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Hey everyone! So, I got a request to make a tutorial and, as promised, here it is!

I want to first
mention that I am completely new to cc making, although I had ts2 and ts3, I never made cc, just
downloaded it, for those games. Point being, this tutorial and method may not be perfect, but this
is just my way of converting hairs. The tutorial is color coded (red stuff comes first, then yellow,
then blue) and meant to be for those of you who need a tutorial that will simplify things. Now for
the fun:
What you need:

TS4 CAS Mesh Tools

Milkshape 3D 1.8.5 (download trial on website or just torrent it)
Q-mesh Sims 3 Geom importer
Blender version 2.6 or 2.63 (download from website free)
Sintklia's sim obj (optional)
Photoshop CS5 (or any photoshop besides CC) (torrent or get the trial)
NVDIA DDS Plug-ins
Sims4Studio (optional)

1. Find and download the sims 3 hair you want to convert, make sure it is in .package form and not
.sims3pack or whatever.
2. Open up your Mesh Tools and

RED: Press the mesh cloner tab and base game packages
YELLOW: Find the hair mesh you want to clone (It doesn't matter which one, but I usually use

the long straight hair since I know which one that is without a picture) then select the colors you
want to have swatches for.
BLUE: Make sure you have it checked as a new package, and then press clone and save your
package to a memorable name in a place easy to find.
3. Next go to the package mesh import/export tab and

RED: Select the passage you just saved.

YELLOW: Go to the last 3 LODs. lod0_2 is the main one, and lod0 and lod0_1 are the ones for
hats. The others are sort of useless, as they are just for the hair when you are zoomed really far
out in the game. BLUE: Press export s3 and save your exports (to memorable names
again).These are your geoms. I am not showing how to do the hats geoms, so I didn't save those,
but basically what you would do for those if you want to is export those and later cut off the
tops of your s3 mesh the way you'll see these are cut off and then you go from there.
4. Now that your s4 geoms are saved, open up s3pe and

RED: select the s3 hair package you saved (I ended up not using the one I underlined btw)
YELLOW: Notice the way this part is set up, as you scroll through it you will see many _IMG,
and GEOM files, and these are the only ones that are important to you.
5. Now click on the _IMG files until you find the one that looks like what's circled in yellow here
and export to file as shown in blue. You will save this to a DDS file. Do the same for the black
texture-looking _IMG.

The next step is to select your GEOMs.
Select a geom and it will be a file that looks like the one circled in yellow, now export that
geom as seen in blue, and save it to a simgeom (the default to save to) instead of a dds or
anything else. You must do this for all geoms.

7. Now you can open up Milkshape 3D and click file>import>Q-mesh sims 3 geom...
and import all of your S3 geoms on top of each other. Click ok to every popup.

8. Your geom will look as shown, and if you hit the groups tab circled in red you can see all of the
geoms you imported and press hide, delete, etc, as needed.

9. OPTIONAL: you can import your extracted sim OBJ now and move the vertexes around in the
model tab, to make your hair work with your sims.

10.Your next step is simple. As it is, go to file>export>wavefront.OBJ and save it as an obj file.
11.Now open up blender, select and delete the cube that's automatically there, and press
file>import>wavefront obj and import your obj that you just saved.

12. From there you can zoom in using the view tab at the bottom left, aligning your view, and
pressing ctrl + on your keyboard. Once you're zoomed in, click the Select tab at the bottom (red), select
by type (yellow), and mesh (blue). Now all of your geoms are selected, and to join them into one just
press ctrl J.

13. Now you will see in red that you have only one geom, and you now click on the menu at the
bottom (yellow) that says object mode. From there you on click on edit mode and your mesh should
turn orange, into its selected vertexes (all).

14. Your next step is to uv map by pressing the menu in the bottom left corner (yellow) and
clicking uv/image editor (blue).

And then you will see something like this:

In red, where I said click, is a menu that says + New, click that and type in 2048 where I circled in
yellow (as the correct uv map must be on the 1024x2048 scale) and press ok.
15. Your image will look giant now, so go to view (red) and click on view 1:4 (yellow).

