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Teaching Support
SIM Group offers a variety of services and resources to support the teaching and learning
offered by SIM University and SIM Global Education. The teaching support refers to (1)
Library, (2) Estates and Facilities and (3) Infocomm Infrastructure and Services.
These reports show the standards provided by the teaching support in facilitating SIM
University and SIM Global Education in their delivery of education.

2016 Library Report

: Gina de Alwis; statistics compiled by Catherine Victoria
Approved by : Ronald Tan
: 25 January 2016
Copyright 2016 SIM Group

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Our Vision
To be a partner in the embodiment of lifelong learning by imagining
and realizing an innovative learning

Our Mission
To serve as the catalyst to connect the SIM community with library and
information services through multiple

Our Values
We serve with a smile. We listen to our people
a proactive and timely manner to exceed
We will inspire our members to use our Libraries
place as a
I nspire
for meeting of minds, in individual and collaborative
We will make a difference,eeting
by mthe
M ake a Difference
changing needs of our people creatively

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SIM Library Services


Founded in 1965, the SIM library located at Management House (MH) was renamed

the Richard K M Eu Library in 1989, after the former chairman of the governing council in
recognition of his contribution to the Institute. The library at HQ set up in 1999 is a merger of
the collections housed at the SIM Clementi and Thomson Centre Libraries. The HQ library
was renamed the Tay Eng Soon Library in 2001 after the former Minister of State for
Education in recognition of his contribution to the development of the Open University
Degree Programme (OUDP). The Management House library ceased operations in January
2015. Currently library services are offered only at SIM Headquarters (HQ).
SIM Library currently serves a student population of about 36,000 (as at 29 October 2015) as
well as SIM faculty and staff. Library privileges are also extended to employees of SIM
corporate members who are SIM students.
The library is constantly evolving to adapt to challenges of the changing needs of users,
technological advances, and transformations in the global information ecosystem. To remain
relevant in a rapidly changing environment, a study was undertaken in 2013 with active
participation from the various stakeholder groups to envision new library engagement
propositions. The white paper entitled Library Vision 2020: Version 1.0 which was released
in October 2013 details key strategies and enablers and three-phased planned
The plans are incorporated into the Librarys annual plans with effect from 2014 as a means
to track progression.
Key milestones achieved by the library since its establishment in 1965 are shown in Appendix
1 (p. 9- 15).

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2. Key Support Services Provided by the Library

The key support services provided by the Library are shown below:
Library Services

Teaching & Learning



Marketing &

Digital itiatives
& Services

The following sections provide some background on critical services extended by the library
and highlights key achievements for 2015. The Library Fact Sheet & Statistical Highlights
2016 (Appendix 2) provides an overview of the resources, spaces, facilities and services


Collection/Content Management
Collection development is geared towards curriculum and faculty support and

encompasses both print and non-print materials. Librarys plan to downsize the print
collection and expand the electronic resources is ongoing. The library subscribes to a suite of
online databases to support SIM University and SIM GE programs. Students are able access
the databases as well as the expanding collection of e-books and e-journals on campus and
remotely via the student portals. Appendices 3 5 provides details of the suite of online
databases subscribed by the library.
Library supports UniSIM and SIM GE e-learning initiatives by providing one-stop access to
recommended readings via the respective learning management systems, ie, Blackboard
(UniSIM) and D2L (SIM GE). SIM GE programs supported are mainly the house brands.
The library plays a key role in driving the fledgling management knowledge portal M360
(http://m360.sim.edu.sg) which was initiated in 2011. This resource offers one-stop
access to SIM publications as well as other management related content (articles, videos,
reviews) etc.
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Knowledge Transfer
The library offers a mix of user education programs to help create awareness of the

products and services offered to the diverse user groups. The user education programs on
offer range from presentation/tour of the library to new intakes during freshman orientation to
group/one-to-one sessions on the use of online databases. These are scheduled or on special
request. The scheduled sessions are held over one week in February, July and August (during
lunch break and evenings) and may extend from 45 minutes to one hour. Students are
required to sign-up on a voluntary basis for these sessions. Additionally, special monthly halfday walkin Infoskills Clinics are conducted to teach students how to use online databases and
to clarify issues.
Library also teaches information skills to support the curriculum through sessions embedded
into classroom teaching and these are conducted based on requests from faculty or the partner
universities. Some examples of customised classes are those conducted for the University at
Buffalo ESL 407 and 408. The session conducted for ESL408 is targeted to help students
with their writing assignment and to clear the compulsory Library Skills Workbook. To teach
library skills for the Diploma in Economics (University of London) Academic Skills module
a fun element is incorporated through the adaptation of the Amazing Race and more recently
Bingo. Instructional materials such as guides and video tutorials are made available in print
and electronic format via the library website and student portals to aid in effective search


Use of Technology
With the proliferation of information and communication technologies (ICT) and

access to a global information ecosystem, library users expect easy access to information
anytime and anywhere. The SIM library has taken many initiatives to leverage on technology
with the aim of fulfilling user expectations.
The implementation of UriCA Integrated Library Management System (LMS) in 1994 paved
the way for automation of work processes and eventually to extend remote access to a suite
of online services for users benefit. In 2011, given the technological advancements and
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evolving user patterns, a preliminary study was carried out to assess the library management
service platforms available in the market. Following the prelim study, in-depth evaluations
were carried out over 2012/13 to identify a suitable library management service platform
that offers cutting-edge functionalities and value-added services and will be of relevance for
the next ten years.
The ExLibris Alma Library Services Platform (LSP) was considered to meet SIM librarys
needs as it incorporates functionalities that will help consolidate the existing disparate
systems for print, electronic, and digital resources; and, the sandbox feature which provides
a test-environment and flexibility to carry out in-house integration and customization based
on internal needs and not vendor driven. The migration to Alma and Primo Discovery
Service platforms was carried out in 2014 and the system was launched on 4 Dec 2014.


