have increased. While doing this project, something new I discovered was how to
memes. This topic relates to the SLO composing process because of all the research conducting.
The last topic, and the most interesting, was pop culture literacy. The assignments in this
topic consists of the group zine project a and a pop culture dictionary. The purpose of pop culture
literacy is to present literacy in modern way, which the pop culture dictionary shows the most.

Literacy changes as time goes on on. The audience for my pop culture assignments is the
younger generation. The group zine project gave me responsibility and organization while the
dictionary really showcased how modern literacy is almost like its own language.
The writing task that I found the most ethnography essay. At first I found it complicated
to take statements from people and give them a further meaning. During the essay, my analytical
skills were increasing so I was able to write a more smooth paper.
My writing has changed over the course of the semester because I include more rhetorical
strategies in my pieces of work. I feel that I have participated and done as much as I could in this
course. I will take the skills that I have learned this semester to the next level of this writing
course. Thank you Mrs. Intawiwat for all that you have done and providing me with a
memorable writing experience. You are fully appreciated.

Shaidaijah Rozzelle