16. Now click on the little cube with an arrow option at the bottom (circled in red) to select the
vertices and turn it completely orange as shown below. From there you will use G (to move)
and S (to resize) to make your vertices fit in the top left corner of the page.

It needs to be roughly 2 across and 4 down as shown below, and ideally it would be exactly 512x512,
but it cant always turn out that way since it's rectangular and not square. This is wear UVs for hairs
show up, and only here. After this you click back onto the corner menu (yellow) and go back to 3d

17. Now just click from edit mode at the bottom back to object mode, and press file>export>obj and
save your full uv mapped obj. The next step is to go BACK to Milkshape and import the obj that you
just saved. As usual, click ok to all of the popups. Now, on top of the obj, you import the respective
geoms (or just the one without hats, lod0_2) of the s4 hair that you saved in the VERY beginning.
18. Head over to the groups tab at the top right and you'll see two groups, one called default (your
obj of the s3 hair) and one called geom. Select the geom group (yellow), and then go down to comment
(blue), click it and the pop up will show up with all of the information. Select all of that text and copy it
by pressing ctrl c. Press OK.

19. Now select the default group, press comment for thatone, and paste what you copied into the
empty popup. This transfer of the comment will prevent your game from crashing. Delete the s4 geom
group when you're done.
20. Now go into the model tab, press select and select all of your mesh, then go over to the
joints tab and check the box that mentions drawing with bone color (red) you will now select the pieces
of your mesh you want to be attached to what, and press that joint and then assign, and it will change
colors. This means it is assigned, and each joint has a different color. Generally you will only use the
b_head joint, which assigns to the head, and the spine02 joint which assigns to the body (and maybe the
neck joint that assigns to the neck) (these are all circled in yellow). DO NOT USE ANY OF THE
BREAST JOINTS. These just mess up your mesh. Unfortunate you cant assign to the breasts here yet.
You can somehow using sims4studio but idk how, so I just fit the hair around normal sized breasts
instead. I used the head and spine2 joints in my work, since it was long enough to clip with the body if
I didnt attatch the long parts to stick to the body.

21. Now, if you need two different joints like this, you'll need to make the yellow to green
blurred instead of straight across like it is, it needs to have a smooth transition so one
half of the hair doesn't move while parts stick in place harshly. To get this transition you
must go to the top and press vertex and find the sims 3 bone tool. Click it and a table
will show up. Change whatever is 100% to less, and in the next part down add the other
joint and put that as the rest of the percentage. Make it add up to 100% altogether, so
like 50 and 50, and keep trying this until it's more blurred in transition from one color to
the next.

22. When you're done uncheck the draw with bone colors check, and go to
file>export>q-mesh s3 geom and save to that.
23. Not done yet! Now you have to go back to your Mesh Tools software, go to the
geom convert/update tool and down to s3 geom and press select (yellow) and select the
geom you just saved, and then skip down to convert to s4, click it, and save it.

24. Now switch to the mesh import/export tab, and your previous file should be in there.

Go to import and import what you just saved to EVERYTHING. Then press save as new
package and save your package.
25. Next open your package up in s4pe and go down to your geoms. For every geom go
down to grid and follow these steps to change the shader to simglass:

Do this for every geom and then go to your UNKN files and save one to a dds file.
Now open up your dds files from this package and your old s3 package and combine them by putting
the alpha of the s3 one over the alpha of the sims 4 one (in the space of where the sims 4 one is), edit it
if you need to, and then copy and paste the texture of the sims 3 one onto the sims 4 one. You can now
save this as a dds file and go back in and recolor the textures with image>adjustments>hue/saturation
and brightness/contrast and then save those ones individually as well. Import from dds your saved dds
files to the right unkn files in s4pe. Now find the weird unkn that looks like some funky white thing.
That's the shadow. Export that to dds, erase all of its alpha except like one little speck (thats the only
way it will work for me) and then import it back and then you're done! If you want more colors you can
do that in sims4studio just as with any recolor and it will work fine even though it might show up weird
in sims4studio. Now in s4pe go to file and save as, and save your file to your mods folder. Now close
everything (especially close s4pe or your game will not work) and check out your mesh . If it works,