Customer-Centric Services
The library continues to evolve to offer users a seamless experience through the

convergence of the physical and virtual spaces and time-space construct. The library places a
strong emphasis on service levels and is committed to delivering increasing value to users.
New products and services are developed and policies formulated on an ongoing basis to
respond to the changing needs of the user groups based on feedback received through
channels such as the Library user Advisory Group (LUAG), biennial library user survey, endsemester student evaluations, special polls conducted on a need to basis, as well as usage
statistics. The library user survey initiated in 2006 is conducted biennially in the third quarter
and administered online via SIM Connect (SIM GE) and SIM University (UniSIM) student
portals and aims to collect feedback from a sample from each entity.
Two key initiatives that help strengthen librarys engagement with the stakeholders is the
faculty liaison work and activation of the Library User Advisory Group (LUAG). Faculty
liaison work includes one-to-one meetings with faculty to initiate conversations, gain insights
into their needs and to identify how library can support them or partner in joint
The LUAG comprises students and faculty from both UniSIM and SIM GE and acts as a
channel to facilitate feedback. The group meets twice per year.

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See Appendices 6 - 7 for details of the full range of services and facilities extended to
students and faculty.


Marketing and Outreach

The Marketing Unit established in 2012 is responsible for strategizing marketing and

rebranding of the library. Events such as talks and exhibitions are scheduled to increase
awareness and usage of e-resources. A special event scheduled annually to reach out to the
students is Library Open Day to coincide with the SIM GE Students week. Activities held
during this event include the e-info road show to market the online databases available from
the library. Appendix 8 lists outreach activities undertaken since 2012 and Appendix 9
showcases a sample of the newsletters released in 2014.

A key new initiative undertaken during the year was to introduce the concept of the
Maker Culture through a month-long Maker Fest held from Aug Oct 2014 culminating
in a finale jointly organised with the Singapore Maker Group. The objective of the Maker
Fest is to provide students with a knowledge creating platform to encourage
knowledgecentric learning, exposure to cutting edge technologies and engagement across
disciplines, eventually leading to possible employability and entrepreneurial opportunities.
Appendix 10 features key highlights of the Maker Fest.
Library deploys social media tools to market resources and services and to stay connected
with the students. Social media tools currently utilised include the Library Facebook
launched in 2011, Twitter and Instagram.


Staff Training & Development

High priority is given to developing library staff to equip them with skills and

competencies needed to cope with frontline engagement and advancements in the fields of IT
and Library/ Information. Skills required include ability to guide students to effectively
search the online databases and from a broader perspective, to respond to the technological
advances impacting the library. Membership of overseas library associations provides
executive staff opportunities to keep in touch with latest trends and to network. Regular
sharing sessions are scheduled to provide staff a platform to share/ explore latest trends in the
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field and relevance/application to SIM Library. Appendix 11 lists the sharing sessions
undertaken by the library executives.


Networking with other libraries

Platforms for sharing common issues and finding opportunities for professional

development are key components for operating a library successfully and SIM library places
great emphasis on networking with libraries locally, regionally as well as internationally.
Currently SIM Library is represented in the following professional organisations:


Asia Pacific Business School Librarians Group (APBSLG)

SIM library is a founding member of the APBSLG which comprises business
libraries supporting ranked universities. Countries represented in the group are
Australia, China, Hong Kong, India and Thailand.

The Singapore libraries

represented in the group include NUS, NTU, SMU, and INSEAD Asia Campus. The
group meets annually. The sister groups of the APBSLG include the American
Business Library Directors Group (ABLD) and the European Business School
Librarians Group (EPBSLG).

Council of Chief Librarians (CCL), Singapore

SIM Library is represented in the CCL which comprises heads of libraries supporting
Institutes of Higher Learning in Singapore.


Administrative/Other Support
Library continues to support the Partnership Service Understanding (PSU) with the

two entities and holds quarterly meetings to provide progress updates.

Appendix 1

SIM Library - Key Milestones


- Beginnings the first library for SIM members established at South Bridge Road Office

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- Library expands with grant from Ford Foundation and a special grant of books from British


Ministry of Overseas Development

- Full-time librarian appointed to assist members
- Library operating hours extended to 6.30 pm on weekdays
- Library moved to Thong Teck Building
- Bi-monthly SIM Library News
- First stock take
- Cap on number of items loaned by an individual increased from 2 to 3
- Chinese collection started
- Library moved from Thong Teck Building to the SIM Training Centre at Paterson Road


- Library moved to Management House (MH) and named Richard K M Eu Library in



recognition of first Chairman of the SIM Governing Council

Minisis library system deployed to automate the library catalogue
Online indexing and abstracting service launched
- Second library at SIM Thomson Centre
- First CD-Rom database acquired
- FOCUS: A Current Awareness Service launched
A third library at SIM Clementi Centre at the Ngee Ann Blk 82 Level 7 to support the Open
University Degree Programs (OUDP)
URiCA Integrated Library Management System deployed to automate work processes
First subscription to an online database - NEWSLINK
A series of publications launched, eg: New Accessions List, Current periodicals List, AudioVideo List


- Initiated library orientation and product demonstrations for FT/PT new intakes to


familiarise with library resources and services

- First Library Open Day to support SIM Members Day
- Select Reading Lists launched
- Same day office book delivery service in collaboration with SingPost
- A new Library at SIM Headquarters by merging Clementi and Thomson Centre Libraries.
The Library offers 450 seating, 18 PCs to access the online catalogue and databases, a
Cyberstation with 36 PCs, and three self- check units
- Chinese Collection to support the Bachelor in Chinese Literature



RFID technology deployed to manage the collection

Ask a Librarian email service launched
Online access to e-journals and exam papers
On 20 January 2001 HQ Library was inaugurated as Tay Eng Soon Library in honour of the
late Dr. Tay for his outstanding contribution to education in Singapore and particularly for
his personal involvement in the conceptualisation and development of the SIM OUDP. Mrs
Rosalyn Tay, the late Dr. Tays wife and Dr Tays mother unveiled the librarys new
- President S. R. Nathan visits HQ Library
- Dr Tony Tan, Deputy Prime Minister visits HQ library during official opening of HQ Remote access to online databases

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SIM Library - Key Milestones

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- SIM MH library re-opens after refurbishing with Dr. Richard Eu as guest of honour at


the opening
Library introduces cashless payment (NETS/Cashcard) for transactions for
convenience of students
SIM Library invited to join the Asia Pacific Business Librarians Group (APBSLG) as
an inaugural member
First self-funded Library to use Digital Library Assistants & RFID technology for the stock
take exercise which was reduced from one week to one Sunday with zero disruptions to
library services
Library staff issued uniforms to enhance frontline image


- SIM HQ Library undergoes a major collection development process to ensure readiness

for SIM University. The collection of online databases and E-journals doubled


- Laptop loan service launched free for first hour and subject to charges



Asia Pacific Business Librarians Group (APBSLG) meeting at
- Library hosts 3
- The Tamil collection launched to support the SIM University Bachelor in Tamil Literature
- Discussion rooms increased from one to seven with online booking feature. Two Study
rooms added
- Spydus library system upgraded to offer new value-added services such as access to
enriched content from books and other resources, online booking of discussion rooms, to
submit recommendations for new titles online, and friendly email reminder notices
- Library proxy-server installed to enable students seamless remote access to e- resources.
- The outsourced support services of photocopy & printing service are enhanced with more
new services, eg network printing, scanning, faxing, etc)

- Online library quiz launched for members to get to know the library
- Unique e-Resource map provides a visual guide to the online databases available from the

Nov 2006

- Library accepts invitation to join the Council of Chief Librarians - an informal group of
local academic librarians to share best practices and networking
- Library initiates the first annual Library Survey
- Library signs Partnership Service Understanding (PSU) with SIM Global Education
Spydus library system upgraded to a multi-lingual system to enable usage of the
English or Chinese interface to view catalogue records in English, simplified Chinese
and Tamil characters

Nov 2007

- The 2


annual Library Survey conducted

SIM Library - Key Milestones

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- Library signs PSU with SIM University (UniSIM)

- Pick a Book project, a two-day event launched to engage students in the book selection
process and to facilitate a sense of ownership of the library. Prizes offered to the three
students who picked the highest number of titles at the event
- Digitised print copies of RMIT question papers posted at the student portal to facilitate
online access

- HQ librarys first makeover since its inception. The cool and trendy space created includes a
surf-and-study area, a chill-out alley, and zones demarcated for Quiet Study and
Interactivity. Ideas for the makeover were culled from the annual Library Survey and
students feedback
- Library achieves a first in Singapore with the installation of the first low cost 3M automated
book drop which updates personal records as well as the loan status of items in the Spydus
library system in real time
- The library achieves another first when its online library catalogue is dynamically mapped to
the HQ Library physical floor plan to enable users to easily orientate to the exact location
of collections

- The MH library adds one more discussion room and a study room for students use. Plans


for the library extension at HQ under the aegis of the Campus Development Project
Library virtual tour added to library website
Two Library Officers participated in the poster session at the Library Association of
Singapore Conference on Innovation in Libraries
Manager, Library Services appointed coordinator of the Asia Pacific Business School
Librarians Group (APBSLG).
Library receives the first private donation from Professor Tham Seong Chee (former
Head of the Department of Malay Studies, NUS) to form the nucleus of the Malay
Language and Linguistics Collection to support the Bachelor of Arts in Malay Language
& Literature launched by UniSIM.
- Library website gets a new look
- First video clip on library orientation produced and posted at the library website
- Library opening hours extended on Saturdays during pre-exam/exam period
- Two Gaming Rooms for PlayStation and Wii
- First e-Road show held in con junction with SIM GE Student Week
- Library assessment is incorporated into the ongoing course evaluation survey to have
feedback focusing on the needs of the programs. The in-depth library survey to be
conducted biennially.


- The 3 biennial Library Survey conducted

- Spydus Library System upgraded to offer new value-added features such as direct links
from the library catalogue to Google books and third party products to preview the
table of contents and limited/unlimited chapters

- Library produced the first fun video on library orientation and a series of video clips
on How do I to explain how to use the library catalogue, My library A/C in
Spydus Library Management System, and the automated bookdrop. The clips are
posted at the library website.

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SIM Library - Key Milestones


- Soft opening of the HQ Library extension at Blk B Level 1. This extension facilitates a

30% increase in seating capacity and offers a mix of learning spaces including an
Interactive Lounge and 6 Group Study Rooms; the CyberXpress (for surfing and printing),
Cyber Lounge, and a Gaming Room with two PlayStation consoles and games. The
Photocopy facilities are relocated to a more spacious area. CyberXpress setup at Level 2.
The Race @ the Library for UOL Diploma of Economics students to teach Library skills for
Academic Skills module
Borrowing privileges extended to SIM University faculty and SIM GE Associates
One Search, a one-stop search engine to search the entire library collection launched
Library Facebook launched
UniSIM Mobile incorporates a library module
New facilities offered include Recording/Group discussion Room for students to practice
presentations; dual monitor PCs at Cyber Lounge

- 4 Biennial Library Survey conducted

- M360 Management Portal, the first joint collaboration of the Strategic Plans and Research
Division team initiated
- Evaluate Library Management Systems available in the market


- Dr. Leong Khin See Collection purchased to expand the Chinese Collection
- Singapore Press Holdings Foundation offers multiple free copies of newspapers under
SPH umbrella

- Monthly half-day walk-in Infoskills Clinics

- The RCC (Recommended Course Collection) Room extended to accommodate expanding

- A new Marketing Unit to strategise marketing campaigns and to rebrand the library.
- Marketing collaterals produced include a new library orientation video and a new tagline
to market the library (Be Inspired. Discover & Connect)

- First Library Satisfaction Survey (UniSIM and SIM GE students) conducted by an

external facilitator

- The Library Vision 2020 project, an initiative to envision the SIM Library of 2020

- A new Library Vision Statement crafted as a precursor to the Library Vision 2020 exercise

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SIM Library - Key Milestones


Theme: Enhancing the User Experience

- Prof. S. Gopinathan (formerly Dean, National Institute of Education) donates a collection of
books on education to UniSIMs Teaching & learning Collection Launched Patron Driven
Acquisition (PDA) to engage users in the e-book selection process to acquire titles for the
General Collection
- The General Collection (print) is significantly downsized
- Joint collaboration with Clementi Public Library to loan titles in bulk to allow SIM members
and students access to a wider variety of titles. This collection is to be refreshed on a regular
basis and will cover study skills, career development, and personal development
- Read & Share project to facilitate recycling of used books and journals amongst students

One Search embedded in UniSIM Blackboard.

SIM GE faculty (PT) and SIM staff provided access to full suite of e-resources
SIM GE Alumni offered access to three databases
Faculty liaison initiated with one to one meetings with UniSIM faculty
Video tutorials completed on How to use OneSearch and use of selected databases
preparation of video tutorials ongoing on 3 topics for UniSIM
NUS and NTU library membership - special packages negotiated for UniSIM students
New facilities added: Portable whiteboards; loan of iPads; loan of camcorder to record/review
presentations; strategy board games; printing services expanded to facilitate printing from
SIM Connect
Group Study Rooms opening hours extended (July)
Project launched to review role of library counter
MH Library operating hours revised for more efficient utilization of resources (May). - MS
Office installed in all student PCs
OCR technology adopted to evaluate infoskills sessions
New look library website goes live; Info Kiosk launched; iPads on stands to check library
Tender proposals invited for a Library Management System and product evaluation concluded
Report of the Library Satisfaction Study released in February

- 5 Biennial Library Survey conducted

- Library User Advisory Group launched and members appointed. The first meeting was held
on 26 September.

- Library Vision 2020 project to envision new library propositions for 2020 launched with a
series of activities to actively engage with the different stakeholder groups.
Version 1.0 of the Library Vision 2020: Version 1.0 released in October.
- M360 Management Portal launched

- Library participated in the exhibition and slide show to showcase Singapore libraries at 79


IFLA Conference, Singapore


Theme: Engage and Enrich the User Experience

- Library User Advisory Group (LUAG) met in April and September
- Library support extended to UniSIM full-time programs
- Library supports SIM GE online learning initiative by providing one-stop access to
recommended readings for SIM GEs house brand programs via D2L, the SM GE learning
management system. Programs supported include Diploma in Management Studies (DMS),
Diploma in Accounting (DAcc), Diploma in International Business (DIB), and Diploma in
Banking & Finance (DBF).

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SIM Library - Key Milestones


Share & Read Service continued

E-resource access to UniSIM alumni extended wef October
Resource packs compiled for UniSIM BAML MLL 101 and MLL 309
Format of Infoskills sessions for UB ESL 408 revamped and incorporated into
PSY101, COM 101 and SOC 101 modules.

Findings of the 5 Biennial Library Survey 2013 disseminated to UniSIM faculty and
SIM GE managers.
A key milestone achieved in 2014 is the collaboration with the RMIT Library and
School of Management on a RMIT Learning & Teaching Investment Fund Project which
RMIT libraries in Melbourne and Vietnam and SIM library. The project was to Enhance
Academic Research Skills in an undergraduate Business program and aimed at
research skills and resources into the curriculum, initially into two key courses, ie,
Introduction to Management (BUSM 4192) and Leading for Change (BUSM 4190).
Participation in this project provided the library with a few breakthroughs. These included
opportunities to teach infoskills in the class rooms as part of the curriculum, opportunity
for library staff to attend local lecturer meetings and to interact with RMIT
librarians and faculty to exchange ideas through teleconferencing and face-to-face
Chris Hollister, Associate Librarian. University at Buffalo conducted a 3 day site visit,
conducted a focus group session with the UB students. Chris Hollister, Associate
Librarian, University at Buffalo, did a site visit to SIM Library from 21 22 July.
During the visit discussions were held on library support and the specially tailored
Infoskills sessions conducted for the UB cohorts. Chris Hollister also conducted a focus
group session to garner feedback on services extended by both the UB and SIM
libraries. The feedback from students were quite positive.
ExLibris next generation library services platform and a cloud-based Sass, Alma &
Primo Discovery service launched. The first installation to be completed in Singapore,
migration to Ex Libris Library Services Platform was a great leap from Spydus, a
traditional library management system in use since 1994. The migration to Alma is very
timely since it serves as a transformative platform to realise SIM Librarys Vision 2020
milestones - Ask Us Service Phase 1 pilot launched - New mobile library counter
Space at HQ Library repurposed following the downsizing of the General Collection.
Additional seats provided and clearer demarcation of Quiet and Interactive Study Zones.
Initiated a programme for professional development of staff (monthly for Executives
and quarterly for all staff)


Library Committee appointed to review utilisation of MH Library space.

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Theme: Empowering the User

- Infoskills workshops embedded into SIM GE Teaching & Learning Development
programmes, ie, PAL sessions and Academic Writing Workshop
- Student assistants recruited to assist extend the Ask Us service during peak hours to
encourage peer learning
- 6th Biennial library survey conducted from 14th Sept 20th Nov
- Extended library operating hours on weekdays, pre-exam/exam period till 11:00pm.
- Recruited student assistants to supervise the library independently during weekday
extended library hours
- Completed migrating to full RFID and ceased using electromagnetic tattle strips.
- Changed existing electro-magnetic security gates to RFID security gates
- Upgaded the existing self-check units from hybrid (electro-magnetic + RFID) to full
RFID to enable simultaneous check-out of multiple items
- Installed three units of RFID Smart Stations to facilitate convenient check-in and out by

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SIM Library - Key Milestones

- Launched the SMS Alert Service which sends personalized alerts to users to pick up items
and remind when loaned books are due and thereby help students manage their library
transactions more effectively.
- Launched a new online system to book/checkout Group Study Rooms. The DIY service
minimizes the number of visits students need to make to the library/ stay in the queue at
the counter to check-out the rooms
- Conducted the mobile apps competition which enabled students to showcase tools that
they perceived as must have for their learning and knowledge creation. This exercise
enabled the library to gain insights into how students use the library in their learning and
develop user-centric applications.
- Launched the Smartlocker unit Xpress Collect in the student hub to facilitate students to
collect reserved books and devices at their convenience.
- Richard K M Eu Library ceased operations in January.


Theme: Connecting with Our Community

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Appendix 2

Library Fact Sheet & Statistical Highlights


Monday Friday
Sunday and Public Holiday

8.30am to 9.00pm
9.00am to 5.30pm

Extended Hours (Prior and During Exams)

March May; September November
Monday Friday

8.30am to 11.00pm
9.00am to 9.00pm

Sunday and Public Holiday


Total Floor Area

2,834.38 sq m
Sq. m.

% increase

Total floor area at Blk A


Total floor area at Blk B


Material type
Books (print)
Books (electronic)


% Increase





Database subscriptions
(includes 3 e-book products = 149,784 e-book titles)
Journals (print)



Journals (electronic)


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Bound Periodicals








Library Fact Sheet & Statistical Highlights 2015/2016 (contd)

Facility Type


% increase

Learning Spaces
Individual Seating



Bloomberg Terminal

Multi-Touch Tables for Collaborative Learning

Group Study Rooms / Recording Room

Group Discussion Tables Interactive Lounge @ Blk
B Level 1
Gaming Stations
Hardware & Devices





Self Check Units

Total Computers


Blk A Level 2


Blk B Level 1 CyberXpress



Blk B Level 1 Cyber Lounge

Single Monitor
Dual Monitor


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Library Fact Sheet & Statistical Highlights 2015/2016


Loans of Resources / Devices
By Course Collection




SIM Members


By Devices






Group Study Rooms & Recording Room


Gaming Room (2 stations)


Bloomberg Terminal


Library Fact Sheet & Statistical Highlights 2015/2016


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No. of orientation sessions conducted


No. of students attended orientation


By Students from




No. of InfoSkills sessions conducted


No. of students trained


By Students from




No. of Library Tours Conducted

No. of Lecturers/Visitors


SIM GE (Lecturers / Visitors)


UniSIM (Lecturers / Visitors)


SERVICES Photocopy / Network Printing 2016

Location/ Service type



Blk A Level 2 (Library)

Total no. of Photocopiers Black/white:

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Blk B Level 2 (Photocopy Room)

Total no. of Photocopiers


Total no. of Printers



Total no. PCs



Print Release Stations


Fax Machine

Binding Machines

Black & White: 8


Blk B Level 1 (CyberXpress)

Total no. of Printers

Total no. of Scanners

Total no. of Print Release Station

Total no of Printers (Black & White)

Total no. of Print Release Stations

Blk B Level 1 (Cyber Lounge)

Appendix 3

Online Databases @ a Glance

Check the table below to find out which database you should consult to get information you need.
(Updated January 2016)

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Political Science Complete

ProQuest Education Journals


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Research Starters - Business

Research Starters - Education

Research Starters - Sociology


SocINDEX with Full Text

Social Work Abstracts

Straits Times SPH


World Scientific (Ebooks)

Appendix 4

Online Databases @ SIM Library

Access to online databases are available on-campus at the Tay Eng Soon Library (HQ)

On-campus access only: Available at Tay Eng Soon Library (HQ)

Due to licensing requirements, off-campus access to some resources is only available to the
following categories.
Off-campus access: All Students & Individual Members
Off-campus access: All Students
Off-campus access: UniSIM Students
Off-campus access: Students in Selected Programs UNISIM or SIMGE
Off-campus access: SIMGE Students
Off-campus access: Alumni
50 Lessons features video clips of global business leaders representing a wide range of
industry sectors. Topics covered include leadership, communication skills, people
development, strategic management, change management, global business, and more.

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ABI-INFORM Complete is a source for business and management information with

content from thousands of journals and publications. Includes industry specific coverage
worldwide with focus on business conditions and trends; management techniques, and
corporate strategies.

Academic Search Premier is a comprehensive scholarly multi-disciplinary resource

providing full-text academic journals covering the major areas of academic research.
Subjects include engineering, physics, psychology, science & technology, and social
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) offers full-text articles from
core aerospace journals.
Asia-Studies Full-Text Online is the premier database for the study of modern Asia-Pacific.
As the exclusive licensee for many of the region's most prestigious research institutions,
Asia-Studies.com brings together thousands of full-text reports covering business,
government, economic, and social issues.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) instruction for single item purchase
through student portal available to SST students only.
Blackwell Reference Online offers access to over 30 of Blackwells best business and
management titles. Includes an up-to-date edition of the Blackwell Encyclopaedia of
Bloomberg Professional Service provides real-time data, analytics, history and news. Useful
for researching industry and company trends, as well as quantitative analysis and forecasting.
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Business Book Summaries provides comprehensive and concise summaries of the best
business books available. Using stringent criteria, only the top 1% of the more than 6,000
business books published each year in the United States is selected for inclusion in the

BusinessPro is an eBook collection covering all aspects of business topics from the worlds
most reputable publishers.
Business Source Complete provides full-text content of journals in all disciplines of business
and is a definitive scholarly business database including peer-reviewed business journals,
market research reports, case studies, and author profiles. Includes Harvard Business Review
from 1922.

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Business Times (SPH) is Singapores only financial daily and offers comprehensive and
concise packages of corporate, financial, economic and political news, analysis and

China Academic Journal (CAJ) consists of an expansive collection of Chinese journals

covering literature, history, philosophy and early childhood education with full-text.
. , ,.

China Doctoral/Masters Dissertations Database includes Doctoral dissertations and

Masters theses. The topics covered include literature, history and philosophy.
. , .

Counseling and Therapy in Video: Volume I provides video for faculty and students with a
first-hand look at the realities of working with clients and the challenges associated with
putting theoretical concepts into practice. This collection provides a thorough grounding in
dozens of therapeutic methods and diagnoses, insight into the human condition, and training
in skills such as reflection and empathy while working with specific populations such as
veterans and teens.

EBSCO eBooks Academic Collection includes more than 130,000 eBooks in this package,
including titles from leading University Presses. Subject coverage includes: Business &
Economics, Education, Language Arts & Discipline, Literary Criticism, Political Science,
Religion, Social Science, and Technology & Engineering.
All titles are available with unlimited user access, new titles are added monthly.
Education Research Complete provides education topics of all levels of education from
early childhood to higher education, and all educational specialties, such as multilingual
education, health education, and testing. This database also includes full text for hundreds of
books and monographs, and full text for numerous education-related conference papers.
EIU Country Reports includes detailed reviews of economic policy and forecast, and key
data and statistics for Australia, Brazil, Brunei, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia,
Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, United States and Vietnam.

Emerging Markets Information Service provides news, company and financial data directly
from emerging markets in Asia, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East
and Africa. (Max7 simultaneous users)

ERIC provides access to education literature and resources from journals included in the
Current Index of Journals in Education and Resources in Education Index. ERIC contains
more than 1,300,000 records and links to more than 323,000 full-text documents from ERIC
back to 1966.
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Factiva provides current and archived news and business information from over
35,000 global news and information sources from 200 countries in 28 languages. (Max
18 simultaneous users)

Harvard Case is only for faculty and associates lecturers from UniSIM to use for their
courses, not available to faculty or associates lecturers from SIMGE or any individuals.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) instructions for single
item purchase through student portal available to SST students only. (only applicable
to conference, journals and magazines articles)

JSTOR consists of Arts & Sciences Collection I, II, IV, VI, VII, IX & X. This database
provides image and full-text as well as online access to back issues of selected scholarly
journals in history, economics, humanities and social sciences, as well as the profession of
business, education, and law.

MarketLine offers 30,000 company profiles, 3,500 industry profiles for 200+ countries, 110+
company focused strategic case studies as well as company news & financial deals which is
updated daily.
MLA Directory of Periodicals offers information on over 5,500 journals, with 4,400
currently indexed in the International Bibliography.
MLA International Bibliography is a subject index to scholarly books and articles in
literature, modern languages, linguistics and folklore. The indexed materials coverage is
international and includes almost 60 titles from JSTORs language and literature collection as
well as links to full text.

Newslink is an online newspaper archival service covering 16 unique newspapers published

by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).
OneSearch is a one-stop search engine to search both print and online resources available in
SIM Library.
OECD iLibrary: Taxation includes access to all OECD Taxation books and databases.

Passport provides consumer lifestyle statistics and reports; market data and analysis;
company profiles, market shares and performance indicators; country profiles; and market
forecasts. Details include expenditure patterns, brand ranking, viewing time per medium and

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Political Science Complete provides extensive coverage on global political topics with a
worldwide focus, reflecting the globalisation of contemporary political discourse. The
database also features full-text of reference books and conference papers.

ProjectMuse provides access to scholarly journals in the fields of literature and criticism,
history, the visual and performing arts, cultural studies, education, political science, gender
studies, economics and more.

PsycARTICLES is a definitive source of full-text, peer-reviewed scholarly and scientific

articles in psychology from the American Psychological Association (APA).
PsycBOOKS offers thousands of scholarly and professional eBooks, published by the
American Psychological Association (APA) and other publishers.
PsycTESTS offers ready-to-use tests and measures from the APA features instruments that
are relevant to psychology and related fields, such as psychiatry, education, medicine,
business, social work.

Research Starters Business, Education & Sociology offers students a starter kit for their
research and assignments, as well as an overview of information on topics relevant to their

ScienceDirect provides a searchable database with access to full text journal articles and
book chapters covering business disciplines.
Social Work Abstracts provides citations and abstracts dealing with all aspects of the social
work field, including theory and practice, areas of service and social issues and problems.
Produced by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). (Max 4 simultaneous

SocINDEX with Full-text is a comprehensive sociology research database. Its extensive

scope and content provide users with a wealth of extremely useful information encompassing
the broad spectrum of sociological study. The database features millions of records with
subject headings from a sociological thesaurus designed by subject experts.
Straits Times (SPH) offers a comprehensive coverage of daily news for Singapore and
Southeast Asia.
Vault provides career information to research employers, industries and career subjects.
Includes career guides, articles on career advice, as well as profiles on employers, companies,
industries and occupations.
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World Scientific offers eBooks on subjects ranging from environmental sciences, to finance
and economics.
(January 2016)

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Appendix 5

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Appendix 6

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Appendix 7

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Appendix 8
Outreach Activities
2012 UniSIM - Faculty
Product presentations by online database providers (29 March; 27 June).
Books/Journals exhibition in collaboration with publishers to facilitate UniSIM
faculty to select titles to support programs (5 - 6 July).
SIM GE - Students
Talk on How to break into the career of your dreams and rank up at Super Speed! by
Dr. Leong Kaiwen, Assistant Professor, Division of Economics, Nanyang
Technological University (collaboration with SIM GE Career Services & tie-in with
book launch - Singapores Lost Son and Become the Ultimate Banker (9 October).
2013 UniSIM - Faculty
Product demonstrations: EBSCO Patron Driven Acquisition and selected business databases
Book exhibition to facilitate selection/purchase of books for UniSIM programs (Sept)
SIM GE - Students
Talk: From broken home to international bestselling author by Neil Humphreys,
author of three best-selling books (Oct)
Exhibition: Campaign City: Life in Posters by National Library Board (23 /9
Exhibition: Design Think Tank by Singapore Discovery Centre (23/9 4/10)
Booth to promote e-resources at SIM GE Wellness Week Exhibition
Competitions #selfie @ the Library: Instagram My Favourite Place in the Library
Exhibition in collaboration with Singapore Discovery Centre
Hope. Home. Heart
Talks Why it pays to be crazy: seeing what others dont by Prakash Kamdar
(CEO/ Isobar & SIM/RMIT graduate)
SIM Library Makers Fest, 26 Aug 1 Oct
26 Aug - Apple iBook Train-the Trainer Workshop
10 Sept - Apple iBook Workshop & Competition; Apple Digital Gaming, and e- Info
18 Sept - Samsung Digital Art Workshop & Competition; Art @ Home with
Cherlyn Mark; CADAQ 3D Scanning & Printing; e-Info Roadshow
1 Oct Makers Fest finale
Makers meet up and prize giving ceremony.

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- Library Mobile Apps (prizes sponsored by Samsung Asia Pte Ltd)
- Fast Forward Library Vision 2025
Travelling exhibitions curated by Singapore Discovery Centre and hosted at
Archetype SG: Sharing Perspectives, Building a Future Together
My Singapore Ours to create (8 12 Sept 2015). Makers Fest
(8 Sept 9 Oct 2015
28- 30 Sept

Singapore Makers Association Exhibitors
e-Info Roadshow: showcase of online databases (booths)
Apple Digital Gaming (booth)

01 Oct

Book talk: Dare to Dream : Making Possible the Impossible

by Dr. Low Lee Yong

09 Oct

Book talk: Becoming a Life Champion by Sean Wong

Makers Fest Finale prize-giving ceremony

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Appendix 9

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Appendix 10

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Appendix 11

Executive Staff Development 2015







Article / Discussion Topic


A Day in the LifeNIE Sharing

i. Information Literacy Initiatives
ii. Reference & Information Services


Bringing Augmented Reality to the Academic Law Library: our

experiences with an augmented reality app by Elizabeth Barnes and
Robert M. Brammer AALL Spectrum, February 2013
Augmented Library by Ani Boyadjian Library Journal, 15 September,


Marshall Breeding visits EBSCO (video clips) on discussions with

EBSCO team members:
i. Marshall and Sam discuss EBSCO Discovery Services (EDS)
ii. Marshall and Kate talk User Research
iii. Marshall and Megan talk about the Evolution on EBSCO Ato-Z
iv. Marshall and Becky talk about the Collection Management
v. Marshall and Michelle talk eBooks


Librarys Business Center: a resource for entrepreneurs by Tom

Burgum Lancaster Online: Local Business, January 13, 2015
Entrepreneurship Outreach: a new role for the academic business
library by Karen I. MacDonald. Journal of Business & Finance
Librarianship, 15(3/4), 2010


Are they ready? Exploring student information literacy skills in the

transition from secondary to tertiary education by Fiona Salisbury and
Sharon Karasmanis. Australian Academic & Research Libraries,
March 2011
Library Technologiy Forecast for 2015 and beyond by Marshall
Breeding. Computers in Libraries, Vol. 34 (10), 2014.

May Tan







Selected papers presented at Emerging Trends and Technologies in

Libraries and Information Services (ETTLIS), 2015, 4th International
Not Scheduled
Briefing on recent visit to North Carolina State University (NSCU)
Library and attendance at Academic Business Library Directors
Ethnographic research three selected papers
i. Evolution of Library Ethnography Studies by Susan Gibbons, Yale
University, 2012.
ii. Ethnography for impact: a new way of exploring user experiences
in libraries by Andy Priestner Univ of Cambridge Judge Business
School, 2014 iii. Ethnography in Libraries by Andy Priestner
Univ of Cambridge Judge Business School, 2014. Briefing on PDPA

Business Information: help and resources are closer than they appear
by Laura Leavitt. MLA Rural and Small Business Libraries, 2014
Class action: small businesses increasingly turn to M.B.A. students
for advice. But they may have to wait in line by Shelly Banjo. The
Wall Street Journal, 2009.
Towards academic library support for entrepreneurship: a blueprint
for reinventing our role by Martha Ingrid Preddie. Caribbean Library
Journal, Vol. 1, December, 2013

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Library outreach to the Alabama black belt: the Alabama

entrepreneurial research network by Lee Pike. Journal of Business &
Finance Librarianship, 2010
Lets race! Supporting research anytime, anywhere learning by Tina
P. Franks. C&RL News, February, 2015.
Learning the ropes: how freshmen conduct course research once they
enter college by Alison J. Head. Project Information Literacy
Research Report Learning the Ropes, December 5, 2013.
Truth be told: how college students evaluate and use information in
the digital age by Alison J. Head. Project Information Literacy
Research Report Truth be told, November 1, 2010.
Great expectations: results from a faulty survey of students
information literacy proficiency by Brian Jackson. Proceedings of the
IATUL Conferences, 2014.


Top 10 academic library issues for 2015 by Steven Bell.

Libraryjournal.com, February, 2015
Library Student Workers Is it Possible to Enhance their Learning
Experience? University of Bath


Finding our way with Design Thinking at the University of Sydney by

Rebecca Goldsworthy, Elizabeth Quilty, Susanne Buckley, Meagn
O'Brien, Kate Masters, Poppy Prezios and Michelle Harrison. ALIA
Information Online, February, 2015
Videos on technology
Robots arrive at the Westport Library. September, 2014
Review: Beam+ Telepresence Robot. July, 2015


Faculty-Librarian relationships in the information literacy context: A

content analysis of librarians expressed attitudes and experiences by
Heidi Julien and Lisa M. Given. CAIS/ACSI, 2003


Starting off on the Right Foot: A Library New Student Employee

Orientation by James Williams III. South Carolina Libraries, Vol 1.
(2), 2015



Sept Dec : Not scheduled

11.2 Library Staff Development 2015








Article / Discussion Topic

Library Planner - 2015
A Day in the LifeNIE Sharing
i. Information Literacy Initiatives
ii. Reference & Information Services
North Carolina State University (NSCU) Library- presentation based on
recent visit
Briefing on PDPA


Information Services - Update


Marketing & Outreach - Update


Teaching & Learning Support - Update

Digital Initiatives & Services - Update
Visit to SMU Library




Kay Seok

Presentation on SMU Library

Update on Day in the Life @ NTU and SUTD Libraries

Visit to SUTD Library

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